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Helpful officer

March 12, 2008


To the editor:

Rather than a complaint, I would like to give a word of appreciation to a female Lawrence police officer. Around 7 p.m. on or about March 5, it was pouring down rain outside and a car stalled at the intersection of 23rd and Louisiana streets. Rather than sit in her car, the Lawrence police officer helped push the car over to the gas station and get it off the street and out of the way of moving traffic.

I feel that this police officer went far beyond her duties to help a stalled motorist. Not only did she help the stalled motorist and save the motorist unnecessary towing fees, but she also helped prevent what could have been a traffic jam. I just wanted to say thanks to this police officer for helping a motorist in a time of need.

Ernest and Kimberly Hatch,


WHY 10 years ago

I agree, pushing cars is about all LPD is good for.

nettieb 10 years ago

Because I know them, the AND in the signature is the creepiest word in this letter.

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

Kudos to LPD. Even though I have wrestled with them,thrown handfuls of Cheetos at them and insulted their mothers in my past life,I will never have anything bad to say about our cops here in larryville. They have treated me more than fair and extended a hand of courtesy when their was absolutely none other.

billymcjackson 10 years ago

Cops all around the nation suck. I recently called the LPD to report a noise complaint, and sure enough, no cop was to be found after several hours while I was trying to sleep at around midnight. I also had a window broken and the cops told me that it was my fault for leaving a book of cd's on the floor of the passenger seat, and yet the doors were still locked, only the window was broken. Cops suck, they should push cars its the least they can do, its not like they protect anyone or solve crimes. As sad as it is though, Riley County has the worst cops in the world, they will pull you over for going 3 over and then search you because you're not driving a Hummer or huge truck. Cops suck, lets save some money and downsize our force and give the money to something that will actually provide a service

misseve 10 years ago

Well maybe they pointed out the gender because you know we girls dont push cars or like to get wet and SHE was an exception to the rule...

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