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Amyx, Cromwell, Lance Johnson will be the next City Commissioners; Bradford, Sanburn, Byers elected to school board

Karen Vespestad casts her ballot early Tuesday for local school board and city commissioners. Voter turnout was slow early in the day — of the 1,165 voters registered at Kanwaka Township Hall, only 5 had voted by 8:30 a.m.

Karen Vespestad casts her ballot early Tuesday for local school board and city commissioners. Voter turnout was slow early in the day — of the 1,165 voters registered at Kanwaka Township Hall, only 5 had voted by 8:30 a.m.

April 7, 2009, 10:29 a.m. Updated April 7, 2009, 9:40 p.m.

A reminder, you can find precinct by precinct results for all Douglas County races by visiting our homepage,


9:41 p.m. As the courthouse quickly empties, here's a look at the final, unofficial totals.

* Incumbent commissioner Mike Amyx led wire to wire and finished with 5,564 votes. If tradition holds, he will become mayor in April 2010.

* Aron Cromwell finished with 3,982 votes. The owner of an environmental consulting business is in line to become mayor in April 2011. Both he and Amyx will serve four year terms.

* Lance Johnson, the top fundraiser in the race, won a narrow victory with 3,572 votes. He will serve a two year term.

* Former Planning Director Price Banks finished with 3,413 votes.

* James Bush finished with 3,241 votes.

* Gwen Klingenberg finished with 2,470 votes

* Dennis Constance finished with 2,204 votes

* Tom Johnson finished with 700.

9:38 p.m. With the Langston Hughes School precinct finally reporting, Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical Chief Mark Bradford takes over the top spot in the Lawrence school board race with 3,661 votes.

The top three still do not change with Vanessa Sanburn 3,596 votes and Bob Byers at 3,055 votes poised to win the other two seats.

Tom Hartley is in fourth place with 2,426 votes, and Thom Hepford finished fifth with 2,399 votes.

Michael Riley with 1,736 votes, Michael Pomes with 1,641 and John Mitchell with 1,030 votes round out the field.

The Douglas County Commission will canvass the results at 9 a.m. Friday in the commission chamber of the courthouse, 1100 Mass.

Until that time, all results are unofficial.

9:32 p.m.Unofficial result are in and Lance Johnson has won the third spot by 159 votes over Price Banks. Mike Amyx won the top spot and Aron Cromwell finished second.

9:11 p.m. As we wait for the final precinct to arrive, what does appear to be a safe bet is that both Mike Amyx and Aron Cromwell will serve on the next commission. We caught up with both for their reaction. Here's a look.

Mike Amyx said he thought his experience and his fiscally conservative nature helped push him to victory.

"The big thing I heard from people is that they are concerned how their money is going to be spent," Amyx said. "Let's face it, people are having to make hard decisions about how to spend their money."

Cromwell said he thought voters were sending a message that they wanted a balanced approach to how the city deals with tight economic times. Cromwell has said the city needs to adopt a new focus on jobs, but also needs to avoid cutting social service funding.

"I think it shows that people want us to work to preserve and strengthen our economy and our job base, while at the same time worrying about the social and environmental issues that have always been important to us," Cromwell.

Final results should be coming soon. Langston Hughes officials have called to say that they are on their way.

9:06 p.m. With election officials waiting on one final Douglas County precinct, the top three in the Lawrence school board race has not changed throughout the night. Vanessa Sanburn, Mark Bradford and Bob Byers are all poised to win the three board seats.

Here are the results so far: Sanburn 3,488 votes; Bradford 3,449; Byers 2,954; Tom Hartley 2,340; Thom Hepford 2,291; Michael Riley 1,671; Michael Pomes 1,577; and John Mitchell 990.

Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew said the race would include a handful of votes from voters in the district's boundaries from Jefferson and Leavenworth counties. Election officials are waiting on one final precinct — the Langston Hughes School polling site, which is one of the city's largest. Douglas County Clerk said those poll workers are on their way to the courthouse.

