City, county conduct review of insurance policies

Lawrence paid $114,018 last year in premium

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If Lawrence were hit by a major disaster, its local government and school buildings are covered by insurance, officials say.

The buildings on the Kansas University campus also are covered, representatives there said.

The insurance policies do cover replacement value, including contents.

Douglas County government leaders recently reviewed their insurance coverage on the century-old courthouse at 11th and Massachusetts streets, County Administrator Craig Weinaug said.

The decision was made that if the unthinkable happened, the building would be rebuilt as it is now.

“We thought it was the kind of landmark that was so associated with Lawrence, Kansas, that you couldn’t just tear it down and replace it with a modern building that would be cheaper,” Weinaug said.

The county insures 10 buildings at seven locations, valued at a total replacement cost of more than $70 million. The courthouse structure was valued at $6 million, but that doesn’t include contents. Content value wasn’t readily available. The county paid an insurance premium of $87,060 for coverage in 2009 and 2010.

The city of Lawrence insures its buildings and contents at more than $249 million. Just to replace City Hall would take more than $7 million.

In 2008, the city paid an insurance premium of $114,018.

The city has 150 buildings, many of them small buildings in parks and other facilities, City Clerk Frank Reeb said.

About 30 buildings are insured in the Lawrence school district.

They carry a replacement value of more than $291.5 million, including structure and contents, with the exception of computer equipment.

That equipment adds another $8 million in value, said Rick Gammill, the district’s special operations director. Free State High School alone has a replacement value of $40 million, he said.

The district pays an annual insurance premium of $178,795, Gammill said.

KU’s buildings also are insured to be rebuilt as they are today, spokeswoman Jill Jess said. The policy has an overall limit of $500 million. Most of the buildings’ contents, however, are not insured, she said.

“We have insured some major pieces of research equipment and some unique items like the stained glass at the Dole Institute,” she said.

KU’s annual insurance premium for its Lawrence and Edwards campuses is $366,000.