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Democrats gain in state poll

June 17, 2008


— In the span of one month, presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain's lead in Kansas over Democrat Barack Obama has been cut in half, and Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts' margin over Democrat Jim Slattery also has dropped.

The GOP candidates still hold healthy leads over their rivals but the movement shown in the Rasmussen Reports released Monday was good news to Democrats.

Rasmussen Reports publishes public opinion polling information.

In the presidential race in Kansas, McCain led Obama in May, 55 percent to 34 percent, a 21-point edge.

But that fell to 47 percent to 37 percent in June, according to a telephone survey of 500 likely voters taken June 11. The survey, taken after Obama essentially clinched the Democratic nomination, has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Rasmussen Reports has moved Kansas from "safely Republican" to "likely Republican" in the White House contest.

Kansas has not voted for a Democrat in a presidential race since supporting President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, and Christian Morgan, executive director of the state Republican Party, said Obama would not break the streak.

"There may be an interest in Obama right now, like looking at a car accident, but when it comes to voting for the next leader of the free world, I am confident Kansans will go with Senator McCain's experience," Morgan said.

In the Kansas U.S. Senate race, support for Roberts' re-election has dropped 4 percentage points and slipped below 50 percent, according to the Rasmussen survey.

Roberts leads Slattery, a former congressman, 48 percent to 39 percent.

"Any incumbent who polls below 50 percent is considered potentially vulnerable," the poll says.

In May, Roberts led Slattery 52 percent to 40 percent, according to the report.

"This race is in the competitive zone," Slattery said. "I believe a true upset is in the making."

Slattery faces Lee Jones, of Overland Park, in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary.

Again, the Kansas GOP said it was confident that Roberts would win.

"This is a long election," Morgan said. "Kansans will vote for the leadership Senator Roberts provides, not the political expediency D.C. Jim provides."


Scott Drummond 10 years ago

And the Dems will gain some more. As I have stated several times on these boards, I am voting a straight Democrat ticket this time. An act which, in ordinary circumstances, I would consider an inappropriate failure to weigh individual candidate's strengths and weaknesses. This year, in response to the unconstitutional, unethical, and probably criminal acts of george w(orst president ever) bush, it seems the only appropriate way to fully register the level of rage and disgust I feel about the last 8 years. I suspect that I will not be alone in that regard. As we saw in this country with the New Deal voters who voted Democrat for the rest of their lives in appreciation for the efforts of FDR to take the country back from the monied interests, it will be a long, long, long time before this generation forgets the abuses of george w. and his ilk. Having said that, ,I will actually be voting FOR Obama. For the single act of moving his party to refusing the filthy money of the corporate whores he deserves a great deal of praise. A leader who is not beholden to gigantic corporate interests will be free to act again on behalf of the majority of the American people. It would be nice to give that a try once during my lifetime.

BigPrune 10 years ago

Obama reminds me too much of Jimmy Carter, the worst president of my lifetime. Obama's campaign rallies are eerily reminiscent of the rallies of Germany in the 1930's. I'm voting for lower gasoline prices. I voting McCain. I suggest you do the same unless you want even higher gasoline prices and less money in your wallet.

oldvet 10 years ago

And just like Jimmy "The Bafoon" Carter, when the US is attacked by radical Islamists, Obama will want to go talk to them and ask them nicely to be our friends... and maybe they can all go live together in Mr. Rogers' land of Make-Believe...

BigDog 10 years ago

Jason,Republicans can say that because Jim Slattery has been one of those evil lobbyists that Democrats have been complaining about as part of the problem in Washington.How do we know they are evil? .... listen to how Democrats in Washington have berated lobbyists and have complained about their influence on legislation. Even the Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama has said lobbyists are part of the problem in Washington.

Centerville 10 years ago

I see Jim let Scott order an extra dessert.

avoice 10 years ago

staff04:Roberts doesn't even campaign in Kansas. When Dubya recently graced our humble state with his presence, Roberts was unable to attend the dinner because he was California.

BigDog 10 years ago

jafs,Reagan Democrat is an American political term used by political analysts to denote traditionally Democratic voters, especially white working-class Northerners, who defected from their party to support Republican President Ronald Reagan in both the 1980 and 1984 elections.The term can also be used to describe moderate Democrats who are more conservative than liberal on certain issues like national security and immigration.

shlomoek 10 years ago

BigPrune you could hardly call people of the Kansas Democratic Party liberals, and their success at running for office in a Repub state proves this. Now, Obama might be guilty of this 'liberal in a moderates clothing', but I don't think he claims to be all that moderate. I love it. Liberal is a badge of honor amongst the Dems, and a antagonist of the rest. I would consider myself in between a Moore Dem and Boyda Dem and I think this is where most Kansan of my party are. Obama appeals to me because he has won over the party and I think he'll listen to liberal and moderate sides on most issues. I don't know much about Slattery yet, which isn't a good sign, because remember it tool Boyda twice to get her name out there.

dinglesmith 10 years ago

"The liberals have done an effective job of adopting the moderate label, even though in reality they are still liberal."Or maybe the Republicans have moved so far to the radical right that even a true moderate looks liberal. I'm glad I'm not responsible for putting lipstick on the pig that has resulted from blinding supporting radical neocon policies.

staff04 10 years ago

"D.C. Jim"Hasn't Roberts lived basically full-time in Washington for almost 30 years? I'm asking, not asserting. I can't think of any instances in recent years where I've heard about him spending any time in KS...when he isn't fundraising, that is.