8:49 p.m. Still coming down to the wire with one precinct, Langston Hughes, left to vote. Here's the results

* Amyx 5,292

* Cromwell 3,889

* Lance Johnson 3,321

* Banks 3,271

* Bush 3,050

* Klingenberg 2,420

* Constance 2,161

* Tom Johnson 685

For those trying to do math, there are 240 votes separating third from fifth place. Langston Hughes likely will have several hundred votes to count and likely will be the largest number of votes of any precinct in the city.

8:36 p.m. We've confirmed that the accident in Olathe causing the power outage in Eudora did lead to a fatality. More information soon.

8:32 p.m. 8:30 We have a very tight race coming down to the wire for the third and final spot on the commission. With all but 5 precincts reporting Lance Johnson holds a three vote lead over Price Banks for the third and final spot. But the four precincts left to count are among the largest in the city. Those are Deerfield, Brandon Woods, Free Methodist, First Baptist Church, and Langston Hughes.

Here's the totals as we know them:

* Amyx 4,541

* Cromwell 3,455

* Lance Johnson 2,835

* Banks 2,832

* Bush 2,597

* Klingenberg 2,18

* Constance 1,950

* Tom Johnson 602

8:31 p.m. We're getting reports of a serious accident that caused a power outage in Eudora. We're contacting to police to find out how serious. More soon.

8:25 p.m. With 52 of 60 precincts reporting Kansas University graduate student Vanessa Sanburn maintains her lead over Mark Bradford with 3,087 votes to 2,988 votes. Bob Byers is in third place with 2,590 votes.

The top three candidates will win seats.

The rundown on the other candidates is: Tom Hartley 2,053 votes; Thom Hepford, 1,990; Michael Riley, 1,461; Michael Pomes 1,402; and John Mitchell 868 votes.

8:14 p.m. About half of the precincts have been counted in the city. Here's a look at what areas are included in the totals.

Pinckney, Douglas County Senior Center, Plymouth Cong., Burge Union, American Legion, Clinton Parkway Assembly of God, Mustard Seed Christian Fellowship, Hillcrest, Drury Place, Central United Methodist, Lawrence High Annex, Cornerstone Southern Baptist, Checkers Foods, Southside Church of Christ, United Way Building, Central Junior High, Babcock Place, East Lawrence Rec Center, Kennedy School, New York School, Church of Christ, Free State High, Lawrence Heights Christian Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Notably, there are two large West Lawrence precincts that have not yet reported. Thos are Langston Hughes and Corpus Christi Catholic Church. Both precincts had among the highest turnouts two years ago in the last City Commission election.

8:11 p.m. In the Lawrence school board race, the top three candidates have not changed as 29 of the 60 precincts are counted. Kansas University graduate student Vanessa Sanburn maintains the top spot and a 10-vote lead over Mark Bradford, chief of Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical. Sanburn has 1,788 votes, and Bradford has 1,778 votes.

Bob Byers, a Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Services worker, is in third place with 1,520 votes, ahead of Tom Hartley, the former county Democratic Party chairman, with 1,179 votes.

The top three will win seats.

The others in the race so far are: Thom Hepford 1,151 votes; Michael Pomes 855 votes; Michael Riley 840 votes and John Mitchell, a school board member who decided not to run after he had already filed, with 562 votes.

8:06 p.m. More results and another shakeup in the standing. Mike Amyx continues to lead, and Cromwell holds onto to second, but Lance Johnson has taken a very narrow hold on the final winner's spot. With 25 of 49 Lawrence precincts reporting, here's a look:

* Amyx: 2,621

* Cromwell: 1,966

* Lance Johnson 1,653

* Banks 1,651

* Bush 1,504

* Klingenberg 1,246

* Constance 1,105

* Tom Johnson 350

More details on what areas of the city are reporting in a moment.

8:02 p.m. Of the 17 Douglas County precincts already counted, a majority of them are near downtown or east Lawrence, according to the Douglas County Clerk's office.

This could lead to some fluidity in the results of the Lawrence City Commission and school district results as more poll workers from precincts from western Lawrence return their ballots to the Douglas County Courthouse.

7:59 p.m. Here's an update on what area's of the city have had their votes counted thus far and included in the last round of totals we reported. They are

* Douglas County Senior Center, 707 Vt.

