Letters to the Editor


June 15, 2008


To the editor:

This week, Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, in a display of heroic courage and true patriotism, delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives a reading of 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush.

In the several days since Kucinich's reading of those charges, the Journal-World has not reported a single word on the subject. That is disturbing. The public is not being duly informed about this matter of huge national importance.

All citizens who are concerned about the very costly and deadly consequences of President Bush's dishonest, wrongful and illegal behaviors in office should be clamoring in offering of backing and support to Rep. Kucinich and other sponsors of the proposed impeachment process.

President Bush has consistently acted as if he is accountable to no one for his actions. That must change, and it is not too late to bring justice. Accountability must also be required of members of the House of Representatives who shirk their sworn duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to defend the country and its citizens from harm when there is evidence of egregious behavior by a sitting president.

Unfortunately, most members of both houses of Congress who could make a difference seem to lack the courage and a spine that is sufficient to assume any individual stance that might be viewed as unpopular by their peers or constituents. They need to hear from us.

Donald Moss,


labmonkey 10 years ago

Kucinich has a smoking hot, 29 year old red-head wife, and he is not home with her? He should consider going home to her before giving another whiny speech.Does he not even look at recent history? The Republicans impeaching Clinton did more harm to them than to Clinton. Much hypocracy on the Republicans' part was pointed out, and now Kucinich wants to harm is own party as the same would happen to the Democrats.

Steve Jacob 10 years ago

I think the Dems. are doing the right thing and just ignoring the fact we have a president. Even the Rep. ignore him, except for fundraisers that no media can go to.Like I said before, If Obama is president, alot of information from the last eight years will be released, and that will be very interesting.

christy kennedy 10 years ago

KSA_21_3503Go read the articles of impeachment and the supporting documentation and then explain which part you you think it's "nonsense."http://kucinich.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=93581

notajayhawk 10 years ago

Fortunately, most members of both houses of Congress who could make a difference seem to lack the mental incapacity of LTE writers like this one.

FreshAirFanatic 10 years ago

Another bluff called by the Republicans that the Democrats sheepishly retreat from. The Republicans helped pass the measure (251-166) hoping it would lead to a debate. That debate would in turn highlight all of the weaknesses of the Dems (ie. facts). So instead of letting that happen, the Democratic leadership says impeachment is "off the table". Wonder if that same strength, sound planning and fortitude to do the right thing (as opposed to just feeling it) will guide a certain presidential candidate...

Oracle_of_Rhode 10 years ago

To their everlasting shame, the Dems have been complicit in the high crimes of George Bush. Cheers to Kucinich for the impeachment articles. At least, in the end, we'll have a President Obama to undo the GOP catastrophe.

Sigmund 10 years ago

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio every year tries and fails to get even a majority of his own party to agree to impeach Bush and morons like Donald Moss who write letters to the editor define the blackholedness that is the Democratic party.

HootyWho 10 years ago

what is this editorial about? the J/w not reporting a major story? or how messed up both political parties are? or Bush? i'd say go for impeachement,,but he won't be found guilty, and i don't want any of my money wasted, like it was wasted on trying to impeach Billy

classclown 10 years ago

Dennis Kucinich. Is that the guy that's been on a ufo? Maybe getting probed did something to him.

christy kennedy 10 years ago

The articles of impeachment are carefully crafted and thoroughly supported by ample documentation of this administration's actions that fit the definition of impeachable offenses. While others in Congress may have a clear understanding of the law and the constitution, and even a strong sense of right and wrong, Kucinich is stepping up because he has more spine than most. He's not making anything up. It is not a whim. And the spinelessness, avoidance and/or collusion of others does not diminish the gravity of the charges one whit. Mr. Moss is simply pointing out, with good reason, that the JW is not sufficiently reporting this news. The weight of evidence is on the side of Kucinich and Mr. Moss and those who poo poo them are, as usual, from the 20 some percent who maintain support for Bush etc. against all evidence and reason.

BigPrune 10 years ago

His wife have pierced tongue and stamp tattoo on back. You think he likey? He 60. He big prune.

