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City chickens

June 4, 2008


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To the editor:

I am writing about my concerns that there may be an ordinance that will make it illegal to keep a small number of chickens (hens) in the city.

Not everyone can afford to live in the country, but everyone deserves the right to provide themselves healthy food at a reasonable cost. Yard birds not only provide a healthy protein source but they are also excellent at controlling insects. Imagine reducing the numbers of ticks, flies, grasshoppers and other insects as your lawn is being fertilized. No harmful pesticides need to saturate your lawn and enter the groundwater.

I am much more concerned about the mounds and mounds of dog excrement I must remove in front of my house before I can mow next to the sidewalk or the feces from the neighbor's cat that I encounter when working in my flower beds.

Chickens are not a farm animal. They are a domestic bird that is not only intelligent but make excellent companion pets. I have friends that own parrots larger than chickens that they tether outside on perches. Should they be included in the ordinance? Will there soon be an ordinance to control bird feeders in people's yards because of the risk of bird influenza carried by migratory birds?

There are cities throughout the United States that allow chickens to be kept in the city limits. Use some common sense, do some research and see if the risk is any greater than our exposure to the Canada geese that populate our city parks.

Jane M. Getto,


Magpie 10 years ago

I agree--This is another ploy to extract fine money from citizens.

jafs 10 years ago

And, there is in fact a law that dog owners should clean up their dog poop, although it doesn't seem to be enforced much.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

So I say leave well enough alone because there is no real problem. Why take up valuable city commission time with chickens when after allthere is a lady who needs to wheel chair on east 13th street because the sidewalks simply are difficult to navigate... wider sidewalks on 13th street please.

jafs 10 years ago

If there is a legitimate public health issue or noise problem, it should be addressed.If not, live and let live.

gr 10 years ago

Luxor,Could you help us know about where chickens are responsible for bird flu in the United States?

TheEleventhStephanie 10 years ago

Are we talking about 20 chickens or two? I think that would make a difference.....

OnlyTheOne 10 years ago

I'd be much concerned about the noise - my parent's had chickens (only a few) when I was younger and the filth associated with them'

Chris Golledge 10 years ago

Tyson :-)What I see is the city listening to the fears of part of the population and, in a CYA mentality, moving forward with responding to those fears, well-founded or not. I grew up with chickens; chickens is stupid. :-pGood for eggs; about as good a pet as a turtle.Here is another vote for leave it alone and move on to something more important, roundabouts maybe.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 10 years ago

I have multiple personalities so I'm keeping three or four. Four! Maybe three. SHUT UP. You shut up.cool is a we of onei am a one of we

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 10 years ago

What on earth makes commissioners time valuable? All they do is sit there and try to think up stupid ways to control people's lives, and screw the world up. Thank you, Lynn

Katie Van Blaricum 10 years ago

I agree with you whole-heartedly. I would love to have a few hens to provide me with low-cost, great-tasting eggs. Hens don't bother anyone; roosters are another story, but that's not what we're talking about here.

stargazer 10 years ago

If this is the same lady that moved in few yrs ago down the street from us, she had chickens. She had to get rid of them. I'm glad the city made her get rid of them. They were noisy and kept getting out of her yard. Our dog would chase them in OUR yard, then she would biotch about it.

Alison Roberts 10 years ago

Im pretty sure chickens are a farm animal.... I dont consider them a domestic bird; I dont eat parrokeets, I eat chickens. I would NOT enjoy living next to someone with chickens. No thanks. And I have survived all my years without being overrun with grasshoppers and ticks....

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

I believe the goal should be leave well enough alone than create NOT necessary regulations.Is this matter truly a problem?

KsTwister 10 years ago

Yes Merrill, when the city says it may be ok but fails to tell the readership of LJW that the current laws say no way. Just as sly as now making people who get misdemeanor traffic tickets that they must now show up for a court date too. How blatantly wasteful of taxpayers dollars.And no it has nothing to do with me just that I think people who must take a day from work to pay a minimal fine have to add court costs into it and lose far more of the income needed to feed families. So check and make sure you have the tag sticker in place,your seat belt on and your doing the speed limit. Shameless broke and destitute City of Lawrence Kansas is watching. Anything for a buck.

Paul R Getto 10 years ago

"If there is a legitimate public health issue or noise problem, it should be addressed: If not, live and let live.======Best advice I've seen in this thread. And yes, she's my sister!

Kathy Theis-Getto 10 years ago

consumer wrote:Dear residents of Lah wrence on the Kahhw.I understand when it rains you must pull your noses out of the air for fear of drowning. I know you all love to tell other people how they should live their lives. I know you have two sets of rules one for you and one for everyone else. But seriously, pull your head out of your Keesters here. It in not like your Neiborh at "Alvamar" is going to start " a raisin chikons". so get over your self inflated ego's and quit trying to control the lives of everyone but yourselves. Maybe you should try raising your own kids to not break the laws and become a useful citizen. What a bunch of self absorbed psuedo intellects. "Dahling have we missed Aht in the Pahk"??F.A.Holes._________Fantastic post!Multi - Jane is a wonderful person, thanks for speaking up.Power to the Chickens!!!!!!

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