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The $6,400 question: Should KU Athletics be reimbursed?

Downtown groups asked to pay for post-basketball season changes

Kansas' Darrell Arthur greets thousands of fans during a parade for the National Champion Jayhawks on Sunday, April 13, 2008 in downtown Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas' Darrell Arthur greets thousands of fans during a parade for the National Champion Jayhawks on Sunday, April 13, 2008 in downtown Lawrence, Kan.

May 7, 2008


KU Athletics officials ask city to help pay for victory celebrations

KU Athletics officials are asking downtown Lawrence and the Chamber of Commerce to fork it over. The University says they should pay the bill for canceling a postseason banquet planned at the Holiday Inn. Enlarge video

The weeklong celebration that engulfed Lawrence after the Kansas University Jayhawks won the national basketball championship didn't come without a price.

The final tally: more than $130,000 for the city and KU, most of it spent on police.

And now, the athletics department is asking two economic development groups to pick up a $6,400 bill. That's the athletics department's cost for canceling a planned intimate banquet for players and select donors at the Holiday Inn Holidome. Instead, the department had a parade and public celebration at Allen Fieldhouse.

In an e-mail sent to two leaders of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Lawrence Inc., associate athletic director Jim Marchiony asked "if the Chamber and Downtown Lawrence would team up to pay this invoice."

Attached was the athletics department's $6,400 cancellation bill from the Holidome.

The chamber and Downtown Lawrence encouraged the athletics department to have a parade to celebrate KU's National Championship victory.

Jane Pennington, director of Downtown Lawrence Inc., said the issue would be taken up by its board this morning, at a previously scheduled meeting.

"We'll see what the board thinks then," Pennington said. "We were surprised. It's the first time we've ever had a request like this, that I know of."

Chuck Warner, CEO of the chamber of commerce, didn't return messages seeking comment.

Marchiony said the banquet at the Holidome, first tried last year, was to be an opportunity for the team and select donors to celebrate the season. In the end, it was determined a much larger celebration was appropriate.

Because of the positive exposure generated for Lawrence, Marchiony said Tuesday the department felt it was reasonable to ask the chamber and DLI to share the costs of changing plans.

"We thought it was a small investment the city and downtown Lawrence could make for bringing 100,000 people downtown," Marchiony said.

The $6,400 was a prorated portion of the original bill Kansas Athletics expected to pay to have the dinner at the Holidome. In previous years, the end-of-season banquets also have been set at the Kansas Union ballroom and the Lied Center.

A Journal-World/6News Open Records request showed in the run-up to the championship and the week after:

¢ About $77,000 was spent by KU on public safety, transportation, facilities and advertising. Among the largest expenditures were $36,531 by the Public Safety Office for games four, five and six, as well as the April 8 homecoming celebration at Memorial Stadium and the April 13 parade. The athletics department paid $32,000 for events at Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium.

¢ The city spent $29,052 for the police department and $14,281 for fire and medical services. Of the police department's total, more than $7,000 was for food and lodging for police officers from other jurisdictions who helped with crowd control. About $10,000 more was spent by the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments.


GIHAWK 10 years ago

KU Athletics is really hurting for that whopping $6400!

BalkansHawk 10 years ago

As a very proud KU alum, and a rabid sports fan, I too am embarrassed by this request from our athletic department. If it wasn't for what I just said, I would be speechless.

lily 10 years ago

Was the banquet scheduled for the same time as the parade? If not then why didn't they have both. An "intimate" gathering for the big donors has nothing to do with the parade. I'm sure those big donors were in the parade because you know they didn't get anywhere early enough to have a front row seat. This is petty and gives a bad name to KUAC. The city already had a big bill before the parade. And they took on the cost of the parade and didn't ask Athletics to pitch in.I guess this is big business. I wonder if the Chancellor approved that request?

Jayson Hawk 10 years ago

This is a poor PR move by Lew. There is not one good reason for the KUAD to ask for reimbursement.

Poon 10 years ago

BalkansHawk (Anonymous) says: As a very proud KU alum, and a rabid sports fan, I too am embarrassed by this request from our athletic department. If it wasn't for what I just said, I would be speechless.Very well said, BalkansHawk. I feel ashamed that certain individuals within the Athletics Corporation consistently sound like they are attempting to start a town versus gown war. This would be a war with no victors, only losers. Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

beawolf 10 years ago

The KU Athletic budget is over $50M. $6,500 is not going to break the bank. Mangino's food allowance per month is more than that.

Godot 10 years ago

At least Topjayhawk refers to KU Athletics as a business. As such, why does it get to operate tax-free?

simplyamazed 10 years ago

Who scheduled the parade for Sunday anyways? It could have been done on Saturday and not interfered with their elbow rubbing with a few "select" donors. If you ask me, the residents of Lawrence and Douglas County are the biggest donors with all the BS we put up with after such games. And yes the rewards are going to be priceless for KU winning the National Championship, but they won't release that info to us, will they? What a whinner JM.