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

Check out the vote yu morons. THis "impeachment thing is D-E-A-D Dead. The Republicans voted to bring it to the floor, and dared the Dems. IF the Dems wanted this they should have voted to prosecute. The above post is correct, and you can go to the House Roll Call Votes section to read wht whole thing. The Dems don;t want to do this."Another bluff called by the Republicans that the Democrats sheepishly retreat from. The Republicans helped pass the measure (251-166) hoping it would lead to a debate. That debate would in turn highlight all of the weaknesses of the Dems (ie. facts). So instead of letting that happen, the Democratic leadership says impeachment is "off the table"."

Jay_Z 10 years ago

I thought the other day Bozo gave a list of reasons why the Democrats wouldn't try to impeach Bush. What happened Bozo?Oh, and Kucinich is a joke.

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

Yourwhimpydaydream:"As usual, the screamers can only issue ad hominem attacks and once again utterly fail to logically address why the charges in the letter of impeachment are flawed."Iguess so did the majority of the U. S. House of Representative s in the Democratic majority, because they voted to not continue it.Game over. Look I am a conservative and am just as anxious to get this pathetic President out of office. I think he has gon insane while in office. He handled the first trem Ok, but boy he sure did major damage to the GOP Brand.You dems ought to celebrate George W., he has majorly screwed up the Republican Party and split them.

Scott Tichenor 10 years ago

Impeachment is not necessary, although I'd welcome it. Fact is, this fall there's going to be an enormous landslide as eight years of disastrous Bush/Cheney policy totally dismantles the Republican Party. That sucking sound Ross Perot talked about--that's the Republican Party leaving the planet. It will take decades for the party to find itself. This isn't some nut liberal saying this, most Republicans, conservative or middle of the road agree the party has lost itself. Well, all but Jim Ryun, but he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of beating Jenkins, but he's so out of touch with his own party I'd argue he isn't a Republican.So, impeachment would be great, but nothing will ever convince this president he's anything but the greatest of all time, when everyone thinks just the opposite. The day he steps foot in hell, maybe then, just maybe, he'll get it. But don't count on it.

dandelion 10 years ago

Jay_Z (Anonymous) says:"Oil War":.riiiiiight.Or whatever excuse the liar is using this week. Bush: have your war and tax cuts too. Let your kids pay for my stupidity. Just make sure you invest in Helliburton so you can make some money. Let those paralyzed soldiers live on the streets. Guess what. Soon someone with guts will eventually get in and make you pay for this war. Get ready to pay your fair share. Then we'll see how patriotic you really are.

lawrencejna 10 years ago

I think it quite a shame that there is evidence of criminal behavior, but it won't be followed up due to political expediency. In an honest world, wouldn't that make those who failed to impeach just as responsible?Either way, Mr. Nancy Boy is right; the Dems chose the easy way out, and now it's all in the past.

Scott Tichenor 10 years ago

The best thing that can happen in the absence of full impeachment of Bush/Cheney is their continued presence in office doing what they do best. The Republican Party is already a shambles, but those two are simply putting the cherry on top of the sundae that's going to be the reality of the day after the election this November. Then, you'll see the real reward. Get out the crying towels for Fox watching lovers everywhere.

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

Loks like the "spinelss ones" are the Democratic Party House members. You know them, the ones that promised (lied) that they were going to end the war if you put them in power and voted them into office. You did; they did not!Here is a realization for all the Kool-aide Drinkers that are Liberal and Democratic Party Members:Democratic Politicans lie just as much as Republican Politicians; so the therom is Politicians are liars no matter which party they are in.If either party was really working on anything substancial, they would do 3 things,1.) Develope a national Energy policy. It has been at least 2 administrations one "D" and one "R" with full house, senate and whitehouse and neither one did anything. THe first step is energy producing generator grants and tax breaks for individual taxpayers not corporations.2.) Fix Social Security. Currently there are illegal aliens that have paid into SS for less than 12 quarters, and are getting full disability, full medicare/medicaide coverage, and retirement assistance, in just 12 quarters of work. An American Citizen has to pay in for 48 quarters to qualify. That is speical interest giving illegal aiens the SS benefits aftrer 3 years and an American CItizen needs to work for 12 years to qualify.3.) Shut down the border and start charging Countries of Origin for school, meidcal, and benefits received from their illegal entrants to our country.4.) Shut down the border.Obama is probably going to be the next President, and granted Bush made a horrible mess, but I doubt that any Dem would do much better, after all they are all lying politicians.

kugrad 10 years ago

Just because the Democratic party hasn't got the huevos to do the right thing doesn't mean that Bush and Cheney should not be impeached. Holding them accountable for their crimes would be the right thing to do. We jail people for lesser crimes daily.

