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6News video: Brown v. Board plaintiff inspired friends, family
May 27, 2008
The last of thirteen plaintiffs in the Brown v. Board of Education case was laid to rest today. 6News reporter Kendall Jones was at the funeral and found that people aren’t just remembering. They’re also looking ahead.
6News video: Saturation patrol leads to multiple citations
May 27, 2008
Lawrence police issued dozens of citations over the holiday weekend when they beefed up enforcement.
6News video: Interim superintendent hopes to continue Eudora district’s success
May 27, 2008
With top-notch facilities and a high academic standard, the Eudora school district has changed the face of academics in the area. Now on the verge of a big leadership change, the district is expecting to see that success persist.
6News video: Tacha hopes to give back to county
May 27, 2008
Former Lawrence school board president John Tacha also throws his hat into the ring today for the third district seat.
6News video: Digital switch means more HD
May 27, 2008
Our own Sunflower Broadband is going digital, but that won’t necessarily mean waving goodbye to the past.
6Sports video: Firebirds kick off football practice
May 27, 2008
In less than three months, the high school football season will be upon us. For the Free State Firebirds, it can’t get here fast enough. 6Sports director Kevin Romary has more.
6Sports video: Ellrich named Academic All-American
May 27, 2008
ESPN The Magazine named Kansas senior infielder Justin Ellrich a third-team academic All-American. Ellrich is the first Jayhawk honored on the squad since Pete Smart in 2001.
6News video: Gas station going green
May 27, 2008
A green Lawrence fueling station gets a temporary green light to get greener. 6News reporter Jesse Fray is live in the newsroom with the unique improvements one owner is ready to make to his store.
6News video: Jim Flory to run for county seat
May 27, 2008
Two people announce plans today to run for Douglas County Commission.
6News video: New plan would have learning coaches work in teams
May 27, 2008
The Lawrence school board hears plans to restructure how learning coaches operate in the district.
6Sports video: T-Bones take on Railcats
May 27, 2008
The best team in the northern league takes on the worst team tonight at Community America Ballpark.
Jim Flory files for Douglas County Commission seat
May 27, 2008
Jim Flory, a former county and federal prosecutor, filed as a Republican Tuesday for Douglas County’s Third District County Commission seat.
Mars Lander prepares for digging
May 27, 2008
NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander spent its first full day in the Martian arctic plains checking its instruments in preparation for an ambitious digging mission to study whether the site could have once been habitable.
Ready to get in shape? Dog Days starting soon
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A3
What started with six high school football players 25 years ago has become the largest, most popular community exercise program in Lawrence. For another season, Red Dog’s Dog Days will return to Kansas University’s Memorial Stadium.
Big Brown on road to recovery
Triple Crown hopeful should be ready for Belmont
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B2
The trainer calls it a “hiccup” and the owner is sure everything will be fine. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a crack in the confidence of camp Big Brown.
Costs lead to high-tech farming
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
When Martin Barbre got his first look three years ago at a system that would drive his tractor for him, he didn’t buy the device - or the premise that it would cut costs on his farm.
Double Take: High school graduation a tumultuous time for many teens
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C1
I’ve just come from my high school’s graduation, so my mind is spinning with sentimental thoughts as well as newfound responsibility.
Parade of the shameless continues
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B6
OK, I don’t always make the call. Back when “Moment of Truth” (7 p.m., Fox) debuted, I figured, and predicted, it would fail. Mean-spirited game shows have a spotty track record. But the transparently sleazy “Moment” seems to speak to a contemporary impulse.
People in the news
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B6
¢ McCartney receives honorary doctorate¢ Martin Luther King’s first grandchild born
Energy time-out
State policy makers should put this year’s heated political battle over two power plants behind them and look at a broad energy strategy for Kansas.
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
Both opponents and proponents of building two new coal-fired power plants in western Kansas now have an opportunity to show they are sincere about formulating a broad, positive energy strategy for the state of Kansas.
Major changes urged in transracial adoption
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
Several leading child welfare groups are urging an overhaul of federal laws dealing with transracial adoption, arguing that black children in foster care are ill-served by a “colorblind” approach meant to encourage their adoption by white families.
Sydney Pollack dies of cancer
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B6
Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack, a Hollywood mainstay who achieved commercial success and critical acclaim with the gender-bending comedy “Tootsie” and the period drama “Out of Africa, has died. He was 73.
Big 12 sends 6 to battle for trip to Omaha
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B1
Miami was selected as the top seed for the 64-team Division I college baseball tournament Monday, two-time defending champion Oregon State was left out of the field and the Big 12 Conference officially learned that six league schools had qualified for the postseason.
Commentary: Indy 500 excitement finally returns
Buzz surrounding race means good times ahead for sport, fans
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B2
The buzz is back at Indy. Not quite like in the A.J. Foyt and Rick Mears glory days. But it was there, nevertheless, on Sunday, when a crowd of more than 300,000 watched Scott Dixon win his first Indianapolis 500.