Eric Beightel 10 years ago

Downtotownie: "The city and its citizens have spent enough. I can't tell you how much garbage I cleaned up out of my yard and neighborhood because of this thing, maybe I should send a bill to both the city and the Athletic Department." I'm sorry, did the KUAC host a game in your yard? How could you possibly place ANY blame on KUAC for the transgressions of their fans? There is no argument that you could possibly make that would appropriately place any responsibility on KUAC for anything that happened to you or your property while the team was competing in the Final Four in SAN ANTONIO, TX. Is Marchiony a ninny for requesting reimbursement? Sure. But that's the end of it. There is no reason for KUAC to pay for any of the police or EMS services provided by the city for crowd control during their incredible NCAA run. The University has ZERO control over what it's fans do downtown while the team is in San Antonio. Hell, they have no responsibility for anything other than traffic and crowd control entering or exiting the fieldhouse or Stadium before and after home games. That's it. If the Royals or Chiefs were to make it to the playoffs (not anytime soon methinks) and Downtown became a hotbed of drinking and partying as everyone watched the teams progress, would you suggest sending a bill to either organization requesting payment for policing their fans? Yeah, not so much.It was d*ck move by JM but this crap about KU being on the hook for ANYTHING as a result of their championship run is idiotic.

Baille 10 years ago

Where does this Marchiony guy come from? And what moron keeps letting him communicate on behalf of KU?What a wad. In the wake of the basketball team's victory, KU called me and asked me to donate to the university and to the school. Recognizing the bald-faced ploy that this was and yet unable to say "no" due to the celebratory spirit that lingered long after the win, I agreed to increase my pledge. However, now when I send back the pledge card it will be with no money and my regrets that KU has consistently chosen to take the low road. I know that KU Athletics is a separate entity with a symbiotic relationship to the University itself and that I shouldn't punish the University for the sins of Marchiony (spit), but screw it. KU is KU and somebody needs to reign in the Athletic Dept.

BalkansHawk 10 years ago

Take_a_letter_Maria So take a letter, Maria, (da-da-da-dat-da),address it to my wife. (dat-dat-dat-dat-da),Say I won't be coming home,gonna start a new life. (dat-da-dat-da)So take a letter Maria, (da-da-da-dat-da)address it to my wife. (dat-dat-dat-dat-da)Send a copy to my lawyer,gotta start a new life. (dat-da-dat-da)I love that song.

Eric Beightel 10 years ago

downtownie - Your comment was the most recent and therefore the one I chose to use as my example. No offense intended. Many others on this board are protesting that the city was put out by the events surrounding the march to the championship and I think it's ridiculous to blame the Athletic Department for this. The idea of Marchiony's request adding insult to injury just doesn't make sense to me. JM's request is wrong and shouldn't be honored. Having said that, it has absolutely nothing to do with the celebrations that occurred after the NC game or the Memphis game. No correlation whatsoever. This is about the Sunday parade and that alone. Nothing else is relevant.

Tony Kisner 10 years ago

We are fools for showing up for any KU sporting event. It is all about the select few who were to attend the dinner. Not the fans who buy the shirts, not the students who go to class with the athletes.The students could and should vote with their feet, if they did not show to football or basketball games the folks sitting behind the glass would feel it. It would no longer be a college event but the crappy pro event it actually is. The money would soon dry up and some sanity could be restored.I love college athletics, but this is just out of hand. Pigs that hang out begging for more should themselves become the next meal.

kansasethics 10 years ago

Sounds like Lew runs an open tab for the KU Police, City Police and firefighters. What a great way to supplement an organizations budget. I thought we hired police to do this stuff already. If the police demand payment by the hour, maybe KU should hire Mil-Spec.

ilovelucy 10 years ago

Why doesn't everyone posting on this board also write a letter to Lew, Marchiony & the Chancellor? That's what I plan to do. Maybe the server will crash with the influx of mail.jmarch@ku.edukuathletics@ku.educ...

cowboy 10 years ago

You really have to be kidding , no really , Marchiony is not this stupid . The Conneticut mafia would like you to pay a small tribute to "Uncle Lew " cuz yous nevers knows whats coulds happens to yous goodfellas.Who ever generated this idea , email , or approach , should be fired immediately including Lew. This petty behavior by the Athletic Department should be dealt with.

workinghard 10 years ago

I should point out that not all bussinesses profited from the celebrations, mostly it was bars and restaurants. Some may have suffered losses.

coolmarv 10 years ago

I guess the saying "it doesn't hurt to ask" applies here, if you don't mind looking like a total jerk. I am a big college ball fan and have been a KU fan for nearly 25 years but crap like this just really turns me off. Sometimes you feel like packing up all your t-shirts, posters, autographed souvenirs, etc and just dropping them off at the athletic department door and say thanks but no thanks.

absolutelyridiculous 10 years ago

After the city spent $60,333, I think KU Athletics can afford to pay up. They spend that on t-shirts for football games. Common Jim M. This is kinda petty don't you think?

ontheotherhand 10 years ago

The request seems tacky even though I understand why KU Athletics might ask. Still, you would think that when Downtown Lawrence and the Chamber were begging KU Athletics to have a parade, Jim M would have said, "Ok, but we have another $6400 commitment so if you want the parade, help us pay for this prior commitment."I have never seen a university that gives so much power to its athletic dept. Everything comes from KU Athletics and never from the Chancellor's office. Strange.