Jay_Z 10 years ago

Very good points Asbestos. And it would be nice if the politicians could get something meaningful accomplished for a change...though I don't count on it happening.

ukillaJJ 10 years ago

Thank you Donald. Responsible citizens like you are helping to expose the lack of proper journalism in the world.

yourworstnightmare 10 years ago

As usual, the screamers can only issue ad hominem attacks and once again utterly fail to logically address why the charges in the letter of impeachment are flawed.I am not necessarily in favor of impeachment, but calling Kucinich a big poopy-butt in response is childish and shows a lack of intellectual capacity and rigor. Not surprising, rather par for the course.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

It's good to get it underway. The demo party is screwing up by trying to not focus on it. Prehaps that is good for the moment allowing for indictments after the terrorists are out of office thus preventing the abused presidential pardon powers.Put BUSHCO in prison.

Kookamooka 10 years ago

I saw this on C-span while I was on vacation and I was appalled that this hadn't gotten much press play. I don't care what the morons in Washington think is news, I think this is big news. And not just tit for tat! I heartily agreed with every point Kucinich made during the impeachment articles. I'm not just outraged by Bush's ignorance and bad decisions, I'm embarrassed for him. His behavior is juvenile and petty. Unfortunately acting on the outrage takes more effort and energy than any of us are willing to exert. ("give me another mojito-cabanaboy.")

kwjayhawk 10 years ago

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poop2scoop 10 years ago

What does marrying someone who is 30 years younger (or older) indicate about a person? How about a difference of 20 years...10 years...?

jonas 10 years ago

poop2scoop: Apparently, it means that they have whatever it takes to bag someone 10, 20 or 30 years younger than them.

james bush 10 years ago

I'm really glad Bush isn't running again.............it is so much easier to vote for McCain, though I preferred Thompson.My vote will be on the basis of Supreme Court appointments: Liberal progressives/European-wannabes/ Hollywood-type moralists have insinuated themselves into our lives and the Supreme Court. That's the invasion more destructive than jihad and Iran.As Obama says, we can blow Iran away (he did say something like that, didn't he?). But cancer-like leftist/marxist growth from within may be terminal.

Jay_Z 10 years ago

Dandelion: So Bush himself said this is a war for oil? And I'm sure those things you listed are exactly what Bush's motives are.....get over yourself already. If you're so pissed off, do something to make change for the better rather than bitching on here. By the way, I'm always willing to pay my FAIR share of taxes to live in the greatest county on this earth...if you're not, then spare us your presence and go somewhere else.

dandelion 10 years ago

Are all you bush lovers volunteering to pay double your taxes for his oil war? No on other posts you whine about paying taxes. Are you for the war or against it? Or do you just wear you little flag pin. Love Bushie and his stupid foreign policies as long as you don't have to pay for them, right, fake patriots?Well said, verity. Our country's health is more important than any party or person. That's the real reason the impeachment won't happen. Everyone is waiting to start building our country again once Bush is gone.

planetwax 10 years ago

I recommend to anyone who didn't see Kucinich deliver his articles of impeachment to go see Democracy Now's video podcast with Amy Goodman at: www.democracynow.org.You'll also see another special treat corporate media doesn't want you to see:Citing Iraq War, Renowned Attorney Vincent Bugliosi Seeks "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"Vincent Bugliosi is one of the most successful prosecutors in this country, with a record including twenty-one murder convictions without a single loss. With a new book, he outlines his case for the prosecution of George W. Bush for murder.

monkeyhawk 10 years ago

The condition of the Republican party is very similar to the current condition of the city of Lawrence, except the Republicans have more money.