* America Legion, 3408 W. Sixth

* Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church, 802 W. 22nd Terrace

* Central Junior High, 1400 Mass.

* Plymouth Congregrational Church, 925 Vt.

* Burge Union

* Hillcrest School, 1045 Hilltop

* Lawrence High Annex, 2017 La.

* Checkers Foods, 2300 La.

* Southside Church of Christ 1105 W. 25th

* Kennedy School, 1605 Davis Road

* Church of Christ, 201 Mich.

* Lawrence Heights Christian Church, 2321 Peterson Road

7:58 p.m. With 17 of the 60 precincts reporting, Kansas University graduate student Vanessa Sanburn has pulled ahead in the school board race with 1,139 votes. Mark Bradford, chief of Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical, with 1,026 votes, and Robert Byers, and Kansas Social and Rehabilitative Services worker, with 923 votes currently round out the race for the three seats.

The others so far are: Tom Hartley 693 votes; Thom Hepford 685; Michael Pomes 521; Michael Riley 469; and, John Mitchell 321.

7:50 p.m. MIke Amyx continues to lead the pack in the Lawrence City commission but several candidates have made advances as 15 of 49 Lawrence precincts have been counted. Here's a look

* Amyx 1,564

* Cromwell 1,269

* Banks 967

* Klingenberg 841

* Lance Johnson 834

* James Bush 822

* Constance 731

* Tom Johnson 220

No word yet on what areas of the city these results represent, but in past elections, the east side results have been among the first to arrive.

7:38 p.m. In the Lawrence school board race, a tally of nearly all of the advance votes show Lawrence Douglas County Fire and Medical Chief Mark Bradford with a slight lead in the race, and he's joined in the top three by Kansas University graduate student Vanessa Sanburn and Bob Byers, chairman of the district's equity council.

Here is the rundown so far:

Bradford 378 votes; Sanburn 308 votes; Byers 225; Tom Hartley 206 votes; Thom Hepford 167; John Mitchell 140; Michael Riley 133; and, Michael Pomes 119. The top three will win seats in the race.

Still waiting at the courthouse on poll workers to bring in their ballots from polling sites across the county.

7:30 p.m. The first signs of who may be successful tonight have emerged.

Election workers have tallied advance ballots, and they show that incumbent Mike Amyx has a clear lead in the Lawrence City Commission race.

They also show a battle shaping up for the final two spots.

Amyx tallied 532 votes in advance voting. Lance Johnson, an owner of a Lawrence-based civil engineering firm, collected 310 votes. Aron Cromwell, the owner of a Lawrence-based enviromental consulting firm is sitting in the final winner's spot with 299 votes.

But James Bush, a Lawrence sales and marketing professional, is close behind with 285 votes, and Lawrence attorney and former city planning director Price Banks is at 239.

Rounding out the field is Gwen Klingenberg with 199, Dennis Constance with 183, and Tom Johnson has 80.

5:57 p.m. Light turnout reports from East Lawrence keep coming in.

About 74 people had voted at Checkers, 2300 La., by 5 p.m. according to Glennette Corel, a volunteer at the poll. That’s 7.3 percent of the 1,009 registered voters at the location.

Corel said that she’d been at Checkers since the polls opened at 7 a.m. and that the longest line she’d seen was a group of five people. The poll will close at 7 p.m.

She said most people swing by the poll station while they’re shopping, though some just ask for the tissues or toilet paper located behind the poll station and move on.

4 p.m. Almost 200 people had voted at Mustard Seed Christian Fellowship, 700 Wakarusa Drive. That’s about 8 percent of the 1,773 voters registered at the polling site.

“Things are happening,” a poll worker said as there was a steady flow. “Things are cooking.”

Among the voters was Brenda Inman, 35, who brought her two daughters, ages 1 and 4. Inman said she doesn’t miss participating in an election. She described it as an opportunity and responsibility. She said her 4-year-old can’t wait to participate herself. She wanted to know how old she needed to be and could she vote once she is out of the car seat.

Across the street at Pioneer Ridge Retirement Community, 175 people had voted out of 1,296 eligible voters.

