Facts not refuted

To the editor:

We’ve all watched presidential press secretaries spin, squirm, obfuscate, repeat themselves and not answer questions. I’ve been hoping for a long time that one of Bush’s former press secretaries would grow a spine, find a conscience or re-evaluate priorities in some manner that would allow them to speak honestly about what they witnessed while on the job. And it’s finally happened.

Scott McClellan is not the first to expose the failings and wrongdoings of his former employer and colleagues. It took him a while to do so. And he’s only confirmed much that we already knew. But what’s telling is that the firestorm of criticism that erupted from the White House and their few remaining supporters is nothing but an unsurprising variety of disparaging remarks about McClellan’s character and motives.

Missing from all the bluster, however, is anything at all of substance about what he’s actually said or written, or that he is not telling the truth. That they plan to block him from further testifying before Congress seems to support the argument that he is.

Christy Kennedy,