Bill Getz 10 years ago

The day will come when a consortium of countries, including some of our erstwhile allies, will demand that we extradite Bush for war crimes trials, just as they did Serbia with Milosevich. Perhaps China will threaten to foreclose on our economy if we don't comply. We, of course, will not do it: the next administration will have enough on its hands to restore US power in the world without such a humiliating concession.In this context, if might be better for the US Congress not to try Bush of a crime that could be used as evidence.He deserves it, of course, but then, so did Reagan, and that wasn't politically feasible either. Wouldn't it be nice, sometime, to have a president against whom no criminal prosecution is suggested. Ig

dandelion 10 years ago

The reason the Dems voted it down is because the Repubs have been gunning for Dem presidents ever since Nixon. They want payback. So they got payback with Clinton, and the Dems are hoping to stop the cycle; although Bush is a whole lot worse than Nixon. At least Nixon was good at most foreign policy. He actually opened talks with one of our enemies (gasp). You rightwingies must hate him for that. He must have been a appeasor like Obama.

monkeyhawk 10 years ago

"I saw this on C-span while I was on vacation and I was appalled that this hadn't gotten much press play. I don't care what the morons in Washington think is news, I think this is big news. And not just tit for tat!"Don't you know Washington does not decide what will be reported as news? The outlets are far too busy promoting their manufactured candidate than to look backwards.I agree with Asbestos - this Bush may just go down as the absolutely worst president, right behind Carter.

dandelion 10 years ago

JayZ,Try and read my posts. I gladly pay my taxes. I'm not the tax whiner. Those on this forum who think Bush is the best president in the world, and put down Obama for not wearing a flag pin and those who support the war, but also support the tax break that their great and wonderful leader gives out are phony patriots. You can't have your war without paying for it. If you say you support the war, then support getting rid of the tax cuts to pay for the war. Bush is a failure at best, a criminal at worse. Worse than Nixon ever thought about being. Just a few more months and we are rid of him.

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

"The best thing that can happen in the absence of full impeachment of Bush/Cheney is their continued presence in office doing what they do best."That is sad and as a GOPer I agree with you, that this continues the weaker the GOP gets.Why would any Dem want to end a huger public screwup like this.One statment comes to mind: "Don't murder your opponent when they are busy committing sucicide."

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 years ago

The attempts to impeach the shrub should have started years ago. It will be out of office in a few months. We got this man in office by the efforts of brain-dead voters who bought the line of crap from spin-master Bill O"Reilly and the ever lovable dictator of journalism ethics and truth, Puss Bimbo. And now, at the last hour, this later-than-never effort surfaces. We knew about Bush's oil war many years ago, and yet the great unwashed re-elected him. This is a waste of time by an elected official who should be looking around for real issues that he was elected to deal with.

VTHawk 10 years ago

Kucinich is a joke. He bankrupted the City of Cleveland in the 1970's when he was mayor, solely because he was too anti-market and refused to privatize Municipal light. He feuded with Cleveland's police chief, even firing him on live television. He survived a recall election by less than 250 votes. What is it with former Ohio mayors and rediculous grandstanding? (Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinnati)

ASBESTOS 10 years ago

Do you know the difference between between a Republican and A Democratic Party Voter?A Republican voter knows their hacks are lying, and the Democratic Party Voter denies their hacks are lying.

verity 10 years ago

"You dems ought to celebrate George W., he has majorly screwed up the Republican Party and split them."-AsbestoesBeing good and loyal Americans, we do not celebrate the destruction of our country in order to make a point for our party. We love and support our country before our party.