Emma Garrett, a resident, was stitching a shawl for the homeless. She chit-chatted with another resident and watched voters come and go.

Garrett, who has lived in Lawrence for more than 60 years, said she voted right after breakfast. She, too, doesn’t miss an election.

“They are all important,” she said.

1 p.m.At Holcom Park Recreation Center, home to voters in Precinct 17, election officials had recorded 85 voters as of about 1 p.m. That was around 10 percent of the precinct's registered voters.

The voting numbers weren't anything compared to the general election in November.

"We had that many per hour," said Kitty Pacheco, supervising judge.

Still 10 percent isn't bad for a city and school election, said judge Marsha McPheeters. Primaries usually see a 15 percent turnout.

The early morning was busiest at the polling place, and there was a lunch rush. The two women expected to see more voters after school.

"Other than the general election, it's running pretty true to form," McPheeters said.

3:58 p.m.Chad Lawhorn just returned from a check of several polling places east of Iowa. Turnout there was generally lower than west of Iowa. Here's what he found:

1:45 At Trinity Lutheran, 1245 N.H., 90 people had voted, but the church was serving as a polling place for two precints. In total there were 2,940 people.

1:50 At Central United Methodist, 1501 Mass., 27 people out of 2,035 had cast ballots.

2:00 At Cordley Elementary, 1837 Vt., 67 people out of 1,456 had cast ballots.

2:05 At the Lawrence High Annex, 19th and Louisiana, 42 out of 1214 people had voted.

2:20 At Checkers, 2300 La., 52 of 1,009 voters had cast ballots.

2:30 At Coffin Sports Complex on the Haskell Indian Nations University campus, 60 people had cast ballots. But the gym was serving as a polling site for two precincts. In total, there were 2,070 voters on the rolls.

2:45 At Prairie Park Elementary, 2711 Kensington Road, 66 out of 1,177 people had voted.

3:00 At East Lawrence Recreation Center, 1245 E. 15th St., 64 out of 1,219 people had voted.

As a reminder, the last time city and school elections were held in April 2007, voter turnout countywide was just under 19 percent. It just so happens that we checked polling places that year too. Here's one indication that turnout may be lower this time around: In 2007, we went to the East Lawrence Recreation Center at 1:30 p.m. and 83 people had cast votes. This year, we went at 3 p.m. and 64 people had cast votes.

2:26 p.m. Chad Lawhorn just did a swing through a number of polling places. Here's what he found:

12:30 At Langston Hughes,1101 George Williams Way, in western Lawrence voters were turning out in good numbers, poll workers said. 186 out 1,992 had cast ballots.

12:35 At Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 6001 Bob Billings Parkway, 112 out of 1227 had cast ballots.

12:45 At Pioneer Ridge Assisted Living, 4851 Harvard, 110 out 1,296 voters had cast ballots. One voter there also offered a theory on why Lawrence City Commission races don't draw more voters.

"We've arranged in our wisdom here in Lawrence to have a pretty much helpless city government," said Bill Paschke. "That probably helps keep the excitement level low."

Paschke said he thought an election that allowed voters to directly elect a mayor and that broke the five-member city commission into geographic wards would lead to more voter interest.

12:50 At Mustard Seed Christian Fellowship, 700 Wakarusa Drive, voters had 132 out of 1,773 voters had cast ballots.

1 p.m. At First Southern Baptist Church, 119 out of 1,826 voters had cast ballots.

1:10 At the American Legion, 3408 W. Sixth, 103 of 1,035 voters had cast ballots.

We'll do a check of eastside voting places coming up. Two years ago during the last City Commission election, the west side of Lawrence came out in much heavier numbers than the east side of the city. We'll see if that holds true this year.

1:58 p.m. Reports from Baldwin City indicate some of the highest turnout in the county.

The Baldwin City Signal is reporting, as of 1 p.m., 115 voters had gone to the polls the Baldwin City Fire Station, 110 at the American Legion Hall and 84 Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center. At 7:30 a.m., five people had voted at the Vinland First United Methodist Church.