Lisa Roberts 10 years ago

No no no no no no no no no no no no, the Athletic Depatment should pay for it. The city and its citizens have spent enough. I can't tell you how much garbage I cleaned up out of my yard and neighborhood because of this thing, maybe I should send a bill to both the city and the Athletic Department. Cleaning crews are pricey.Maybe one of the loaded affiliates should take the 6 and a half g's out of their pockets...I know they have the money. If the athletic Department gets enough money that they can afford to buy cars and other perks for coaches and their wives, then they can afford to pay for their mistake. They knew the banquet would cost too much so they cancelled. Learn from it, dudes. I can't tell you how many times students and professors at the Art Department (where I work-and I am sure it isn't the only depatment/school/professors that do this) takes money out of their own pockets so the class can even take place and be worth while. The athletes get free shoes, sweats, training, etc-and they aren't even getting a degree in football or basketball-it is extra curricular. The art students (and others) have to struggle just to buy supplies, and I have seen many professors shell out cold hard cash to their students to help them out. If the Chamber of Commerce or the city pays this bill, I will be knocking on their door, and I don't care if it makes a difference.

Lori Nation 10 years ago

Who is Doug Compton and what does he have to do with this??

mechman 10 years ago

just have LPD,LFD,DCAS, & public works send this BOZO a bill for each football & basketball game that we have to have covered!!!!!!also get them a bill from KHP for their troops.

Keith 10 years ago

What prevented them from having the banquet in addition to the other festivities? Would 'select donors' not pony up after their special access had been cheapened by the public parade and celebration? Tell em no, they owe us at least as much for moving the football game to Arrowhead.

Write2Know 10 years ago

The negative PR from this has to cost them more than $6400. Somebody needs to get their head screwed on straight.

hip_gma 10 years ago

Heck no! What's more important--a parade due to a national championship or a banquet? Ask Doug Compton for the money

Eric Beightel 10 years ago

I'm in agreement that Marchiony is a tool for asking for this chump change.

Godot 10 years ago

Wonder why this conflict in plans, and the $6400 cancellation fee, was not discussed prior to working out the parade plans with the city? This does not make any sense.

Eric Beightel 10 years ago

Workinghard -It doesn't matter who it was who disrespected people's property (and I'm in no way supporting those acts); it is not KU's responsibility. There may have been a majority of KU students but I'm willing to bet there were a fair share of recent grads or high schoolers or out of towners just looking to party down there.Sure people have a right to be pissed their yard got trashed. I won't disagree with that but to assess blame on the Athletic Department is foolish.

flyin_squirrel 10 years ago

How about charging the Athletic department for the Police and Fire during KU football and basketball games. KU does not pay the city a dime for Police and Fire during athletic events. If they want us to pay for their cancelled banquet, start charging for services during their games.

coolmom 10 years ago

How sad. i am a born and raised jayhawk and proud to be one. on the evening we won the championship i ordered shirts sent to my neices and nephews around the country with great pride and fully half of the sweatshirts came with blurring and mistakes ordered off a k.u approved site. i think they can take the 6400 and shove it. i cant it was worth the hard feelings this will generate. sigh. i hate when business interferes with my happy jayhawk memories.

cowboy 10 years ago

Press Release :Jim Marchiony today announced plans to install coin receptors in the left ears of all KU athletes. Want to say hello , 50 cents , shake hands 75 cents , autograph 2 dollars , congratulate on National Championship 6400 dollars. By the way , no change is returned

oldschool 10 years ago

Bottom line...Lew and his gang DIDN'T THINK WE WOULD WIN and got caught flat footed when we did. No contingency planning was bothered with.

Robert Rauktis 10 years ago

When is someone in this town gonna stand up to these bullies?

bluerose 10 years ago

what PIGS. KU Athletics should be ashamed.i hope downtown lawrence doesn't cave in to that $#@%%^.seriously, the cleanup after those "classy" celebrations must have cost that much.

JimmyJoeBob 10 years ago

Why didn't Marchiony plan the parade for the day before or after the night of the banquet. Piss poor planning on his part should not constitue and emergency on Lawrence.

naturalist 10 years ago

Marchiony is an embarrassment. He didn't want to have the parade in the first place, probably because of the conflicting banquet with his cronies. He would seem to be more interested in his elite banquet goers than the entire town of Lawrence and surrounding areas, who are huge Jayhawk basketball fans and supporters that turned out for the parade. The guy should keep his mouth shut and ask his elite banquet goers to pay the $6400. The city has footed enough of the bill and thus shown huge support for KU Athletics.

workinghard 10 years ago

ebbenji---Sorry have to go with downtownie on this one. More than likely it was KU students that caused the damage. Homeowners in the path of their destruction had to pick up the tab for damages. They have a right to be unhappy about it, won't do them much good, but it is still their right. Many of the students that night showed little respect for other peoples property, winning did not give them the right to cause damage, they took it. But that is all water under the bridge, but for KU to add insult to injury, downtownie is within his/her right to complain even if you don't agree. Of course this is America and we have the right of freedom of speech so you get to disagree just as others have the freedom to disagree with your views.