Is the Vietnam War finally over?
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
Have a kind of empty feeling? Sense that something has been missing these last couple of months? Me, too. Campaign 2008 is completing its fifth month, and we haven’t had a vicious fight about the Vietnam War yet.
Pistons deadlock series
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B3
The Detroit Pistons provide plenty of fodder for those who want to criticize them for only playing their best when down or doubted. Antonio McDyess doesn’t.
Woodling: ‘07-‘08 huge year, but best?
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B1
I wasn’t there for Bob Hemenway’s commencement address, but I know many folks who heard it weren’t pleased with the Kansas University chancellor. Hemenway, they felt, put too much emphasis on the Jayhawks’ football and men’s basketball accomplishments and not enough on academics.
Wake Forest joins schools dropping SAT, ACT requirement
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A6
In a groundbreaking move, Wake Forest University will no longer require applicants to submit SAT or ACT test scores for admission, school officials will announce today.
Vet slims down to fit in uniform
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A1
The goal was simple for Eugene Reding, a U.S. Army veteran from the Korean War era. The 75-year-old Lawrence man wanted to shed enough pounds before Memorial Day to fit into his original uniform - the one he trained recruits in at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri as a light weapons instructor.
Gasoline prices on minds of boaters
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A3
The jury might still be out on how higher gasoline prices affect summer travel. Officials at Clinton and Perry lakes reported typically busy Memorial Day boating and camping traffic this weekend. But with gasoline nearing $4 per gallon, several holiday boaters and campers said higher pump prices were still on their minds.
Friends, family not forgotten
Holiday ceremonies honor veterans with taps, salutes
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A1
They stood at attention, staring at the American flags that lined Oak Hill Cemetery. They have heard the somber tune countless times in their lives. The music - played by Jeff Miller - contrasted with the quick, booming rifle shots of the 21-gun salute that preceded it. But both rituals honor sacrifice.
Iowa, Minnesota towns measure loss after tornadoes
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
Half of this small town lay in ruins or heavily damaged Monday following a deadly tornado that ripped apart a stretch of northern Iowa.
On the Money: Asset allocation
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
Asset allocation can help reduce the risk to an investor’s total portfolio. The concept involves distributing investment dollars among a variety of investment options, such as bonds and equities.
Developers tout state’s loss limit ‘advantage’
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A1
Some of the biggest names in gambling are courting Kansas officials for the opportunity to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a casino in Wyandotte County in direct competition against already established casinos in Kansas City, Mo. And why do they think they can beat the riverboat casinos? In part because Missouri casinos have a $500 loss limit. There is no loss limit under the Kansas law.
Think twice before trading for more fuel-efficient car
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
On television recently, I watched as a motorist said that all he could do about soaring gasoline prices was to close his eyes and pump. There are some things you actually can do to reduce your costs - and fuel consumption - such as driving slower and taking the junk out of your trunk. But Consumer Reports has released a warning about one gas-saving tactic that might end up costing you more money.
Seminar targets jobs, tax relief
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
Lawrence Chamber of Commerce has organized a seminar, “Property Tax Relief and Job Creation: $$ and Sense in Lawrence,” to address economic development issues.
Burning’ lunges offer workout for your legs
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C1
There’s no question about it. Stationary lunges burn! If you’re a heat freak, you can elevate the level of the burn and challenge your balance by adding a kettlebell to this exercise.
Grandparents get place of own to raise grandkids
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A4
Many grandparents who get custody of their grandchildren live in studio or one-bedroom apartments on a minimal income.
Enough taxes?
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
To the editor: Richard Heckler is back. This time it is new sidewalks, more bike paths and the T (Public Forum, May 19). Once again, these are worthy projects. The real question remains: Can we afford them?
Wings take 2-0 lead
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B3
Hockeytown is halfway to hoisting the Stanley Cup again. With first-period goals from Brad Stuart and Tomas Holmstrom and another lockdown defensive effort, the Detroit Red Wings beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0, to take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup finals on Monday night.
Mixing media
May ArtStar adept in multiple genres
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C1
Cali Burke’s favorite artwork is the type she can fit on her finger, arm or neck - rings, bracelets or necklaces. “I like to make stuff and wear it right away,” she says. “I make most of my stuff for myself. Usually I get pretty attached to it.” The recent Free State High School graduate is about to take her creativity to a whole new level.
Student drowns in rural Kansas pond
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A5
A 20-year-old student from the Kansas City Art Institute drowned Sunday in a rural pond just east of the Leavenworth County town of Easton in northeast Kansas.
Deadline Wednesday for summer events calendar
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C1
The Pulse summer activities calendar for children and teens is coming soon - perhaps in a year where they’ll be spending more time at home, if gasoline prices and other factors have led to scaled-back vacation plans.