Voters in town are choosing between mayoral candidates Gary Walbridge, Ken Wagner and George McCrary and will choose city council members from the field of Tom Farmer, Ric Gere, Russ Gill, Chris Nichols and Bonnie Plumberg. The three incumbents for Baldwin School Board — Ruth Barkley, Bill Busby and Ande Parks — are running unopposed, but voters can write in additional choices.

1:45 p.m. The turnout about 1:30 p.m. at Central Junior High School was just over 8 percent. A total of 114 voters of the 932 registered had voted by that time.

1:28 p.m. We have our first report in from Eudora. Though it's a little dated now, 54 people had voted at the Eudora Township Hall as of 10:30 a.m.

Also, as of about 11 a.m., 32 out of about 1800 registered voters had cast ballots at Kennedy Elementary, 1605 Davis Road, in eastern Lawrence.

Turnout was particulary slow when polls opened at 7 a.m., said poll worker Mary Baxter. She said only three ballots were cast before 8 a.m.

And, as of about 11 a.m., poll workers at New York Elementary, 936 NY, in East Lawrence were relatively pleased with a slow but steady stream of voters. 39 voters out of 1,040 registered had cast ballots.

New York voter Will Musgrove said he was very focused on a pair of issues.

"I voted for candidates who will bring job growth to Lawrence and who will build the South Lawrence Trafficway," Musgrove said. "

12:40 p.m. You want to talk about slow turnout?

Try visiting the Burge Union. One of our reporters just got back where he met the first voter of the day in the precinct: At 11:30 a.m!

The County Clerk's office is predicting only 15 people will vote in the precinct, which has about 2,000 registered voters.

11:59 a.m. One of our reporters just got back from a church in northwest Lawrence where was checking on voters.

About 79 people had voted at at the First Southern Baptist Church.

The poll workers told him they were staying busy by remembering what it was like to be busy in November.

11:32 a.m. Just heard from an user. She voted at 11:22 a.m. at Kennedy Elementary school and was the 37th voter.

11 a.m. About 25 have voted so far at Pinckney Elementary school this election. In November, 400 people cast their vote at the school off Sixth Street.

“I think a lot of people aren’t even aware that there’s an election. It’s just not as public as a national one, so it just doesn’t have the interest of people,” said poll worker Lori Lange.

Voter George Osborne said that local elections are even more important than national ones.

“I think the local elections are the ones that probably affect us the most, and unfortunately, that seems to have the lowest turnout," he said.

Lawrence Public Library poll worker Aspen Junge said it's important to be heard in this election.

“If you’ve got a concern that maybe just you and a few friends have, you should still bring it up to your local officials because they’re actually very motivated to listen to you and help you out," Junge said.

10:29 a.m. It's Election Day in Lawrence, and the polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Douglas County

If you're still on the fence about who to vote for, check out the archive of all our election coverage.

Turnout so far has been light around the city. At Presbyterian Manor, 27 people had voted by 8:30 a.m. Only five people had voted at Kanwaka Township by that time. And as of 9:30 a.m., 34 people had voted at the American Legion post in Lawrence.

Check back to throughout the day for more updates on turnout and election day problems, and then come back after the polls for live election results including a precinct-by-precinct breakdown in all the races.

If you're voting today, send your polling place experiences and any photos your take to You can also tweet them @LJWorld.

Reporters Annalise Flynn, Mark Fagan, Andy Hyland, Christine Metz, Chad Lawhorn, Photographer Richard Gwin and Online Editor Jonathan Kealing contributed to this report.


audibleangel 9 years, 1 month ago

I want to know why no one debates or puts forth any feedback regarding these kinds of topics on here. Instead the forum elitists rush to the most discussed to attack one another over less-than-news-worthy subjects. See you at the polls?

-18 year old. Sad if you're older than me and politically inactive with the 'exception' of presidential elections.

Darrell Lea 9 years, 1 month ago

I voted at 9:30AM at the board of education building. At that time I was the fifteenth vote cast at that location.

Participatory democracy rules, OK?

Lisia 9 years, 1 month ago

I try to get all my friends to vote in local elections, but it's difficult to motivate them. This year, I'm trying a new form of motivation- cookies.

I don't care who they vote for. If they vote and get the little sticker, I will give them a fresh, homemade cookie (chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin).