Jeremy Lichtenauer 10 years ago

Why does KU Athletics pay the bill to KU Police for extra officers working security and to direct traffic before and after home games but not the Lawrence Police. Corliss needs to sent KU Athletics a bill for the extra 20 or so officers who assist KU on game days or refuse further assistance. This benefits no one but KU Athletics.No wonder the city is in "crisis"!

nobody1793 10 years ago

Next time, maybe you all won't ask for a parade. I didn't.

trvlronda 10 years ago

How much did KU receive for winning the National Championship? and the city? Hmmm...I think the athletic department could cover the bill.BTW: the holidome event was not free--there were tickets sold to a select few. In addition, the event was scheduled for the evening--would not have interfered with the parade. Although getting in AFH was free--concessions inside were not without cost. I think the amount of people at AFH more than covered the "lost" money from the holidome event --for about 500 people.

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

downtownie - apples and oranges.mo4 was referring to fire/med at football and basketball games, your reference is covering the craziness that was Lawrence from the national semi-finals through the parade.

frazzled 10 years ago

As a KU employee (not of the athletic department), I'm embarrassed. This request is tacky in the extreme. Who came up with the idea of a private banquet instead of a parade in the first place? Didn't they realize folks in Lawrence would want to celebrate? This should have been an opportunity to help town-gown relations, not harm them.

ksuone1 10 years ago

I personally believe that the price of having the college here in this town. The community should bare some of the expense. Hopefully this won't happen again...go KSU

wysiwyg69 10 years ago

hell no! they still could have had their party at the dome, after the 15 minute parade..... plumberscrack, I will see your Mario Little, another championship, and raise you a Victor Mitchell

booyalab 10 years ago

for the person that asked why a private banquet was planned in the first place.....because it was planned BEFORE we won. I know because I work at the holidome.

booze_buds_03 10 years ago

So being an ordinary citizen I can expect fire and police protection at my home, but why does this change if I attend a KU event. I should expect and receive the same protection without requiring any more payments from KUAC. Should the city charge it's citizens everytime they call the police or have a fire at their home. NO!

seriouscat 10 years ago

Oh man, between this and that jackass Neufeld accusing Sebelius of bribing people for anti coal plant votes I haven't laughed this hard at the news in ages. This behavior is what I consider grown up tantrums. Way to paint yourselves into the "I'm an arrogant prick" corner guys!

Lisa Roberts 10 years ago

well then my point is made-and thanks for helping me make it,Eric Beightel ebbenji (Eric Beightel), logically, if i can't send a bill for that, then the city and the chamber of commerce have no responsibility in picking up the bill for a cancelled private event. that is all i was trying to get across---It is not downtown's, chamber of commerce's, or the city of lawrence's fault that they cancelled a PRIVATE event.)???????????????????????????????????????but by saying this, Marichiony (and who is he representing?) IS taking responsibility for fans: "We thought it was a small investment the city and downtown Lawrence could make for bringing 100,000 people downtown," Marchiony said. (i think we have done enough, Marichiony.)¢ The city spent $29,052 for the police department and $14,281 for fire and medical services. Of the police department's total, more than $7,000 was for food and lodging for police officers from other jurisdictions who helped with crowd control. About $10,000 more was spent by the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments.(that is a total of $53,333 from the city)???????????????????????????????????ALSO-----hey petejayhawk, if you are going to start calling people lunatics, let us not forget the crazed drunk or even sober, wound-up people running around and destroying, littering, and peeing/defacating on private property that call themselves fans. (AND, Eric Beightel, i am not saying the latter is KUAC's fault-but i guess Marichiony is?)

workinghard 10 years ago

And I really don't think downtownie was as serious about the remark as it sounded. I think it was just an off-handed remark made to show their annoyance. Heck I might have made the same remark myself somewhere along the line. I do like the idea of e-mailing though. Might not do any good but it never hurts to at least try to make yourself heard. Let's hope it was a learning experience for both the city and KU and maybe things will go smoother next time around.

Evan Ridenour 10 years ago

It is tacky because the request is such a small amount of money when KU Athletics pulled in millions during the title run.

pomegranate 10 years ago

So, the truth comes out. The crybaby had to cancel his plans for a private shindig. He was probably planning to be the big cheese there. So now he is trying to get even.I absolutely do not think this city should pay this extortion. but you know what? Lawrence will pay--KU absolutely runs this city.

jayhawks911 10 years ago

Loved the parade and KU staff should have foreseen the need for it. KU can afford cover their own missteps

been_there 10 years ago

today's poll should have been about this, LJW do a poll tomorrow.

