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Flower power

March 20, 2008


To the editor:

Here comes spring. April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. Well, last year, they didn't in downtown because of budget cuts. Half of the downtown planters were empty. Lawrence has the most beautiful downtown setting in the state of Kansas. Flowers don't cost that much. So what can be done?

The city needs more revenue. As I've mentioned before on the sidewalks issue, bring out the "snow cops." Now here's another idea. Bring out the "plant cops." Businesses are not in compliance.

Take a look at the AT&T; tower in the 700 block of Vermont. The tower was controversial when it was built in the late '70s. A site plan was reluctantly approved. The plan called for landscaping. Where's the landscaping? You think AT&T; could afford a bush or two? It looks bad, no class.

I have read the city ordinance and can find no penalties for not replacing or maintaining landscaping after one gets an occupancy permit. So what's the incentive to take care of it? I was always taught that every 10 cents you put into landscaping will return your investment 10 to 20 times.

According to our city manager, the city does not have the resources to enforce the snow ordinance. He'll probably say the same thing about my additional proposal. How much would it cost to get one person to enforce both? Deputize the Master Gardeners!

This is supposed to be Tree City USA. Let's make it the prettiest city in Kansas and stop the leakage to Wyandotte County.

Dennis Barritt,


acg 10 years, 3 months ago

Dennis isn't well because he wants to see more plants and flowers in his town? Or is he not well because he's calling for AT&T to step up and do something about the landscaping near the tower? I'm confused. How does Dennis wanting his city to be a nicer place make him unwell?

Confrontation 10 years, 3 months ago

Why doesn't the city have a Mass Street decorating day, and all those who care can donate flowers and plant them? Sure, we'd get some of the "green" plants thrown in there, but what's the harm?

Richard Heckler 10 years, 3 months ago

The more landscaping the better because it would create a great venue for tourism activities. Face it visitors would love a downtown that is a landscaping event. Landscaping works and increases the value of property.

What I like about tourism is people come,have fun,spend some money then go home. Fun things will draw larger crowds consistently, more so than historical events.

As always I still say focusing on what exists may bring in more economic growth than spending lots of money trying to create something which may not work. We know some things do work in Lawrence,Kansas so why not do more?

  * Cycling competition brings people from all over the USA and maybe the world. Cyclist like Lawrence,the terrain and its' proximity as the center of the USA more or less which means less traveling time.

  *Art Fairs are popular so why not schedule in two or three more and do them on Mass Street in addition to making the Lawrence Art Walk into a large affair that attracts more folks from kcmo/joco,Shawnee County,Leavenworth County etc etc.

  *KU Natural History Museum

  *Try a spring and fall garden show on Mass Street cuz so many people just about everywhere love looking at Landscape ideas and beauiful plants. Invite in a ton of landscapers from surrounding communities.

  * How about two sidewalk sales instead of one? One in the first week of May and and one in the first week of October. When KU students are in town.

  * How about a Blues and Jazz Festival in downtown Lawrence such that KCMO does? Blues stage on 7th street/ Jazz stage on 8th street. Replay Lounge doing something on 10th street. Allow local vendors to cater the events. Schedule this event when KU sudents are around. Lawrence has a solid music history

  * There is always the idea of creating swimming events considering the number of pools available in Lawrence,


  *Sunflower Games

  *Basketball and Football home games. Hey Chancellor how about all the home games in Lawrence. Networks know where Lawrence is so let's bring them to Lawrence
  as often as possible. The hotel and food establishments need their business:.thank you for your consideration.

**Public transportation will be essential to tourists.

Zype 10 years, 3 months ago

@ le: While I agree with the philosophy on life you take, there is a time and place for everything. No one here has a stick up their ass. They're just interested in making the community a nicer place and asking classclown to clarify his comment.

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