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Carpenter injured at Oread Inn site expected to leave hospital

A man injured Monday in a fall at the construction site for the new Oread Inn was expected to be out of the hospital on Tuesday.

October 14, 2008


The carpenter who was injured Monday at the Oread Inn construction site is expected to be released from Kansas University Hospital sometime Tuesday.

Brent Leintz, a project manager for Lansing-based Leavcon Concrete Construction, said the injured worker suffered a broken wrist and was kept overnight for observation at the Kansas City, Kan., hospital.

Leavcon, a subcontractor for the project, has not identified the worker. Gene Fritzel Construction Co. is the general contractor for the hotel near the KU campus.

Company officials said the employee had taken proper safety precautions, but an accident caused a concrete-forming wall to fall on top of him. Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical and construction workers used a crane to lift the injured man from the site to get him to an ambulance.

He was flown to KU Hospital for precautionary measures. The company's safety inspector was looking into the accident.

Judy Freeman, the Kansas area director for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, said companies are required to report an accident to the agency only if there is a fatality or three or more workers are hospitalized in one instance.


spidswife 9 years, 5 months ago

First of all I would like to thank the people who have expressed concern for the carpenter who was injured on the Oread Inn construction site on Monday. I am the mother of this young man. I would like to stress to anyone who has ever had to drive over 65 miles to the area where their son was injured not knowing what you are going to find understands what it is like. This young man has a wife, mother,father, brother and sister. Not including the workers that were with him that day, who revived him because he was not breathing, and who thought their friend and co-worker was dead. I understand that it may not have been quote ( a non-life threatening injury) but the young man could have been crippled for life. People who say I wouldn't want to be the workman's comp to have to pay that helicopter bill have no idea what they may be talking about. I want to thank the fire man, copter people, EMT's , his co-workers (who lifted the 700 lb form off of him) the crane operator and the young man who rode up in the lift with him to get him out of the hole. We thank God every minute for their hard work and knowledge that saved my son. God was with him that day. And we are thankful he will be with us longer. May no one ever feel what his wife, father and rest of the family had to go through like we did.Thanks to allGod Bless All the people that day who saved my sonThe mother of a wonderful hardworking son.

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