Letters to the Editor

Bottle scourge

September 4, 2008


To the editor:

They are everywhere you look, more ubiquitous than cell phones - and at least as deadly. People everywhere are buying water in bottles. I was recently at a grocery store when I noticed, to my horror, that at least half of my fellow shoppers had bottled water in their carts.

These bottles rarely get recycled. There is an island floating in the sea bigger than Texas that consists mostly of these discarded water bottles. The water in these bottles is the same as you get out of the tap, for the most part. You can upgrade if you want by buying your own water filter.

Please consider Mother Nature, and don't buy bottled water!

Kathy Schott Gates,


gr 9 years ago

I was also recently at a grocery store when I noticed, to my horror, that almost 100% of my fellow shoppers had items in their carts! Can you believe that? Items the store was selling! Items that the store was selling due to demand of their customers. And some of these items included soft drinks in plastic bottles. You know, the stuff that makes people fat and gives them a host of other health problems. And that was just a few of the unhealthy and unnecessary items I saw fellow shoppers purchasing from a store intending to sell to customers who wanted to buy them.

Cynthia Schott 9 years ago

gr, you're really way too funny for the JW. You should do stand-up comedy somewhere.How about a little concern for the environment.Cindy Hutchison

gr 9 years ago

"How about a little concern for the environment."Concern for the environment does not require silliness nor abandonment of logic.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

You haven't tasted my water lately. I don't like it. But my kid does have a water jug for athletic activities and thinks it tastes fine. However, when we go to games, we fill the cooler with bottles of water. No way to avoid it.

timetospeakup 9 years ago

pictures of this island in the ocean or it's not real.

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