On the record
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A4
Lawrence police arrested a 45-year-old Lawrence man near 14th and Vermont streets Monday evening after witnesses said he walked into their house, stole some beer and walked out, said Sgt. Damon Thomas, a police spokesman.
Man robs woman who was visiting grave
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B8
Wichita police are looking for a man who robbed an 81-year-old woman who was visiting a family member’s grave at a cemetery.
Bush pays tribute to troops at Arlington
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
President Bush paid tribute Monday to America’s fighting men and women who died in battle, saying national leaders must have “the courage and character to follow their lead” in preserving peace and freedom.
McCain says Obama should visit Iraq
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
Republican John McCain on Monday sharply criticized Democratic rival Barack Obama for not having been to Iraq since 2006, and said they should visit the war zone together.
3 tornadoes reported in south-central Kan.
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A4
Severe storms packing tornadoes and hail hit Kansas on Monday evening, but there were no early reports of damage or injuries, authorities said.
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B6
This year is divided into two distinct periods - before New Year’s 2009 and after. Tension could be high until 2009. You’ll discover how much happier you are after 2008 says goodbye, relatively quickly.
World-class triathlete eager to take on Kansas
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A3
Simon Lessing is one of sports’ most distinguished athletes. The triathlete picked it up as a child in South Africa, competed for the British under his dual citizenship and now lives in the United States. He swims, bikes and runs in competitions all over the globe. But Lessing, 37, has never been to Kansas - at least until this summer.
Food test labs possibly ignored tainted imports
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A1
A congressional committee is investigating whether some private U.S. laboratories were instructed to withhold samples of tainted food so importers could get their goods into the U.S.
Food banks facing new clients, mounting costs
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C8
Jackie Hoffman sifted through a laundry bin filled with aging bread, choosing a loaf of white. Like nearly a third of the first 50 customers to arrive at the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton that morning, Hoffman was new to the pantry. But since she lost her sales job at a local newspaper in December, she has not found work in Stockton, which has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and a hurting job market.
Dinner, dance event to benefit shelter
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A5
“Dinner & Dancing at Dusk,” a benefit for the Lawrence Community Shelter, is set for 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. June 6 at Alvamar, 1809 Crossgate Drive.
Quake brings rare freedom for journalists in China
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C8
Rows of body bags were laid out along streets for all to see. Sobbing parents furious about shoddily built schools that collapsed and killed thousands of children were able to speak freely. Military helicopters carried reporters to tour the disaster zone.
Report: Iran may be withholding info in probe
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
Iran may be withholding information needed to establish whether it tried to make nuclear arms, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday in an unusually strongly worded report.
Deadline approaches for acreage reports
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
Acreage reports for small grains are due to the Farm Service Agency by June 2.
Old Home Town - 100 years ago
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
From the Lawrence Daily World for May 27, 1908: “J.R. Koontz, general freight agent of the Santa Fe Railway estimates that Kansas will produce more than 90 million bushels of wheat this year, 90,7000,000 to be exact.”
Marriage issues
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
To the editor: I am wondering about the lives of those against gay marriage. Do they live with someone that they are not married to? Does the law tell them that they cannot marry someone of a different race? Is what you do in your bedroom a public matter?
UN hopeful on getting aid to survivors
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
U.N. officials expressed hope Monday they will soon be able to get help to more than 1 million cyclone survivors still waiting for food and shelter, if Myanmar’s ruling junta keeps its promise to let foreign aid workers into the country.
Old Home Town - 25 years ago
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A7
Members of the local firefighters union approved a two-year work agreement with the city after a three-hour meeting.
Blasts kill two U.S. soldiers
May 27, 2008 in print edition on A2
Two U.S. soldiers were killed in a pair of roadside bombings over the weekend, the U.S. military announced Monday.
2 killed, 3 injured in Kansas City crash
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B8
Police say alcohol and speeding likely contributed to a deadly crash early Sunday in south Kansas City.
Royals continue slide
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B1
These days, the Kansas City Royals can’t even keep track of the outs. Shaun Marcum won for the first time in four starts, Gregg Zaun hit a two-run homer and the Toronto Blue Jays beat Kansas City, 7-2, Monday to complete their first four-game sweep of the Royals.
What’s your take on the Lawrence flag?
May 27, 2008 in print edition on C1
The official flag for the city of Lawrence - yes, we do have one - shows a phoenix flying from the ashes. It’s a timeless image of the city rising from the ashes of the 1863 Quantrill raid on Lawrence. But as Flag Day approaches June 14, we wonder: If you could create your own flag representing present-day Lawrence, what would it be?
KU honors workers’ service, performance
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B7
Kansas University honored workers for their service and performance during the 24th annual Employee Recognition Ceremony, conducted May 7 in the ballroom at the Kansas Union.
Lee hard at work in Tar Heel country
Former Jayhawk dives into new job
May 27, 2008 in print edition on B1
Michael Lee answered the phone on the first ring Monday night in his Gardner-Webb University assistant men’s basketball coach’s office.