Sebelius vetoes bill requiring a photo ID to vote

? Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Monday vetoed a bill that would have required Kansans to show photo identification to vote.

And she signed into law a proposal to increase drug testing at traffic accidents, and a measure concerning water rights in Douglas County.

Concerning the voter ID legislation, Sebelius said “HB 2019 seeks to solve a problem of voter fraud which does not exist in our state due to the tireless efforts of our local elected officials.”

She said the voter ID proposal wasn’t needed and “will only work to disenfranchise many of the electorate and serve as a barrier to their participation in the democratic process.”

Under the proposal, voters would have had to show ID starting in 2010.

The bill she signed concerning drug tests was prompted by a 2007 accident near Basehor that killed Amanda Bixby, 19. Her parents, Denise and Dennis Bixby of Tonganoxie pushed for the law, saying that the driver who hit their daughter should have been tested for drugs.

The measure increases the authority of law enforcement to order a test for drugs or alcohol in a vehicle accident that results in a death or serious injury.

The bill concerning water rights was aimed at stopping a Douglas County water district from condemning land to drill a well and possibly appropriate water rights.

Sebelius also signed bills that will:

Increase school funding by $37.2 million.

Expand eligibility for HealthWave.

Increase campaign finance disclosure.

Allow an electric utility to recover expenditures for development of a new nuclear plant.