EXks 10 years ago

This impeachment issue ain't going NOWHERE..... unlike the right wing Repubs who actually impeached Billy Clinton, the Dummycrats don't have the b&lls!!

james bush 10 years ago

Blame it on Bush...ok.................now, as all good propangandists should do move.on(dot.org, that is) and join the campy leftists Obama "campaign for change".

james bush 10 years ago

Impeachment talk is probably just one of the "distractions' which the newly instituted "rumor response" Obama propaganda team internet group has included in their talking points.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

" I noticed that one of the publications across from the candy and gum said that aliens had visited the White House."They found no sign of intelligent life, and left.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

Bush Derangement Syndorme-- definition-- the ability to think for oneself and find sources of information beyond right-wing propaganda mills.

dandelion 10 years ago

I want to hear how these Bush lovers plan to pay for the war without raising taxes? What's the plan? Your coward leader's plan is to leave it to the next president. He is at best clueless, at worse a criminal. I'm waiting. Call Rush and AnneC. Ask them what your answer should be.Still waiting. Actually I've been waiting for several years for this answer.

dandelion 10 years ago

RestoreReasonI think you and your heroes don't have a clue, and are running our country into the ground. You might be able to ignore it, but it won't go away. So what's the plan? You can at least admit Bush's plan is to stick someone else with the problem.

dandelion 10 years ago

I want to hear how these Bush lovers plan to pay for the war without raising taxes? What's the plan? Your coward leader's plan is to leave it to the next president. He is at best clueless, at worse a criminal. I'm waiting. Call Rush and AnneC. Ask them what your answer should be.

Ralph Reed 10 years ago

I find it interesting that impeachment is looked at as an acceptable solution for wrongs (alleged or otherwise) committed by the President. My understanding is that the authors of The Constitution intended impeachment as the exception rather than the rule for solving governmental leadership issues.Unfortunately, it is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Any ideas why we are so willing to institute a constitutional crisis every 4 or 8 years? That would be an interesting discussion.Also, sometime during the past couple of months a poster indicated he/she was in Texas in 1998 or 1999 when GW announced his run for the Presidency. The poster also indicated GW said he was running for President so he could get back at Saddam Hussein for what he did to GW's dad. I'd like to see that post again, or at least a link to it. Now, if that is true, then what is the "real" reason we're at war in Iraq?Kevin (RestoreReason), you spend a lot of time on the LJW fora and have a much better handle on what posters have said than almost everyone else here. Even though I don't like the purpose behind your dredging up what posters have said and in all probability I will never agree with what you say (or how you usually say it), I do admire your skill at dredging up old posts. So, I'm enlisting your help and asking if you can find that post. Thanks.If anyone else can help, I'd appreciate that also.*****I'm me, who are you behind your hood of anonymity?

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RestoreReason says..." "I see Kevin is back.

JHOK32 10 years ago

RR: You are absolutely correct. My sickness is all over my body. This is what one feels when their son has been killed because of a war based on lies and making money for the rich, I am sick all right. Sick to death. And so is my son. Some say he died for freedom, I say he died for Bush's millionaire oil buddies. This is the ultimate insult. And then there are people like you who say Bush is great. How many of your kids has he sent over to die for his oil?

dandelion 10 years ago

Don't change the subject. How do you pay for a war without raising the taxes? Got a solution? Your hero doesn't. He's going to leave it to your kids, if you have any. Nice guy that Bush.

cato_the_elder 10 years ago

Dandy, please calm down and consider returning to the Inconvenient Truth which the letter writer either doesn't realize or intentionally avoids: You can castigate the president and his administration all day long for this country's Iraq policies, as is the wont of many deranged leftists who post on this site, but Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Dems never have had the slightest intention of putting forth articles of impeachment because nearly all of them would be found to have been in all of this up to their necks - lock, stock, and barrel - and they know it all too well. Representative Kucinich also knows this full well, as the result of which his actions constitute the most reprehensible grandstanding and waste of time imaginable. Blather on if you want - but if you don't like what's happened in Iraq, then your complaints must be directed to both sides of the aisle. Period.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

EXks (Anonymous) says:"This impeachment issue ain't going nowhere:.. unlike the right wing Repubs who actually impeached Billy Clinton, the Dummycrats don't have the b&lls!!"You got the first part right, then lost your lunch on the second part. They may have the balls to impeach but they are going to do what's best for the country unlike the idiots in Congress who went after Clinton. See the difference?

dandelion 10 years ago

No we are talking about impeaching a president whose policies have messed up our country for a loooong time. Yet, you still support the guy. Do you not have children. Do you not care if the country we give to them sucks? I don't have kids, but I am an uncle. Hopefully you don't have any kids, since you can't explain your support for Bush and his policies. They'll be asking one day.