PeteJayhawk 10 years ago

Hey, it's the anti-sports lunatic fringe. Good to see you all chiming in today. Back to your trailers to stew in your lifelong bitterness, now - time's just about up on the library computer.

momof4 10 years ago

Flying squirrel says "How about charging the Athletic department for the Police and Fire during KU football and basketball games. KU does not pay the city a dime for Police and Fire during athletic events. If they want us to pay for their cancelled banquet, start charging for services during their games."I agree KU asking for payment of $6,440 is wrong, but you are wrong with the above statement. KU DOES pay for fire/medical for every event. I'm not sure about police, but I would think they would use a lot of their own for that.

Lisa Roberts 10 years ago

lew and marchiony should take the logical thinking and fallacies class at the article, put the facts together. that's all?

Jeanne Cunningham 10 years ago

I can't believe that the Holidome didn't just make that charge disappear. Surely they make a bundle from KU athletic events?? and, it's NOT as if this is a recurring "problem"? (pretty difficult to think of it as a problem.. since it only has the average potential to happen every 20 or so years...)I might understand if the Holidome needed to recoup its actual expenses, but it sounds to me as if the charge was a penalty.Also, I think that if KU Athletics and/or other KU departments, alumni "mentioned" that this charge COULD color our judgements about whether or not we use their facilities...?

BalkansHawk 10 years ago

Ceallach,Thanks, I really enjoyed the tune. Sometimes, listening to a song can send you back to a special place and time. For me, this song sends me back eight years (the first year my two oldest boys wrestled when they were 6 and 8). We listened to a couple of CDs while commuting to and from wrestling tournaments that featured a variety of golden oldies, and this was one of them.While I was off reliving these happy memories, it allowed me some time away from the absolutely ludicrous, appalling, almost teatering on insane request from the KUAC to help foot this bill.

napoleon969 10 years ago

Sure Lawrence taxpayers should pay the bill. And while you're at it, you might want to send the KU Athletic Department a few dozen cases of toilet paper. Seems they can't seem to wipe their asses on their own either!!!

been_there 10 years ago

booze_buds_03 --Should the city charge it's citizens everytime they call the police or have a fire at their home. NO! Umm, yes they do, it's called TAXES, so you pay whether you use it or not. Does KU pay the city taxes? Haven't you learned, nothing is free.

Lisa Roberts 10 years ago

to The_Original_Bob:if he is lew's "fall guy/bulldog" and representing him...then the next question has been answered too:who does lew represent?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 years ago

hawkperchedatriverfront (Anonymous) says: Or BETTER yet, let's have a sales tax on all athletic tickets to raise money for Lawrence streets and police service. It will be called a Stadium tax/Fieldhouse tax and shall be 10%. Put that to a vote.Great idea. And it should include the donations that it takes to even be considered for being a season ticket holder. We could have some decent streets then.

pomegranate 10 years ago

Like I told you before:Gas, Grass, or A$$ nobody rides for free. Except KU

ilovelucy 10 years ago

Topjayhawk: so you think that the revenue from the parade made up for the football games moved to KC? You must not have a clue about business.Also, your spelling is atrocious. If you want to talk about Deliverance, at least know how to spell!

Bruce Rist 10 years ago

How do you know they could have still had the party at the Holidom. Maybe the Holidom had something else planned?

Poon 10 years ago

Actually, no don't Muck Fizzou - just move the football game to their state.

jonas 10 years ago

If the exposure continues, they'll undoubtedly rescind the request. It does seem a little petty.

Lisa Roberts 10 years ago

read this part of the article, momof4:¢ The city spent $29,052 for the police department and $14,281 for fire and medical services. Of the police department's total, more than $7,000 was for food and lodging for police officers from other jurisdictions who helped with crowd control. About $10,000 more was spent by the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments.from me: (that is a total of $53,333 from the city)

Kristine Bailey 10 years ago

DLI is a non-profit organization supported by $350 dues from merchants who join and some support from the city. Go pick on somebody else Lew.

packs_of_wild_dogzz 10 years ago

rammy (Anonymous) says:"The nerds are all over this one!Calm down:"**********HA thoughts exactly. OH MY GOD the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!!!! run for your worthless meaningless lives.!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!! ah, just kidding. KU should pay the $6400. Next topic.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 years ago

"team deserved every bit of celebration and praise from their fans, the ones they [and the dept.] refer to as 'the best fans in the country.'"The management now only considers those huge donors good fans. They could care less about us peons.

been_there 10 years ago

I wonder how many fans celebrated by doing volunteer work or donating money (beer money they would have used) to a charity? Don't get me wrong, I know plenty of students do volunteer work in the community, I talking about the others. Thank to all students who do contribute to our community organizations because they want to make the world a better place. Those that only do it because need it on a resume do not count, you're only there because you feel you have to.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