I wonder if I could start that as a city-wide campaign?

HermioneElliott 9 years, 1 month ago

There are something like 125 posts on the article about the car chase. Gave people a chance for a lot of good one-liners. A chance to make fun of someone and wring them out on the rack. I guess that is more important than voting. Or maybe it is just too much trouble to get informed about the candidates. "They" say that the attention span of most Americans now is about one minute. Unless they are on a video game. Living the loca la vida. I am going to walk over and vote as soon as I finish my coffee.

WWoftheW 9 years, 1 month ago

An hour ago over 89 people reported to have voted at Langston Hughes in west, west Lawrence. Turn out there is heavier than expected.

ronwell_dobbs 9 years, 1 month ago

"I don't care who they vote for. If they vote and get the little sticker, I will give them a fresh, homemade cookie"

Hate to tell you this, but such action violates a Kansas election bribery statute. According to several folks, one of the candidates (yes, you heard that right) for the mayoral race down in Baldwin City was promising to give away a health milkshake at his fitness facility if the person brought in the "I voted" sticker.

Could have been really bad news for Baldwin City (like we need anymore election weirdness than we already have) but luckily I think the candidate got wind of the severity of offense and decided not to do it.

grimpeur 9 years, 1 month ago

Wow, ronwell, thanks for the heads-up.

What the heck am I gonna do with all these Mike Amyx bobble-head dolls now?

Lonestar1 9 years, 1 month ago

I plan to stop and vote on my way home from work. Every vote does count!

irunsowhat 9 years, 1 month ago

I'm 22 and just went to vote at Haskell. I was number 48. They said the busiest they had been was when four people showed up at once.

Everyone go vote! These are the elections that will make a difference!

gccs14r 9 years, 1 month ago

I was #45 at the East Lawrence Rec Center at 12:45. Sad. I could have stood on the doorstep there and yelled loudly enough for 45 voters to hear me.

penguin 9 years, 1 month ago

the bribery statute generally only applies to in your example. Third Party providers are something different. Also given the fall elections, I know that the state of Kansas would not pursue this case. Starbucks was giving out free coffee for the sticker and I believe Ben and Jerry's was too. Everytime an election comes up this is an issue with businesses providing extra benefits for voting and nothing happens. I am sure a person giving cookies to their friends will probably not set off an investigation by the Sec of State's office in Topeka....unless Thornburg was just really, really bored that day.

maxcrabb 9 years, 1 month ago

I was #121 at my polling place. (church at Missouri and 25th)

Ironically, I could care less if people are disinterested and don't want to vote. Honestly, If you don't understand the candidates stand on the issues, or even who holds what views, then why waste a vote? If we did have 100% voter turnout, the first three names on the ballot would win.

madameX 9 years, 1 month ago

"The majority of citizens are too busy or don't really care about local politics, especially the commuters…"

Not true for everyone... I commute and I got up extra early so I could vote before work.

gccs14r 9 years, 1 month ago

"If we did have 100% voter turnout, the first three names on the ballot would win."

That's why the names are randomized on the ballots. (They used to be, anyway.)

funkdog1 9 years, 1 month ago

edjayhawk (Anonymous) says…

The majority of citizens are too busy or don't really care about local politics, especially the commuters…

Listen "old townies," I'm an old townie myself and I'm getting sick of this attitude. My spouse and I both commute, we both pay attention to local politics, we both vote in local elections, we LIVE OUT WEST but we still vote mostly for progressives. Not everyone in Lawrence who commutes or lives out west is evil. As a matter of fact, there's more and more of us freaks moving out west every year.

Deja Coffin 9 years, 1 month ago

Just a quick question. For neighboring towns like McLouth and Eudora, when will we know the outcome? Will they post it on the t.v. or will it be printed in tomorrow's newspaper? Thanks!!

1998 9 years, 1 month ago

do your self a favor and don't vote for any newer people That haven't been in our lovley town less than 8 years. that prestent themseves to be a nice happy famlie when in fact they are not! the chilld doen't even live in there home in Eudora! and some people like to use what they do for a living to push other people around ! We know and didn't vote for him for city councel in Eudora!

igby 9 years, 1 month ago

Didn't vote because none of the CC's runners drew my interest! I debated about just voting for Amyx alone. But he will get the majority anyway.

