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Your dog will like these feeding tips

September 14, 2008


Feeding your dog can become a monotonous chore which you perform on automatic pilot. But consider a few of these tips before just dumping the food into your dog's bowl tonight. He will appreciate it.

It is best to feed your dog in glass, stainless steel or ceramic bowls, not in plastic. You know yourself that plastic sometimes transfers a bad taste to whatever is served in it. Your dog's water especially may be taking on a peculiar taste from the plastic in his bowl. Another reason to avoid plastic is that if your dog chews a piece off the edge of the bowl, the crack might encourage the growth of bacteria or leach chemicals.

Whatever you choose to use for your dog's food should be dishwasher safe. And replace scratched ceramic dishes as soon as possible as bacteria might grow in the crevices.

Use separate bowls for food and water as opposed to a one unit bowl with a divider in it. You wouldn't like water slopping into your food.

Wash your pet's bowl in the dishwasher or in hot soapy water and rinse well every time before filling it again, just as you would your own plates.


igby 9 years, 7 months ago

My dog eats off of China, he gets his food microwaved and chopped. He's so spoiled that on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he will not eat his turkey and ham with potatoes and gravy and dressing in the other room, he has to eat in the room with everyone else. Lol.

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