Letters to the Editor

Yes’ to plants

May 2, 2008


To the editor:

I am for adding more available power to our electric grid. The legislation should be supported and passed. The new electric plant will incorporate scrubbers and new technology to remove pollutants from the burnt coal and will be a clean air plant. They also have leases signed and plan to build a huge wind farm which is great. The combination of a viable and very low emission electric plant along with much needed transmission lines will make the wind farm viable. Let's not stick our head in the sand and put off much needed capacity improvements that not only allow us to continue our low energy cost lives but also pass a positive financial environment on to our children.

Jim Anderson,

Overland Park


Lowell Holmes 10 years ago

If these plants are such a good idea, why don't they build them in the states that will be using the energy they provide? Because those states already turned them down. get a clue people!

KEITHMILES05 10 years ago

No, western Ks. does need the energy. They are looking to the future needs also.Why not each state build their own GM plant and only sell those vehicles to their state citizens and nobody else?The same for airplane manufacturing.Get a clue people.

Speakout 10 years ago

If we build the power plants we will be smelling burnt coal and have lots of polution. Are you going to tell me that they will remove the polution from a coal fired plant? Where has that been done before? I have lived on the East Coast when they had lots of polution from coal fired plants. It wasn't pleasant.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

"Let's not stick our head in the sand"Your words are bit muffled. Perhaps if you pulled your head out, that would help.

deec 10 years ago

If Western Kansas needs energy, why support a power complex that is sending 85% of its power elsewhere. Also, Western Kansas continues to depopulate, sadly, so I am not sure why we would need more power.

KEITHMILES05 10 years ago

Finally, a voice of reason.What a breath of fresh air.

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