Letters to the Editor

Full-time job

April 11, 2009


To the editor:

Only one in seven eligible voters thought that this election was worth their time and attention. Apparently, the challenges the city faces are not pressing enough for our enlightened citizens to concern themselves. Our understaffed and underequipped police and fire departments didn’t concern them. The potential difficulties with the Bowersock Dam didn’t concern them. Neither did the need for suitable industrial space, or serious budget considerations as our local economy slows.

So the city continues to be run by a few special interest groups who get their contingency out to vote. Perhaps it’s time to rethink our form of city government. Infrastructure, budget and economic growth issues require more attention than a part-time city commission can devote to them. Maybe we need a full-time mayor/city council to work on these issues full-time, not just after work and on weekends. Maybe we need people whose job it is to consider these issues on a daily basis and give direction, rather than committees trying to reach some vague compromise.

I’m not a fan of political parties and such, but maybe we need individuals with a vision for Lawrence to step forward and present us with that vision in a clear and concise manner and then lead Lawrence to that solution. A strong mayor/city council might provide the leadership to address the infrastructure and equipment needs of the city before they reach a crisis level.

However, given the level of voter interest, maybe nothing will help.



notajayhawk 9 years ago

On the one hand, I agree that the level of voter apathy is appalling. On the other hand, given the choices made by voters in this country over the past few decades, I'm not too sure I want all of them casting votes.

(I used to work in the emergency department of a state-run psychiatric hospital. The admission paperwork packet included voter registration materials. Explained a lot.)

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Maybe we need a full-time mayor/city council to work on these issues full-time, not just after work and on weekends.

Has anyone seen how thick the "meeting files" are these days? I think it would be a full time job just to keep up with all the study (prior to each meeting) ... maybe it's time for a change.

Boston_Corbett 9 years ago

Just because the voters didn't show up is no reason to toss out those individuals who were elected. My votes did not coincide with those elected. But it is a good respectable honorable group. Since I voted, does that make me a 'special interest?'

Or maybe the letter writer is just a whiny looser.

viewfromahill 9 years ago

Aw... voter apathy... who cares...?

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