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"I'm voting for lower gasoline prices. I voting McCain. I suggest you do the same unless you want even higher gasoline prices and less money in your wallet."How funny! The current obscene gasoline prices are the direct result of the easing of regulation and oversight of the commodities speculators which was accomplished during the current republican administration. Even funnier is the statement about Carter. Have you been asleep these last 7+ years?!! Nothing in the nation's history compares to the arrogance, malfeasance, unconstitutional abuses and downright corrupt, criminal and treasonous behavior of the current occupant of the White House. Carter may not have been a great President, but we have had no worse than the Shrub.

staff04 10 years ago

I'm pretty sure Bob Dole was a lobbyist after he left office too...and if I'm not mistaken, he lobbied for the handing over of security duties in domestic ports to Dubai...I wonder what Christian Morgan wants to say about that?Surely Bob Dole isn't evil...or is he? Muahahaha!

DaREEKKU 10 years ago

I would like to think that there are more reasonable people in this state than fanatics. I hope in November that message is sent with an Obama vote. It's not just a vote against McCain, or a vote against Bush...but a vote FOR Obama. No politician is perfect but I really think Obama could repair a lot of the damage our country has done across the world. McCain is just bad news all around.

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"Where is Hillary campaigning for Obama this week?"I imagine she is doing exactly what he wants, which is to rest up and be ready to attack McSame all Fall.

Jake Esau 10 years ago

Remember what happened to Jim Ryun? The Kansas conservative republicans are too right wing and have lost a lot of support from moderates (like me). I think they have a little bit more to worry about with the next election than they're letting on.

63BC 10 years ago

"Lobbyists are not part of the system in Washington. They are part of the problem."---Barack ObamaObama maybe.Slattery? No way.

Sean Livingstone 10 years ago

BigPrune (Anonymous) says:"The liberals have done an effective job of adopting the moderate label, even though in reality they are still liberal."The conservatives have done excellent jobs of lying to the publics, restrict civil rights, and of course, hide behind the moderates, and even call themselves moderates or independent. In reality, those who are controlling the GOP are a bunch of religious fanatics, Jesus betrayers, racists, and of course, a bunch of "words twisters" (that I'd normally call liars). It's funny how the very religious people get caught lying to everyone of us!

Scott Drummond 10 years ago on the consensus of most recent state by state polling:Obama - 317 electoral votesMcCain - 221 electoral votesAin't even close at this point. The mainstream, corporate media, of course, need it to be close so that they can get their ad revenue, so you can be sure that we will see lots of stories about how close the national polling is, or howthe race is tightening, etc. The electoral college is the game at issue, however, and it is shaping up to be a landslide.

Scott Tichenor 10 years ago

Reality is, as long as Kris Kobach is driving the Kansas Republican machine, it's headed down the wrong road. He's nothing but a remnant of the failed Karl Rove experiment. Cheney filled the arena in Topeka campaigning for extremist Christian conservative--Texas, put money in my pocket and I'll take good care of you--Jim Ryun and he still lost. You're watching a party in slow disintegration. A party that's lost and can't find itself. And all that crap they peddled to the voters saying they cared for them. What a crock.

jasonc_22 10 years ago

how on earth can the republicans push the "DC Jim" crap when Roberts has been in DC for 40 years living off the government?

BigDog 10 years ago

It should be an interesting election year. My parents who are lifelong Democrats (more in the mold of John Kennedy Democrat or Reagan Democrat) have stated throughout the last 3-4 months that they never liked Hillary Clinton as a candidate. They recently stated that they cannot support Barack Obama because if his lack of experience but mainly because of his various new government program solutions. Must remember most older people are from the era of self reliance and people coming together to develop solutions for problems, not government.

Oracle_of_Rhode 10 years ago

Republicans who love their country more than their party will vote Obama.

BigPrune 10 years ago

The liberals have done an effective job of adopting the moderate label, even though in reality they are still liberal.

BigDog 10 years ago

Where is Hillary campaigning for Obama this week?

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"Or just like George "the Buffoon" Bush, when we are attacked by radical Islamists, let's strike back by attacking their neighbors."Or when confronted with a real threat like North Korea, just piss in his pants and do nothing.

JohnBrown 10 years ago

The political winds this year are truly swirling; somethings going to happen but we don't know what it is. My parents-in law, staunch Republicans since WWII, are embarrassed by Bush and his 'phony war' (their words) and now support O'Bama. Eight years ago I was in McCain's camp. Conversations with Republican friends over the past year coincide with my feelings that "this isn't the McCain we thought we knew".The general feeling seems to be that the place where America is now isn't a place we want to be, nor a place we ever wanted to be.

jafs 10 years ago

What on earth is a "Reagan Democrat"?

BigAl 10 years ago

Or just like George "the Buffoon" Bush, when we are attacked by radical Islamists, let's strike back by attacking their neighbors.

fu7il3 10 years ago

The problem with the idea that Republicans are somehow losing a foothold is that there is no way they will lose Kansas in the upcoming election, and by the time the next one rolls around, they will have a new candidate to rally around.The shift in polls is more a respresentation on how poorly Bush is looked on than any real shift in politics. My guess is that in another four years, it will have shifted back into safely Republican.

BigAl 10 years ago

Better yet, oldvet, let's just attack everyone that we disagree with. Would that suit you better? I am an old veteran also and I personally think we should do absolutely everything we can to avoid war.As far as being attacked, please keep in mind, Iraq DID NOT attack us. I definitely think we should always at least try and talk with our enemies. War should always be a last resort.

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