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Linwood girl shot in head has surgery

Police seeking help to locate where bullet originated

March 1, 2008


5-year-old undergoes surgery after shooting

A 5-year-old Linwood girl struck in the head by a stray bullet last weekend went into surgery today as the investigation into the shooting continues. Enlarge video

A Linwood-area girl went into surgery Friday afternoon, as the investigation into who shot her continues.

Leavenworth County Sheriff Dave Zoellner said Friday that detectives hope to determine what direction a bullet came from that struck 5-year-old Katherine Cook in the head. Officials have said they believe the shooting could be accidental and are seeking the public's help in unraveling the mystery.

Meanwhile, Katherine went into surgery at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., to remove bone fragments in her skull, according to a hot line that has been set up in Parsons for the girl, whose family is from nearby Oswego. Thursday night, her cranial pressure was erratic, according to the hot line. The bullet remains lodged in her head.

Katherine was shot last Saturday afternoon as she played outside her home, which is about three miles east of Linwood in southern Leavenworth County.

Zoellner said detectives are studying aerial photos in hopes of narrowing down where the shot originated. Depending on the type of gun used, a bullet could travel a great distance.

"It could have gone from a mile to two miles as long as it didn't hit anything," the sheriff said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the sheriff's office detective division at (913) 758-4082.


raeshumak 10 years, 3 months ago

I am a very close friend of the family. From what I last heard, the surgery has seemed to help some with the pressure in her brain. Saturday was a hard day on mom and dad of Katherine, as it marked one week since it happed. We all appreciate all the love and prayers that have gone up for the Cook family, and the Cook family says they have felt it, and they are gratefull for it. Katherine still remains is critical condition. and as of last night she was still on life support after the surgery, but they were hoping that she get off of it soon, however I have not heard an update today. Thank you again for the prayers place to donate again and

Mandie Eutsler 10 years, 3 months ago

I'm praying for you all. surround her with all of the positive energy you have, it is contagious.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 3 months ago

"Those nuts probably should be questioned..."

Not a fair statement. I've shot guns many times at gun clubs. Any "real" gun club takes appropriate measures to protect people's safety. I truly doubt that cops are going to gun clubs, getting hammered, then shooting off guns in random directions.

This is a tragedy. Let's not turn it into a witch hunt.

However, I will also say this. Housing developers do not take much care in researching the locales of area gun clubs when deciding to build. Mill Creek is an example of a club that is within range of a number of residences. Or, I should say, a number of homes have been built within range of the already-existing club. Per Kansas law, once the gun club has been established, it's on the builders and homeowners to consider the risk factors of living nearby. No one can tell the club to shut down or relocate. This is a problem, because there isn't exactly a way to "know" where all the clubs are and if the home you are planning to build/buy is near one. I can go to a web site to see all the addresses of registered sex offenders in Douglas County... but there isn't a map that shows what parts of the county are within range of a rifle if shot from a gun club. Even if you know where the clubs are, you don't know what direction the course is pointing (Mill Creek's ranges point north and east - toward the outlying areas of Lenexa), and few people know the effective range of a 30-06 round shot from an M-1 rifle.

The state should get more involved in educating the public about homes in range of rifle ranges. Personally, I think those who sell residential real estate should be required to disclose such info just as you would the presence of lead paint or asbestos.

Jessi 10 years, 3 months ago

Our Family is praying for you. Pull through Katherine, pull through.

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