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

"Unfortunately, it is becoming the rule rather than the exception. Any ideas why we are so willing to institute a constitutional crisis every 4 or 8 years? That would be an interesting discussion."I hardly think impeachment is becoming the rule. The republicans used the tool once against Bill Clinton for frivilous politically motivated reasons. Today, when there is a serious threat to our constitutional rights & have been serious abuses of power by an holder of the office who has been demonstrated to be unworthy of the honor, we have a group of Democrats who are far too UNWILLING to use the impeachment tool.

uncleandyt 10 years ago

Good letter , dude. The fact is , our local paper doesn't cover much of what could conflict with the National Fantasy script. Examples of the "script' can be seen above. Some of us have been fooled into thinking that being on an imaginary team is more important than the truth.So, justice is for morons? Seeking the truth is a sign of mental incapacity? Is our Constitution nonsense? Is following the Constitution a bluff? Who is in denial? "Bush's first term was OK." No, it wasn't. Read the 35 counts.Game over? It's not a game. It's not overOh my god, if I held my breath for six months, I couldn't do it.Kucinich is no joke. He's funny,but he's not joking. And Carter was great - look it up.

kansas778 10 years ago

Kucinich is a kook. I like the one article where he accuses Bush of "creating secret laws." I keep looking for the one where he accuses Bush of stealing people's socks and keys.

JHOK32 10 years ago

Thank God November is finally on it's way! Bush has successfully lied and killed his way into the justified rank of the most unpopular president in the history of this nation. He stooped so low as to capitalize on the great misfortune of 911 to invade a country that had nothing to do with it, forced taxpayers to indebt generations of U.S. taxpayers to benefit his oil buddies' bottom line, infuriated most of our EX-allies, doubled the price of gas, wrecked our economy, & killed 4000 of our own kids all in the name of oil profits. Impeachment would be too kind! He makes me sick to my stomach.

jonas 10 years ago

jumpin_catfish (Anonymous) says: "Don't impeach, eat a peach!"That would make an interesting T-shirt.

dandelion 10 years ago

Oh I forgot, those terrorist weren't exiled Saudis living in Afghanistan. They were from Iraq. What a joke.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RestoreReason says,"Clinton was acting above the law. Do you really believe that is what was best for the country? Shouldn't a president be subject to the same laws as those in the military and average citizens?"Military law (UCMJ) is quite different and no POTUS or any other civilian, for that matter, would be expected to live within those constructs. I understand your point regarding average citizens, but "high crimes and misdemeanors" is pretty broad, and was abused in prosecuting Clinton. They certainly could have dealt with it differently, but the GOP Congress wanted blood, plain and simple. To try to paint it any other way is wrong.

Ralph Reed 10 years ago

Kevin, thanks for your words on Clinton. It's heart-warming to see there's still a bastion of belief that all of our current ills can be laid at his feet. But that didn't answer my question. I know I read the contention here within the past couple of months. Since Kevin can't help, can anyone else point to the post?**Scott, "IF" articles of impeachment are drawn up and Bush is indicted, then this will be the third time I've this process. Granted, Nixon technically wasn't impeached because he understood the Constitutional crisis that would ensue. Prior to Nixon there were only what, 1 or 2 instances?If the President is impeached and convicted, then our representative democracy has become a system whereby the head of state can be ousted on a vote of no confidence. Is this a good thing, especially since we as a people currently have so little say in the workings of our govt?*I'm me, who are you behind your hood of anonymity?

dandelion 10 years ago

Still haven't told me how Bush plans on paying for the war.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

BTW, RR, shameful and lack of integrity are two terms that no one that knows me would imagine using to describe me. It's sad that you have reached a new low in this dialog in making a personal attack on me. You're pitiful.

dandelion 10 years ago

Clinton acted against terrorism? I thought he ignored it and that's why we are in this mess? And weren't the conservatives really angry with Clinton when he strategically bombed a few places in Iraq that were suspected weapons manufacturing? He was accused of trying nation building and making himself look powerful, and that's a bad thing. Oh wait, not now because Bush says it's ok, but it wasn't when he running for office. All this waffling makes me dizzier than riding a roller coaster. What is this week's reason for invading Iraq and bankrupting our government?

