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St. Patrick’s committee names queen for a day

March 10, 2008


St. Patrick's Day queen coronated at the Flamingo Club

Sunday night, the Flamingo Club was painted green as it hosted the coronation of this year's St. Patrick's Day queen. Enlarge video

The Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade queen was booed before she received her crown.

The crowd at the Flamingo Club, 501 N. Ninth St., razzed Colleen Callahan, a marketing consultant at KLZR-FM, for being an admitted Kansas State Wildcats fan before moving to Lawrence several years ago. But the crowd was appeased after learning that the she now roots for the Kansas University Jayhawks, and it cheered loudly when Callahan was named this year's queen.

"It was an amazing feeling. I was surprised, and was very happy and elated," she said.

St. Patrick's Day Committee board member Roger Browning said the committee invites women in Lawrence to apply for the coronation, with the expectation that they will be measured on their community service.

"The vote comes out based on how hard they work," Browning said.

"By definition, it is a popularity contest," said board member Scott McDaniel. "But the woman who is most popular is the one who brings the strongest commitment to the event."

Callahan said being named queen will help her become more involved in the Lawrence community.

"It's a way for me to represent the radio station and a way to represent the community," she said. "I'm very Irish, I'm very proud of my heritage, so I thought it would be a good fit for me."

The coronation was supposed to have been the final event before the 21st annual parade on March 17. But the Luck-of-the-Irish Poker Run, a motorcycle parade and card game, was postponed until next Saturday.

Before Callahan got her crown, the other candidates were announced. Jordan Brinkman and Lawrence native Sam Hamm, both KU students, joined Callahan on stage. The crowd also heard from representatives of the Social Service League and the County Fair Swim Club, which are the parade's beneficiaries this year.

Jean Ann Pike, of the Social Service Club, recounted the club's long history, from its founding after Quantrill's Raid to the children's shoe program it has today.

"This has been the most amazing thing I have ever been through," she said, lauding the support of people who have donated money to the parade committee's numerous fundraising events.

Retired Lawrence police officer Don Gardner, and his wife, Beverly, were crowned as the Senior King and Queen. Don Gardner said he was "honored and surprised and shocked" when he heard they were to be named king and queen.

Gardner, who founded Red Dog's Dog Days community workout programs a quarter-century ago, has seen the parade mature since its inception in 1988.

He said the parade has outgrown its initial reputation for bacchanalia, with the original route beginning and ending at bars.

"It went from the Flamingo to the Jet Lag, so it had that stigma," he said. "But it was great, and it continues to be great. I think what they do is awesome, that they do something for an organization every year."

The parade occurs March 17, and Callahan is looking forward to reigning over it with a special member of her court.

"What I'm looking forward to most is, during the parade, I really would like to bring my dog, Harriet, along for the ride," she said.


Cait McKnelly 10 years ago

And there was nary a naked body around. This is one of the things that seriously disturbs me about St. Patrick's Day in this town, the fact that it's most major sponsor is a....strip joint??? Yeah, you heard me right. Not that he really has anything to do with "St. Patrick's Day" (read spring bacchanalia) in Lawrence but the good saint has to be rolling in his grave.

maxcrabb 10 years ago

Really? All that binge drinking during daylight hours in the middle of the week, and you're worried about breasts?

Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years ago

This is one of the things that seriously disturbs me about St. Patrick's Day in this town, the fact that it's most major sponsor is a:.strip joint?

Agreed. We should do it the more traditional way they do it in other major cities. You know, where drunks can be seen puking green beer on a public sidewalk at 11am.

quietgirl 10 years ago

The owner of that establishment is a huge supporter of not only the St Patrick's Day parade but also many other philanthropic organizations in this town. If any of you read the Lawrencian article you would also know that he is one of the founding members of the St Patricks Day parade.

nbnozzy 10 years ago

Wes Kabler and the late Mike Jones (former owner of the Jet Lag) started the St. Patricks Day parade. Wes has done more charitable work than most people in this city and has never made issue of it. He prefers NOT to be in the spot light. He started the Christmas dinners for free that last for around 20 years. And he paid for most of the cost of it. To worry about whether or not he is owner of a strip club is absurd. He works his business within the law, pays his taxes, and contributes to the community in many great ways. Me thinks cait48 is a right wing religious nut who can't handle their own sexually and then prefers to tell others what they should or should not do. Grow up.

rammy---- loved the "Stripes" reference... lol

Kontum1972 10 years ago

strippers and jet lag...what a winning combination hu wah! (.)(.) and brew...gunga lunga !

BeeBee3 10 years ago

Way too lead a story with "she was booed". That is the most creative lead you can think of? She was a K-State fan- who cares... and what does that have to do with the story? Being booed implies she was booed because she won- which she wasn't- and she deserved the win very much. Congrats Queen Callahan and ignore this poor journalism!

George_Braziller 10 years ago

"Booed?" Don't know where THAT came from. I was there for the coronation and didn't hear any "booos" from anywhere.

keewhan 10 years ago

Um, Alexander perhaps it was the only place they would allow you to stand, but I want to offer a tip if you will. NEVER photograph people from that vantage point again. It was so unflattering to the women in the photos. I happend to know one of them, and she is mortified. I really don't mean to be critical, however you will get much better photos if you take the shots at the subjects level or even a bit above. Just a thought!!!!!

Cait McKnelly 10 years ago

I am not a an "anti-sex, right wing, religious nut". That sent me in to peals of laughter. Anyone who reads my posts would know better than that. I am, however, against a business that demeans, exploits and objectifies women and if you find that funny let me know about the hilarity that ensues when your mother/daughter/sister/wife gets raped. I also find it curious that only certain businesses in this town that sell sex are "ok". Just what makes the Flamingo "ok" and Naughty But Nice not "ok"? Does it have to do with the fact that the Flamingo sells sex to men and NBN sold it to men and women both? Or does it have to do with that color of St. Patrick's Day, green? Because either way it all comes down to sex or money.

nbnozzy 10 years ago

cait48....your ignorance is amazing. No one holds a gun to the head of the women who CHOOSE to work at the Flamingo Club or any of the others. The women work the men, not the other way around. Those ladies take home more in a night than a lot of people earn in a week. They CHOOSE to use their assets for their financial gain. Hogwash on ANY of them being "demeaned, exploited and objectified". Go into the Bird sometime and tell your theory to any of the girls there and see if they don't tell you what a kook you are and to mind your own business.

Now, to answer your question about the Flamingo vs NBN. It was David Corliss, the incompetent city manager who wanted Naughty but Nice closed. He'd probably like the strip clubs closed too, but they are out of his realm.

Lastly..... strip clubs have NOTHING in relation to rape. Rape is about power, not sex. Ask your shrink, I'm sure you employ one........

better yet, just keep your yap closed on this issue because you know not of which you speak!

Cait McKnelly 10 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Kyle Reed 10 years ago

Good lord...unless you were a stripper yourself you have no idea what goes on. Before you tell me to shut up because I was never a stripper I'll let you know i've worked security at more than one so I'm pretty familiar about the goings on. You'll never convince me to feel bad about the poor strippers that have to pay to dance.

If you want to start your own parade more power to you. If you have no alternative to offer you're just another malcontent complaining.

tobasco_kid 10 years ago

The women aren't forced to work there. They deliver themselves to the club of their own free will. They make PLENTY of money by taking off their bras (Did you burn yours?). So quit whining, shave your legs and go make me a sandwich.

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