Letters to the Editor

Football slight

April 11, 2009


To the editor:

I just wanted to drop a line saying how disappointed I am with the off-season football coverage. I’m an avid fan of the Journal-World’s KU-sports.com Web site. It’s the clear leader for just about all things pertaining to KU athletics — except for football.

I count 17 “articles” that have appeared on the football section of KUsports.com in the past month, many of them one-paragraph blurbs or updates to previous articles. That’s pretty poor coverage for a team that is favored by many to be playing in the Big12 Championship game this coming season. Haven’t there been a couple of open practices lately? Why not tell us about who’s looking good, and who’s running with the first teamers.

Two months ago KU signed probably its best recruiting class in history and there have been a grand total of zero articles written about our signees. I know Coach Mangino keeps tight reins on these things, but just about any high school coach would love to give their players and teams some good pub. I also know it’s difficult to get hard facts and details from the athletic department, but isn’t it fun to feel these things out in editorials and columns?

KU sports is the bread and butter for this paper and the Journal-World can lead the way in changing the perception that KU is just a one-sport school, and in doing so, do itself some good in increasing overall interest and readership.

- Omaha, Neb.


Boston_Corbett 9 years ago

People need to figure it out. There are just not as many columnar inches published in the paper, period, compared to several years ago.

The LJW is not free from the advertising and subscription trends affecting other newspapers. .

Kman_blue 8 years, 12 months ago

I totally agree, we have a football team that is preseason top 20, favored to win the North next year, just had their spring game, and brought in possibly its best recruiting class ever and we've got more coverage of one basketball recruit than we do of the entire football program/team! I love b-ball, but come on we've got a top 20 football team too!

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