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Chickens, et al.

June 7, 2008


To the editor:

A few comments on recent topics:

¢ Chicken owners should be allowed to keep their chickens if the accommodations are safe, clean and sanitary. If there must be an ordinance, set standards for the above. Leave the birds alone unless they are neglected or abused.

¢ Applause for publishing the "green" cemeteries article. Settlers traveling west in their covered wagons often buried their dead by the roadside. Other cultures observe funeral rites honoring their dead that have never included satin-lined caskets or a motorcade. Let us have real choice in our end-of-life decisions, please!

¢ The T's future depends on all Lawrence citizens, not just the city commissioners. True, federal transportation subsides are down, money for many local public services is limited. Routes are too long and inefficient for the general public or daily workers to utilize the bus and leave cars in the garage. What if the city established a "public transportation pool," where citizens could "donate" a percent of income (now used to gas and maintain their personal vehicles) to fund expanded routes and bus purchases. Local companies could establish voluntary paycheck donations to the city bus fund or an optional donation could be added to the city's water bills. Does public transportation qualify as a "non-profit" since it receives public funds? Are citizens permitted to subsidize it? What can we do to help keep the buses on Lawrence's streets?

¢ Lastly, Baldwin's "deaf-mute" baseball player was "hearing and speech impaired." His disability should not have been in the story's headline.

M. Roy,


Marion Lynn 5 years, 10 months ago

" Lastly, Baldwin's "deaf-mute" baseball player was "hearing and speech impaired." His disability should not have been in the story's headline."Marion writes:Did the guy himself complain?Sorry, old terminology but still in use across the country.The only way it becomes offensive if if peoplke misuse it in a derogatory manner.They can do the same thing with "hearing impaired".Bad news: if a person cannot hear, that person is indeed "deaf" within the meaning of the word.The term "mute", however is not completely accurate, provided there is no physiological issue preventing the making of sounds, so there may be an issue there, albeit a tiny one.Other PC phrases and tersm which bug me:"I'm in "recovery."Well, I'm in a pair of Florsheims! Stop whining about being in "recovery". The moment you STOP whatever biosolids you have been doing, you are "recovered", so stop playing Humpty-Dumpty and start picking up the peices and put your life togeher again!"I have a "substance abuse problem!"No you don't. You are a druggie, engaging in bad behaviour and you can stop any time that you choose to take control of your life."I'm and alcoholic!"No, you're not.You are a drunk.Stop or moderate your drinking and you won't be a drunk any more.The soft-soaping of terminology to assuage the "feelings" of so many in the name of political correctness has led us merely enabling the continuation of the problems instead of calling them out like the biosolids that they are, facing them and fixing the problems!


KEITHMILES05 5 years, 10 months ago

The chicken's story for Lawrence is a huge embarassment for the city. For some an up and coming city of educated (?) people this is so funny.


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