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KU pride

October 16, 2008


To the editor:

I had the privilege to attend the KU football game against Colorado Saturday. It was unfortunate to hear that derogatory chant from the student section time and again after each KU kickoff, despite the pleas from Coach Mangino to stop.

As a KU alum myself, I can certainly remember the passion I had for KU sports when I was in school, so I can at least try to understand the passion that's behind the chant. But I'm beginning to have an equal passion to those who are continuing forward with chanting that expletive, so let me be frank: You are embarrassing yourselves and this proud school. You are embarrassing your football coach. You are embarrassing the city of Lawrence and the residents who live here. You are embarrassing the alums.

Apparently that may not mean much to you, but to us alums and residents who live in or around this city and have a deep connection to this school, it means quite a lot to us. We consider it important to demonstrate just a little more class at sports venues and to separate ourselves from certain groups at other schools that exhibit similar reprehensible behaviors (hi, Antlers).

It's also pretty ridiculous that the students chose that chant out of a horrible Adam Sandler movie called "The Waterboy," but that's not nearly as important as the stupid, sophomoric chant itself.

Bottom line - you do yourselves, this school, your coach, and the rest of us no favors by continuing with this chant. Enough already.

Mark Luttrell,


TopJayhawk 9 years, 7 months ago

Not many students read the LJW.That would be part of the problem wouldn't it?Students who don't read newspapers?How very bizarre.But I guess when you are used to being told what to believe, it isn't necessary.

Isaac McPheeters 9 years, 7 months ago

Thank you Mark. As a KU man myself, I am ashamed of how many students today act, not to mention the whole issue with the Muck Fizzou shirts that ESPN was disappointed with as well.

towanda54 9 years, 7 months ago

16 October 2008 at 6:16 a.m.Suggest removal PermalinkTopJayhawk (Anonymous) says: Not many students read the LJW.That would be part of the problem wouldn't it?Students who don't read newspapers?How very bizarre.But I guess when you are used to being told what to believe, it isn't necessaryAre you sure you're not talking about Sarah Palin? She doesn't read newspapers either.

Weezy_Jefferson 9 years, 7 months ago

All of you who are disgusted by the chant should submit your letters to the University Daily Kansan---the student newspaper. I'm sure not many students read the Journal-World.

Jason Bailey 9 years, 7 months ago

@Towanda: There you guys go again. The contortions that your side go through to link every malady to the repubs and take a political jab at your opposition simply amazes me.This is about sports. We come here because we love sports and we love KU, not to hear someone take a potshot at the candidates.By the way, if those students were my kids I'd respond because it's my job as a parent. I wouldn't allow a few "bruised apples" or "sticky pixies" to interrupt the fun that everyone else is having. (for those that are scratching your head at why I said's an inside joke directed at Towanda)

Sheila Hooper White 9 years, 7 months ago

Great point, hawk! Like I said before, the majority of the students are just happy to be away from their parents and the authority. They think they are cool b/c of this. When in reality it is just a stupid chant. Can't they come up with their own chant? They don't care how they leave this town, most of them will graduate and leave this town, so why should they care?

SMe 9 years, 7 months ago

Com'on folks it's not "passion" behind the chant. It's purely and simply a chance to imitate an idiotic vulgar line from an inane movie. The real problem is due to a lack of parental guidance today's college students don't seem to be able to separate the real from the pretend.

imastinker 9 years, 7 months ago

Here's another alum that couldn't agree more!

MaryKatesPillStash 9 years, 7 months ago

Sorry, I meant to say "My friends from other universities ask me all the time what the crowd is singing/chanting when they hear the Rock Chalk chant on TV. All they know is that the crowd is doing something in unison. Same here."

cthulhu_4_president 9 years, 7 months ago

d_prowess: Exactly correct regarding the basketball chant. You'd think that if people were mad about one word being yelled once per kickoff, then a chant that is just a single swear word (one that is repeated many times!) would really tick people off.In this light, this "controversy" and Mark's letter are laughable.

Kevin Randell 9 years, 7 months ago

Mark,I completely agree. I read the posts the Saturday before the game about how this certain student did not care about the Coach Mangino's request. To him it was his "freedom of speech" to say what they want at the games. I personally see both sides of the issue. These young students need to understand that it is not a "right" but a privilege to have their seats (epically at a discounted price). So, this is what I propose, no longer offer the football tickets at the student discount price and make them pay the price you and I pay. That way, they can have their right to say whatever their hearts desire.