Couldn't see in just throwing three votes so that they could add to the possibility of any one of them getting a four year term, except Mike. I'm sure he will get the majority.

Didn't like Dever or Chestnut in 2007, but their better than the 7 that are in the list now. Sorry Mike, I knew you would get the majority anyway for a four year term.

Deja Coffin 9 years, 1 month ago

Is ljworld going to show McLouth/Jefferson County results? I sure hope so!!!!

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago

Deja- There will be McLouth results when they come in. Jeff Co is not so speedy.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years, 1 month ago

Will someone who voted for Gwen Klingenberg explain to me how you can overlook the fact that she cannot balance her own checkbook, yet you'll let her run the city? Someone explain that to me. I'm not smart enough to understand the logic of it.

password 9 years, 1 month ago

i don't remember seeing anyone named Hepburn on the ballot. I do remember Vanessa Sanborn.

kansasmom 9 years, 1 month ago

The Eudora results have to be wrong. One of the people I voted for in the school board race doesn't show any votes and I am positive that atleast 8 people I talked to today voted for him also.

kansasrose 9 years, 1 month ago

Who the heck is 'Hepburn'? Try Sanburn instead!

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago

All- Yes, Vanessa Sanburn. The fix is saving and my apologies.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago

Kansasmom-- Something weird happened with the data from DG CO on Eudora School District. I did a manual update.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

kansasmom 9 years, 1 month ago

Eudora results have to be out of wack....any explanations?

gccs14r 9 years, 1 month ago

BOHICA. The builders' cabal must be thrilled. Those of us who are tired of paying for urban sprawl and tired of subsidizing the wealthy will just have to take 2nd or 3rd jobs to pay for it. I guess this means we'll lose our ever-more-scarce arable land to pavement, too.

kansasmom 9 years, 1 month ago

Thanks for the update on the Eudora site Jonathan, however, not the results I'm looking for so hopefully you'll find another mistake!

1998 9 years, 1 month ago

Where are you gettting the eudora results?

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago

RE: The Eudora Results

We've now combined LV, JO and DG County and made another update. Are you guys still spotting a problem?

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

1998 9 years, 1 month ago

Yea I stil cant find eudroa CC I found everything else

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago

1998- I added it to the front page:

Thanks for pointing out that it was missing.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

kansasmom 9 years, 1 month ago

Just some of the wrong winners....ha

You have to look at the results and click on other results not list and for some reason the Eudora ones are also by the Edwardsville...just a little out of order.

Jonathan Kealing 9 years, 1 month ago


The numbers we're displaying RIGHT NOW for Eudora School District are from Douglas County. We added in a couple results (really small numbers, from Johnson and Leavenworth counties.) If you know something is wrong, please send me an e-mail through the site. I can't track down any other errors.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

1998 9 years, 1 month ago

Thank you now I can sleep knowing that Eudora's worst knight mare didn't make it. by bluffing the people that don't know better. the city will be better off for that! He is just a little self serving I have seen it in action and heard about it when he lived in Johnson Co and workded there! we don'T need it. Hopefully he will never make it and leave town!!!!!!!

WWoftheW 9 years, 1 month ago

Swan - who voted is who gets the say. If most of the town did not vote then those they supported lose. If they are not happy with the out come they should have voted.

gccs14r 9 years, 1 month ago

And the Olatheization of Lawrence continues.

maxcrabb 9 years, 1 month ago

Swan- Would you rather have the three open seats held separately, as a vote, like district reps and such? I'm not opposed to this, but I don't see how your "true numbers" show how we are being swindled? The results show the crime? How?

Just wondering what the alternative would be.

bearded_gnome 9 years, 1 month ago

Hermione/cleo, that wichita maniac driver could have killed one of your fellow lawrence citizens! you are beyond lunacy to defend him. him and his dubious family deserved to be hassled.

as to the election: how far did you walk, two blocks?

I walked a mile to vote yesterday. shame on you you racebaiting reprobate catholic.

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