Letters to the Editor

Crisis leadership

September 24, 2008


To the editor:

I am encouraged to see our president stepping in to take leadership in this severe financial crisis. As commander in chief he has asserted broad, unlimited powers during times of war, undelineated by the Constitution. He will surely act again, asserting these powers. We expect presidential leadership when the nation is in trouble!

More likely than not he will order federal agents to move in with "shock and awe," soon arresting CEO's and CFO's responsible for threatening our national security, and terrorizing investors. Then these miscreants will join other suspected terrorists in Guantanamo. Headlines will surely let us know when they have joined other suspected terrorists there. Perhaps, as recommended by Cal Thomas, they will regain an understanding of moral rectitude, once they've seen daylight from the vistas of that tropic resort! With their example, surely others will once again recognize the utility of moral rectitude to check an otherwise unregulated lust of wealth.

As usual, this campaign to restore national security has the president's commitment to spend hundreds of billions of tax dollars, if need be.

Mark Larson,


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