MaryKatesPillStash 9 years, 7 months ago

Some people are really sensitive, d_prowess.I'll admit, the chant is kind of lame. I wouldn't even call it vulgar. But I'll challenge any of you to invite a friend over to watch/listen to the next KU game. Ask them what the crowd said after we kick the ball off. They'll have no idea, unless they have followed this story on the news or if they have every scene from Waterboy memorized. My friends from other universities ask me all the time what the crowd is singing/chanting when they hear it on TV. All they know is that the crowd is doing something in unison. Same here.This is an issue of some sorts in every college town, and I guarantee a bunch of alumni, as much as we respect you, are not going to change the minds of 3,000 drunk kids at a college football game. So, here's the deal--you can continue to rehash this, hoping it will change. It won't. But by continuously bringing the topic back up, you are putting the issue back in the public eye, despite the fact that it's not going to change. If you think the chant makes the University look bad (which is debatable), you are contributing to this image with all of your negative commentary. This is the kind of fodder Mizzou fans, for instance, love to point at and laugh.You probably have a better shot at making a change if you can convince 3,000 of your fellow crusaders against this chant to attend the football game and yell "God bless those Jayhawks!" at every kickoff. Good luck.

devieh 9 years, 7 months ago

"Anonymous userEsq2eB (Anonymous) says:KU Pride normally involves some sort of rainbow flag, doesn't it?"Kansas still as bigoted as you thought.

Tony Kisner 9 years, 7 months ago

The alumni are correct on this issue. A reasonable solution to this issue is to move all games to Arrow Head or charging students a seat license, possibly $5000 each.These games are a production of the Kansas Athletic Corporation who has entered into a contractual agreement with amateur entertainers. In return the entertainers are remunerated with subsidized tuition, books and other cost generally associated with pursuing public/private post secondary education. As the LJ World correctly pointed out in it's recent comments regarding this issue, the University has dropped the ball on communicating to it's student population that attending these games is not necessarily a privilege one receives simply by attending Kansas University. These games and the related revenue and expenses are the purview of a separate corporation and have little to nothing to do with students which attend the University. The University has granted certain rights and related privileges through licensing to the Kansas Athletic Corporation. In return the University receives positive public relations/advertising which it hopes will generate more interest by students regarding attending in the University. The U. will enjoy an increased revenue stream and possibly allowing the U. to raise it's pricing in what would normally be a very competitive market, other wise known as niche marketing or product differentiation.In my opinion the real issue here is one of education, the students being young and idealistic consider these games a part of the college experience. While in the past that may have been the case it no longer is, just as an international corporation has replaced the local grocer, gone are the simple days. While it may appear that these students are powerless in this market place they could vote with their feet and not attend the games, the resulting lack of enthusiasm or "College Spirit" could lower the product's value, dampening the experience for the target audience.Go KU!

gogoplata 9 years, 7 months ago

Mamas not wrong, you're wrong Colonel Sanders.

Kevin Randell 9 years, 7 months ago

Well, it all comes down to respect, not freedom of speech. Though they are 18+ that doesn't mean that they are adults.

d_prowess 9 years, 7 months ago

I love the posts that have followed stories like this that involve increasing the amount students pay to regular prices or kicking them out. Really? You really think the athletic department is going to do that? And as I posted on another story about this issue, why do people have such a problem with this chant but there have been no editorials or video board messages about the "Bulls**t" chant that rings though the fieldhhouse every few games (which has gone on for years)?

cthulhu_4_president 9 years, 7 months ago

hawkperched: In your posts, you say often that a great majority of students are doing these horrible things, when it is actually a small percentage of them. I am not arguing that students dont' trash the town: they do. But it is not all students of the that do. Non-students have done their share of trashing too, I believe, and statements like: "It is the way they have been raised and it won't change"Show how ready you are to lump students together into one, unruly, mob when it is not the case. A majority of KU students take their academic experience seriously, you just never see them puking on the sidewalk after a game because they're probably gasp studying!And there is no way you could know that it was a KU student who threw that rock through the window. Rolling around, throwing stuff at windows seems much more like a high-school aged crime anyways, so please don't point fingers where there is no evidence, and don't let a few bad apples (like the ones at the game) spoil the bunch.

gogoplata 9 years, 7 months ago

Sorry, itsNo, Colonel Sanders you're wrong, Mamas right.'ve been saying wrong all these years.

cthulhu_4_president 9 years, 7 months ago

*But it's not all of the students that do (correction)

JKBagby 9 years, 7 months ago

I call it Vigor and Moxie! Have you ever seen a Futbol game in Argentina or Iraq? Manchester United? This is sports people! UFC is on national Televisoin and we are worrying about a chant that instills team spirit?! Come on, don't be such squares!

Zype 9 years, 7 months ago

"Not many students read the LJW.That would be part of the problem wouldn't it?Students who don't read newspapers?How very bizarre.But I guess when you are used to being told what to believe, it isn't necessary"Nice generalization you've got going there.Funny though, I as well as several people I know in college all read the LJworld on a regular basis, despite it's lack of reporting.

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