You guys are so fickle..LOL.. You made up for lost revinue from the football game by the parade. I think you guys are awful demanding by one of the few businesses in this town that brings any money into your industry challenged little burg.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

And if the Athletic corp went away, and all the national exposure and all went away. YOU guys would really be the ones squeling like pigs because you would be like the little piggy in the movie Deliverance. What a sight and sound that would be. You'd all have to get a part time job in Topeka or KC to make up for the lost tax revenue that would result. All the beer, meals, souveniers. SQUEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

KSChick1 10 years ago

jayhawks911 (Anonymous) says: Loved the parade and KU staff should have foreseen the need for it. KU can afford cover their own misstepsKU Staff didn't have anything to do with this. You are talking about administration. Not only that, but the Athletics Corporation is a separate entity from KU. If you work at the Ath. Corp. you are their employee, not a state employee like the rest of the staff at KU, your time does not count towards KPERS retirement, and you are not governed by KU. Wish everyone would get the info right before you start bashing people who don't have anything to do with this.

mrkuwick 10 years ago

The banquet at the Holidome was scheduled before the teams run in the tourney. Invitations were sent to all Williams Funders to purchase tickets for the event at $13 a piece. I may be wrong but I don't think those who purchased tickets before plans changed got their money back. I wonder if they deducted that profit from the $6,400 fee.

Jeremy Lichtenauer 10 years ago

I'm taxpayer and concerned citizen who obviously pays more attention than most where my tax dollars are wasted!

JHawker 10 years ago

I think this whole ordeal is completely ridiculous! I attended several parades celebrating the team since our '88 National Championship game and am baffled as to how the KU Department of Athletics would not plan a parade for our team, even if they hadn't gone all the way; mind you several of those past parades were for final fours or sweet sixteens. The city of Lawrence asked for a parade and rightfully so, the team deserved every bit of celebration and praise from their fans, the ones they [and the dept.] refer to as 'the best fans in the country.' - so why was there only a small, private banquet offered to players and wealthy donors? I agree with above statements indicating the parade and Allen Fieldhouse event could have been scheduled for Saturday or even the next weekend since they'd already scheduled this smaller event. Reimburse KU Athletics Dept??? This department gets more favors, money, and donations than any other department at KU. Like above, there are art students paying large amounts of money simply to display art - their talent, the KU Choral Dept.'s yearly budget is no where near the amount they need to even rent the spaces in which they sing and put on events such as the city's beloved "vespers" program in December - donate some money to these worthy, talented, and well-deserving programs before giving more money to the Athletic Department. I am a born & bred KU Jayhawk and love our team for all its worth, I am so proud of our players and will proudly walk the hill with our seniors come may 18th; but the rest of the department, Marchiony and Lew need to stop being so absolutely ridiculous and pig-headed.

KsTwister 10 years ago

My question is which party asked the other for money first? Think we are are not getting the true story if not the entire one. Who begged who to have the parade downtown anyway. And with the sales generated from the event would you not consider that as offset for KU and Lawrence's expenses? Looks like a fair split to both really and both need to suck it up and be men about it.

wakarusan 10 years ago

These prix are the biggest non-Kansas fools in history!!! Send them back to the East Coast!!! We can and did win before they were here! LOSERS!!!

Eric Neuteboom 10 years ago

Tell ya what, Mr. Marchiony, as soon as you repay Lawrence businesses what they lost when you took the "Border War" out of Lawrence, you can then have your $6,400 pittance.Is anyone else astounded that this jerk still has a job? The department must cringe whenever he opens his mouth. He first tells people that they must have a ticket for their child (no matter the age) if they want to go to a football game (which kept at least four of my friends from buying season tickets); he tells the city and fans "we will celebrate how we want to celebrate" with regards to the parade; he tells sports radio on air that Self has not met with Perkins regarding an extension, when he already told Bedore about the same meeting; and now he asks the city, in addition to other expenses incurred, to pay a paltry, "unit" measuring contest sum of $6,400. When is enough enough with this joker?I feel fortunate to know Chuck Warner, and I sure as hell hope he tells him (Marchiony) to take a long walk off a short cliff. Marchiony is nothing but an ingrate, and the sooner he realizes the benefit of partnering with the city of Lawrence instead of fighting with it, the better.

Poon 10 years ago

New KU Slogan: Muck Fizzou and Larryville too!

booyalab 10 years ago

chic, it takes resources to plan for a huge banquet (for the holidome it was pretty big, like 600+) and lots of time and money went into preparing for it, only for them to cancel it days before. Banquet functions aren't all ready to go the day of the event.

SofaKing 10 years ago

It's all about the money.M oneyA $$R upeeC ashH oardeI ncomeO pulenceN othing is free anymore, not even a parade Y enKU Athletics is sitting on a goldmine with this win, future recruiting, revived donors. How petty, how pretentious, how embarrassing. They don't want any outsiders to financially benefit from "THEIR" win.

Godot 10 years ago

The city and the affected organizations should subtract the $6400 from the bill they send KU Athletics for the sales the businesses lost when Perkins moved the KU MU game to Arrowhead.

