Letters to the Editor

The vital trey

March 5, 2008


To the editor:

I am not writing to suggest coaching techniques. I am sure that sports writers, callers and other writers have emphasized the importance of the trey. I am writing to relieve my frustration and to prevent ulcers.

Before I elaborate, I hereby present my credentials: I was at Emporia when Emporia State defeated Kansas University; I observed the coaching of Phog Allen and Gus Fish; and once I listened to Dick Vitale one whole game without turning off the sound.

With these experiences, I make the following observations: 1. The trey is an integral part of the modern game of basketball; 2. Unless someone on the KU staff recognizes the value of the trey, unless the anointed few who play most of the game gain confidence in their ability to shoot the trey, or unless some of those on the bench that the paper claims can shoot treys are given playing time, we can expect to lose more games.

In fact, if we don't improve in that area, a trey-shooting team will probably beat us in the first or second round of the Big Tournament.

Orvel A. Criqui,



geniusmannumber1 10 years ago

What? I guess shooting a Big 12-best 40% from the 3 point line isn't good enough. Some people are never satisfied. I think we should shoot 120%. Every game.

webmocker 10 years ago

While initially the writer's letter appears painfully flawed, a little research suggests he may at least have a partially legitimate point.

While KU is 27th in the country in 3-point field goal percentage, KU is worse than 100th in 3-pointers made per game.


Still, I think I'll take KU over the top team in 3-pointers per game: VMI, with a stellar 14-15 record.

mom_of_three 10 years ago

Perhaps he wrote the letter after the two losses when the 3 was painfully absent. But in the last two wins, the 3 was back.

Evan Ridenour 10 years ago

Over the entire course of the season three point shooting hasn't been a weakness.

There have been a handful of games where the shots just wouldn't fall but this happens to every team. The thing that makes the Jayhawks so good is that unlike a lot of other teams who can only shoot the three, they have other options when the team has an off-shooting night.

Almost no other team could of laid down 100 points on Baylor without scoring a single three pointer. We should be happy that KU has the ability to score in ways other then the "trey" instead of moaning about it as a weakness when historically it actually hasn't been one this season.

domino 10 years ago

Gus Fish was my uncle - would love to hear his view on the "trey" because I can assure you, he would have one and he would tell you!

If nothing else, this man should get points for actually listening to one whole game with Dick Vitale announcing without turning the sound off. LMAO!!!!

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