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RestoreReason says,"illegal war of choice against Kosovo."Incredible. This is where your distorted worldview is in prominent display, RR. An all out massacre of huge proportions was in progress and, when the NATO forces stepped in, you label it the way that I just quoted. That's one of the most twisted examples of misinformation and revisionist history I've ever heard and removes any remaining doubt anyone might have had of your delusions.Just for good measure, would you care to explain how what I quoted you say bears an inkling of truth or sense?There are acutally two correct reasons why the Congress opposed action in Kosovo at that time, and neither of them have any resemblance to your portrayal.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RestoreReason (Kevin) makes contradictory arguments. One one hand, RR says that Clinton "kicked it down the road" and on the other hand, RR says that Clinton took action. The logic RR uses is whatever conveniently (but not convincingly) supports RR's distorted worldview.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RR,Interesting that you cite the New Yorker article, which, despite the apparent disparity contained in the specific portion you call out, goes on to describe the situation exactly as I have. The fact that you label what amounted to countering the ethnic cleansing and genocide that was occuring as you have speaks volumes about the level of distortion in your viewpoint.Again, yet another example of your selective use of exerpts where convenient, but well outside of the true meaning and big picture. This is a recurring theme in your arguments and what is usually their fatal flaw.So, would you have rather allowed the ethnic cleansing and genocide to proceed to its completion?

dandelion 10 years ago

The genocide going on in Kosovo was worse than what the lowlife Sadaam was doing. But that's ok, because they were Albanians and most of them were of the Islamic faith, right?If Bush had been there he probably would have done the same thing and you would have been all for it. And guess what. We still had a balanced budget. So why can't Bush finance his war? Is he telling all his buddies to relocate their corporations in Dubai, so they don't have to pay the piper, because the piper is coming? Are you going to leave the country when it comes time to pay up? Why do rightwingies want to have a war without paying for it? Does not make sense. Several years ago rightwingies were calling for a balanced budget, now a balance budget isn't important? No to nation building, then yes to nation building? Yes to balance budget, then no to balanced budget. Waffling is bad, then it isn't. Whew. That's a lot of spinning.

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

RR,You managed to latch on to a technicality, namely "technically illegal" and are trying to make a mountain out of it. That's a textboox definition of distorted. I do take issue with that characterization of it because, among other reasons, just because a couple of people hold that view, it doesn't make it true or even particularly relevant. The shame belongs solely to you. I am not wrong and you happened to furnish a link that supports it. I have nothing to be ashamed of.If the purported illegality of that action was a) true, or b) particularly relevant, there is a likelihood that our government would have been pursued by other nations or the world community over it. They didn't. The fact is, when we can't always convince the UN body or UNSC that some action needs to be taken, there are other means, in this case NATO, to reach the objectives. How exactly is that illegal?If you continue to maintain that it was illegal, you're going to need to furnish more and convincing evidence toward that point. As it stands, you have failed.

JHOK32 10 years ago

RR: You are indeed a horse's ass.

JHOK32 10 years ago

My son grew up back east with his mother, that is where the funeral was, not that it is any of your damn business. I find it very interesting how quick you are to pounce on someone when you think they are lying. I thought it was OK to lie, you know: we invaded Iraq because of "WMD's," we don't torture prisoners, we're not in Iraq because of oil, etc, etc, etc,..................you adamantly defend Bush's lies that apparently everyone in the world know are true...........except you.

Stephen Roberts 10 years ago

Donald- Maybe the LJW doesn't report on things when they don't happen. For example- A story that you will not see in the LJW - User Merrill posts a response without using his famed cut and paste technique. I just don't see it hapenning.All Dennis was doing was primming himself for his 2008 re-elelction. Nothing else. Politics at its best.

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