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

While I will agree with everyone regarding how tacky this request is, I will take some exception with those that think downtown should subtract this amount from what the university "owes" downtown for moving the game to Camarowhead. It seems to me that this parade, that KUAC didn't want to have in the first place, brought a hell of a lot more people into downtown for as long or longer period of time then they would have spent down there for the football game. The bars and eating establishments that were the most "harmed" by the move were so packed during the parade that they had a hard time keeping up with the orders.As for the costs of the clean-up, that is not the university's fault either IMO. The downtown group did a great job of promoting itself as the destination to watch the tournament games - eat, drink and be merry. That aftermath is a direct result of those promotional efforts. In 1988, the hill was the place to be and the university took the brundt of the costs for clean-up & repair.So yes, shame on KUAC for making this request in the first place, but also shame on some of you for placing blame in the wrong area for some of the other "activities".

Baille 10 years ago

Anyone notice how the only ones that are really going apoplectic are those telling everyone else to calm down?

Jayhawk1984 10 years ago

Isn't Marchiony's job PR for KUAC? What the heck is in his job description. Tick them off so they, the fans, don't want to attend KU events? I am ashamed and embarrassed, as a KU alum and williams fund donor, that this request was made to DLI and Chamber. Why play the games, if not for the fans, the fans wanted a parade. Have the banquet on a different day. this is not rocket science. JM got his marching orders from Lew, Jim have some guts, say 'you know we took some heat on suggesting we don't have a parade, not sure this is wise to ask for monies to cancel a banquet' that could have been rescheduled. And Holidome shame on you as well, you knew about the parade, you didn't need to order food or prepare, what the heck are you charging for? I cannot imagine the big donors across the country will be please with the pettiness. Don't be surprise, Marchiony and Perkins, if this does not go national. What a great year we had (should have had a parade or gathering for football as well) and you go and spoil it with your greed. Lew you were not on the field or the court, the atheletes were and we as fans hope they know how much we appreciated their play. Mass St sure did show it on that wonderful Sunday afternoon. I agree with several others, was or is this worth $6400???

Bone777 10 years ago

KU could have started their parade at Allen Field house, headed down 19th and continued N. on Mass, W. on 6th and out to the Holidome. What better way to make all of those alumni fat cats feel special.

mushfish 10 years ago

The city needs to send KU athletics and Lewd Perkins a bill for canceling the KU/Mizzou game at Memorial Stadium. The city lost a lot of revenue that day.

Jayson Hawk 10 years ago

I don't think Marchiony is Perkins son-in-law, it is someone else in the AD.

Baille 10 years ago

"Who is Doug Compton?"One of the carcinogenic agents behind the unregulated, terminal sprawl that is killing Lawrence."And what does he have to do with this??"I don't know. I saw on CNN there was a fire in a university building, but I think that was in Texas.

VTHawk 10 years ago

Who cares where the KU/MU game is held. We gain exposure by having the game in KC. The UT/OU (Red River Shootout) is in Texas. The UF/UGA game is held in Jacksonville every year. Many rivalry games are held in bigger, off-campus venues in hostile states.

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

ilovelucy (Anonymous) says: Topjayhawk: so you think that the revenue from the parade made up for the football games moved to KC? You must not have a clue about business.Also, your spelling is atrocious. If you want to talk about Deliverance, at least know how to spell!-------------------------------------------------------------------------So far Lucy it is only one game.I don't know about the retail businesses, but I would be willing to bet the house (if the mortgage company weren't foreclosing) that the bars and eating establishments did more business that afternoon than they would have during the football game. You have to realize that there were more people in the downtown area for at least four hours than memorial stadium holds and that's not even taking into account that not everyone from the stadium would go downtown.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

I love lucy.... I DID spell Deliverance correctly. May I buy you a dictionary?

jhawkjjm 10 years ago

Also, KU probably didn't schedule a parade because they had the welcome home celebration at Memorial Stadium that people could attend. That was their celebration. The parade was wanted by the city. Tacky to ask for the 6,400? Yes. But moreso because of the small amount rather than the principle. The city wanted the parade and KU gave it to them and had to cancel their plans because of it. They got stuck with the bill so they asked the people responsible, the city to help cover it.

