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Predator treatment questioned

March 12, 2008


— Lawmakers on Tuesday expressed concern about the effectiveness and increasing cost of the state's sex predator treatment program.

"There doesn't seem to be any treatment program that can claim success," said state Rep. Bob Bethell, R-Alden, chairman of the House social services budget subcommittee.

But, Bethell said, the sex predator treatment program "is one that is absolutely necessary" to treat and hold people who are still a danger to society.

The program at Larned State Hospital is at capacity with 160 people. It provides treatment for convicted sex offenders who have finished their prison sentences, but have been civilly committed to Larned under the Kansas Sexual Predator Law.

Several members of the House Appropriations Committee asked why the state had to pay for treatment if it didn't appear that treatment was helping.

Ray Dalton, a deputy secretary with Social and Rehabilitation Services, said treatment must be provided to legally hold the offenders after they have fulfilled their prison sentence.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has proposed supplemental budget increases of nearly $800,000 to hire 28 more people to operate the program.

One of those will be an additional lawyer to respond to litigation filed by offenders in the program. Already one attorney is assigned to that task but "it's getting (to be) too much for this lawyer to handle," Dalton said.


hipper_than_hip 10 years, 3 months ago

Is death by firing squad still on the books in KS? $800k can buy a lot of bullets. Sexual predation should be a capital crime.

ksdivakat 10 years, 3 months ago

Not in Kansas my rapers are given probation and pot smokers are thrown in prison!!!

WHY 10 years, 3 months ago

Chemical or physical castration should be standard practice. Sexual urges are remarkably strong (evolutionarily speaking the strongest) and people who can not control their sexual inclination in society will need help beyond counsiling.

compmd 10 years, 3 months ago

sunshine, I suspect you of spreading FUD. Please share with us the statute that defined any sex crime as carrying the death penalty. Also, do you know what the exact crime your "Freak" was convicted of, or are you just hateful because he is on "the list?"

Its disturbing to see how easily you all talk about the state sanctioned killing of people who have not killed anyone themselves. What's more disturbing is how you all think it seems to be a good idea. I'm curious how many of you also condemn crime and punishment in Saudi Arabia, Iran, China...need I go on? I probably shouldn't, because someone will mistake me for defending a sex offender when I am in fact defending the law.

Kat Christian 10 years, 3 months ago

I agree hipper it should be a capital crime AGAIN like it used to be. Then the liberals started feeling sorry for them until a few of them most likely had or knew of children that have been molested. It's getting out of hand. I don't want these freaks living in my neighborhood, near schools or parks. There needs to be a law restricting how close they can live from schools and parks. I choose a mile. There's a Freak who lives less than a mile from my child's school. Saw him in the store the other night flirting with a 2 year old while the unsuspecting parents laughed on about it. If they only knew.

WHY 10 years, 3 months ago

So sunshine you are telling me that you knew there was a sex offender playing with a kid and you did not yell at the parents. Maybe you are just as big a problem, the problem of indifference.

Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years, 3 months ago

So, what about repeat sex offenders like the governor of NY? Kill him too?

If he's molesting kids or raping women, the answer should be a resounding "Yes!"

ebyrdstarr 10 years, 3 months ago

so Haiku, you don't think the punishment for raping men should be as severe as that for raping women?

The US Supreme Court has already ruled that states cannot impose the death penalty for rape of an adult. It is a disproportionate sentence and therefore violative of the 8th Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The issue of whether states can execute defendants convicted of raping a child is currently pending before the Supremes.

ksdivakat 10 years, 3 months ago

I think putting it into prespective is this, the article is talking about raping a child, and I really would get ill if i had to spell this out in detail as i have 3 girls, but I would say if you are against the death penalty for sexual abusers of children then youve thankfully never had to experience a child being harmed in that manner. I think that if the state has tried and true evidence, DNA, witness accounts, whatever and is convicted then yeah...the bastard should fry...sorry but thats the way i feel. We are wayyy to liberal with them, thats why there is an explosion all over this country of baby rapers, and for god sakes...its not just men raping them, and its not just the neighborhood children getting raped! Theres a woman sitting in dg co jail now, who "preformed sex acts on HER OWN son!!!" 3 yrs old!!! WTF??? Actually, heres what I really think they should do with convicted predators....some of the old timers might remember this, but I think they should bring back penal islands! Surrounded by shark infested waters, no electricity, no shelter, no food, and drop their a$$es off and let them fin for themselves! no tax payers money going to waste and justice is served for the child! JMHO though!

ebyrdstarr 10 years, 3 months ago

ksdivakat says: "I would say if you are against the death penalty for sexual abusers of children then youve thankfully never had to experience a child being harmed in that manner."

What an unoriginal and unpersuasive argument. As if everyone who has been affected by child rape would necessarily share the same view on an issue as complex and emotionally charged as the death penalty. Not every family member of a murder victim supports the death penalty.

xinmone 10 years, 2 months ago

"As I have posted here before, why stop with sexual predators? "

And then where will it ever stop? If one or more out of every one hundred Americans has been in jail for a crime, and even more have committed them and not been caught then what are we going to be left with? Building a huge slaughter facility would be a waste of money, and what's to say that these 'freaks' wouldn't just find a way around it like they do with everything else. It's an unending cycle.

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