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BTK survivor moving back to Wichita

November 27, 2008


— After 34 years, a survivor of the first BTK murder is moving back to Wichita.

On a January afternoon in 1974, Charlie Otero came home from school to find his parents, a sister and a brother killed by Dennis Rader.

After the attack, Otero, his sister Carmen and brother Danny moved to New Mexico. Years later Charlie Otero spent four years in a New Mexico prison for committing a violent act.

Now he and a girlfriend he met during Rader’s court hearings in 2005 have decided to return to Wichita. He said he didn’t want to return to Wichita, but changed his mind because the “town embraced me so.”

Rader confessed to killing the Oteros and six other people between 1974 and 1991.


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