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Small world

September 24, 2008


To the editor:

I had a visit with Elisabeth Holladay, who is Mrs. Kenneth Holladay. Dr. Kenneth Holladay is a retired longtime physician in Eudora. Dr. and Mrs. Holladay are leaving for Alaska soon to visit their children. Of interest to me was the fact that the children do their grocery shopping in Wasilla, Alaska, home of Sarah Palin. Additionally, Mrs. Holladay needed emergency dental work in Alaska, and a former Lawrence High School graduate, Dr. Tom Monger, was her dentist. Mrs. Monger, also a graduate of Lawrence High, was the daughter of Ed and Martha Okomato. Here in Lawrence, Dr. and Mrs. Monger's daughter is office manager for Dr. Pat Moriarty. The cliche "small world" applies here.

Paul K. Kincaid,


Angel Gillaspie 9 years, 5 months ago

When I lived in Johnson County as a teenager, Dr. R. Wayne Thompson was my orthodontist. I spent 3 years as his patient and he straightened my teeth. I moved to Lawrence in 1986, and a few years later went to see Dr. Ray Clark. He straightened my teeth again, as they had drifted quite a bit. He installed a semi-permanent retainer, which I had for three years. Unfortunately, during this time, Dr. Clark passed away on a Christmas Eve, and his practice was taken over by another orthodontist. I contacted his office to ask for the removal of the semi-permanent retainer. Imagine my surprise (not to mention deja vu) as Dr. Thompson approached the chair I was sitting in - HE had taken over for Dr. Clark. Small world, indeed!

stater1977 9 years, 5 months ago

I can't believe no mention of Wally Hickle?

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