TopJayhawk 10 years ago

Ilovelucy.. I could get you a small pocket dictionary. You could take it with you everywhere, so you could consult it whenever you hit a word with more than four letters. I can offer you deliverance from your literate-challenged ways....LOL

jhawkjjm 10 years ago

Are people seriously still griping about the KU-MU game moving to arrowhead? Wow, get over it. KU is a business just like all those places downtown. They did what's best for the athletic department, just like any of those businesses downtown would do.

wysiwyg69 10 years ago

jrudyhawk, are you stupid or do you not know anything about compton."he built his business from scratch" bullshi#. His father in- law along with alot of other peoples money built his business. Do you not know who his father in law is? have you ever heard of the CHASE banking group.

ynotnow 10 years ago

The Chamber had nothing to do with the parade. KUAC refused their help. The Chamber and DLI were never informed that the event at the Holidome was even going to happen let alone that they were going to have to cancel and pay $6400. That is the point. From what I understand, the Chamber supported a parade, told KUAC they would help, were refused and the randomly sent an email requesting the money. How does that work?

gphawk89 10 years ago

I'm a KU graduate, proud of the school I attended, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there. However I'm very embarrassed by the sheer greed of the AD in recent years (this incident, the BB season ticket shakeup a few years back, charging infants full price for FB tickets, and probably others). To ask someone else to pay for your own mistake, especially a relatively small amount like this, is unbelievable. Come on, KU, with an major bowl win and a NCAABB win you're probably raking in millions more than you anticipated. Do the right thing and pay up.

iloveyoutoo 10 years ago

jrudyhawk: "Did Marchiony 'threaten' the Chamber or the city if they didn't pay up? The Chamber lobbied with KUAD for a parade, they agreed and had to cancel a reservation with another biz in town who had booked the space, decorated, and prepared the food."Did the city 'threaten' the KUAD into having the parade? Did they hold a gun to their heads and tell them they HAD to have the parade THAT day and cancel their previously planned event? Ummm....doubt it. And let me, again, quote you...."The Chamber lobbied with KUAD for a parade, they AGREED and had to cancel a reservation with another biz in town who had booked the space, decorated, and prepared the food." KUAD agreed...I would say that bill is their own responsibility.

Baille 10 years ago

Quality homes and apartments? Where? I wish he would have built some of those in Lawrence.As for my reading comprehension, I get by. For instance, "apoplectic" has three definitions according to Websters:1: of, relating to, or causing stroke2: affected with, inclined to, or showing symptoms of stroke3: of a kind to cause or apparently cause stroke ; also : greatly excited or angered Clearly by the context in which it was used, "apoplectic" in my post meant to embody the third definition.For some reason a quote about logs and eyes and splinters just came to mind. How odd.And....crap. Now I have that Alanis song stuck in my head. Thanks.

mkrockchalk 10 years ago

Marchiony is actually Lew Perkins son-in-law.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

"Bear in mind when reading anything that comes out of Kansas that it is coming from Lew Perkins. This is the guy who, when the going got tough at UConn, promptly ran away, leaving the Huskies in the lurch. He is perhaps not the most trustworthy guy around."

dumas 10 years ago

I hear Jim Marchiony makes like Jonathan Swift and eats babies.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

Every time a home game goes to KCMO it probably cost the city $1,000,000 , The parade could have been scheduled the day after the tournament or a week later than it was, Perhaps the generous donors could pick up the $6400. Why do donors receive preferential treatment is the question? Do they need massaging or can they not just be happy with a great basketball season? Egos eh! This new KU athletic administration is certainly not about community nor good for local business.

DBAWalt 10 years ago

I presume the athletic department had a contract with the Holidome for the banquet facilities, so the athletic department will have to pay for their contracted obligations.I am equally sure there is a cancelation provision in their contract, and KU Athletics would have known about the fees before they canceled the event. I would be pretty sure DLI neither was a party to any contract between KUAthletics and the Holidome, nor had any decision making capacity in the decision by KU Athletics to cancel the event.If the DLI was the cause of the cancelation of the event, then they should have to cover any penalties or cancelation fees especially if they knew of the fees before hand and still forced KU Athletics to cancel anyway. If the DLI was NOT the cause of the cancelation of the event, then they should have nothing to do with paying the cancelation fees or penalties - and the athletic department is wrong/amazingly_greedy to even ask them for money for that reason.Responding to other posts at random:Does KU Athletics Department pay for police and/or fire/medical coverage for games? When I worked for a county ambulance service that provided coverage for college/university games (in a different community) we were requested by the athletic department, and our presence was billed to the athletic department.The only time I ever had to call the Fire Department, I was sent a bill for their response, even though I paid taxes in the city. Paying taxes has nothing to do with being billed for fire/medical response, I have never required police presence, so I don't know about that but I would assume there is no separate charges accessed for their coverage. However, when requesting additional coverage for an event, I do believe fees are involved for police presence.Someone posted that KU Athletics is not responsible for actions of game attendees going to/from a game or hanging around before or after a game. I have to disagree, and there are court decisions that seem to support me that seem to say that the people would not have been there if not the event, so the event is at least partially responsible for the acts of the event-goers.You (and I) may not agree, but that is the way the laws are seeming to be interpreted by the courts.It seems to me that KU Athletics are making arbitrary decisions - move the KU-MU game to KC, don't have a parade, have a parade, schedule the parade for the same day as a banquet, cancel the banquet, etc. - that they (KU Athletics) have to take responsibility for making (and for the consequences of making those decisions).

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

wysiwyg, I'm no DC fan, but you do have to give the man some credit. Yes daddy-in-law provided the seed money, but Doug has done well with that money and built his own solid company.

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