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Poor example

November 1, 2008


To the editor:

I'm not surprised that admonitions to change the crude Kansas University student chant from Coach Mangino and KU Athletics' Marchiony fall largely on deaf ears.

"Do as I say, not as I do" is seldom a persuasive strategy.

How could anyone forget Mangino's "YouTube moment" last season? His expletive-laced tirade, broadcast and re-broadcast to millions, is still there for everyone to "enjoy."

This past July, an unapologetic Mangino, when queried about this, said, "I haven't changed who I am, and I'm not changing for anybody. This is how I got to where we are and what I am" ("Excitable coaches," July 22, 2008, posted by's Tim Griffin).

Marchiony's solution: Keep the media at bay so no one could record a repetition of such behavior. He explained it this way: "There are several options that we could take, ranging from monitoring it more [the TV coverage] to moving the TV stations up on top of the press box and telling them to shoot from there." ("Mangino tirade'" Sept. 17, 2007, Doug Tucker, AP Sports Writer)

This, of course, was not Mangino's first public outburst. In 2002, it took him three tries to acknowledge "regret," but not apologize, for publicly berating game officials at a Lawrence High football game.

Students might be a little more willing to clean up their act if KU Athletics and Coach Mangino actually apologized for his past behavior and agreed that the next public eruption would be his last.

Jerry Harper,


Jason Bailey 9 years, 6 months ago

@MomOfThree: Yeah, I have no doubt the conversation will go down like this:Dad: "So, I noticed the students chant a rather vulgar saying just before each kickoff."Student: Sits in silence, sweating.Dad: "Do you do that, son?"Student: Lip begins to quiver and tears appear in his eyes. "Yes."Dad: "Honey, send in your mom. It's time we she have a talk with Junior."Give me a break. In today's day and age the real conversation will be like this:Dad: "So, do you say that chant, son?"Student, proudly: "Sure do!"Dad: High fives son and hands him a Bud Light. "Right on!" That's hiliarious! Show those SOBs they can't tell you what to say or not say!"That's the state of families in America.

myopinion 9 years, 6 months ago

So if the coach uses such language on the sidelines with his "adult" players, it is therefore OK for the students to chant it in front of the alumnii's children, and on national television? There is no comparision, and this is a ridiculous letter. Grow up and understand the differences.

SMe 9 years, 6 months ago

I doubt that. The context in which the two actions (Coach's and the student's) occur are totally different. As well as the use of the word in general communication. I seriously doubt Coach sits around the dinner table using it while it's quite common to hear students use it in restaurants and other areas of mixed and young people. To Coach it's a means of establishing a point, to students just a word.Shows how far manners have declined

mom_of_three 9 years, 6 months ago

although I agree with points of the letter, Coach Mangino has been heard cussing out people in public twice. Yet, you are going to compare it to the student section that yells the expletive chant sometimes twice a quarter. It would be different if Mangino's outburst's occurred more often, and they don't. I am just waiting until the students go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and their relatives ask them if they yell the chant, and then see what happens. I know soemtimes a berating from "grandma" on decent behavior may do the trick.

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