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Gov. Sebelius’ State of the Union response: An American Call to Action

January 28, 2008


Sebelius responds to Bush's address

Governor Kathleen Sebelius gave the Democratic response to Bush's State of the Union Address on Monday night. Enlarge video

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Remarks as prepared for delivery by Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius:

An American Call to Action

I'm Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of the State of Kansas.

And I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with you tonight.

I'm a Democrat, but tonight, it really doesn't matter whether you think of yourself as a Democrat:or a Republican:or an Independent. Or:none-of-the-above.

Instead, the fact you're tuning in this evening tells me each of you is, above all:

:an American, first.

You are mothers, and fathers. Grandparents, and grandchildren. Working people, and business-owners. Americans, all.

And the American people - folks like you, and me - are not nearly as divided as our rancorous politics might suggest.

In fact, right now, tonight, as political pundits discuss the President's speech - chances are, they'll obsess over the reactions of Members of Congress.

"How many times was the President interrupted by applause? Did Republicans stand? Did Democrats sit?"

And the rest of us will roll our eyes and think, "What in the world does any of that have to do with me?"

And, so, I want to take a slight detour from tradition on this State of the Union night.

In this time, normally reserved for the partisan response, I hope to offer you something more:

An American Response.

A national call to action on behalf of the struggling families in the heartland, and across this great country. A wakeup call to Washington, on behalf of a new American majority, that time is running out on our opportunities to meet our challenges and solve our problems.

Our struggling economy requires urgent and immediate action, and then sustained attention. Families can't pay their bills. They are losing their jobs, and now are threatened with losing their homes.

We heard last week and again tonight that Congress and the President are acting quickly, on a temporary, targeted stimulus package. That is encouraging. But you and I know that a temporary fix is only the first step toward meeting our challenges and solving our problems.

There is a chance Mr. President, in the next 357 Days, to get real results, and give the American people renewed optimism that their challenges are the top priority. Working together, working hard, committing to results, we can get the job done.

In fact, over the last year, the Democratic majority in Congress has begun to move us in the right direction-- with bipartisan action to strengthen our national security, raise the minimum wage, and reduce the costs of college loans.

These are encouraging first steps. But there is still more to be done.

And, so we ask you, Mr. President -- will you join us? Let's get to work.

We know that we are stronger as a nation when our people have access to the highest-quality, most-affordable health care. When our businesses can compete in the global marketplace without the burden of rising health care costs here at home.

We know that caring for our children, so they have a healthy and better start in life, is what grownups do. Governors in both parties, and a large majority of the Congress are ready, right now, to provide health care to 10 million American children, as a first step in overhauling our health care system.

Join us, Mr. President, sign the bill and let's get to work.

Sitting with the First Lady tonight was Steve Hewitt, the city manager of Greensburg, Kansas. Many of you remember Greensburg - our town nearly destroyed by a tornado last year.

Thanks to Steve's efforts, and hundreds of others in our state, and across the country, Greensburg will recover. Folks rolled up their sleeves and got to work, and local, state and federal governments assisted in the effort.

But more than just recover - the Kansans who live in Greensburg are building green - rebuilding a better community for their children and grandchildren; making shared sacrifices, and investments for the next generation.

Greensburg is not alone. You and I - stand ready - ready to protect our environment for future generations, and stay economically competitive. Mayors have committed their cities to going green; governors have joined together, leading efforts for energy security and independence; and the majority in Congress is ready to tackle the challenge of reducing global warming and creating a new energy future for America.

So we ask you, Mr. President, will you join us? It's time to get to work.

Here in the heartland, we honor and respect military service. We appreciate the enormous sacrifices made by soldiers and their families.

As Governor of Kansas, I am the Commander in Chief of our National Guard. Over the past five years, I have seen thousands of soldiers deployed from Kansas. I've visited our troops in Iraq; attended funerals and comforted families; and seen the impact at home of the war being waged.

We stand ready in the heartland and across this country, to join forces with peace-loving nations across the globe and to fight the war against terrorists, wherever they may strike. But our capable and dedicated soldiers can't solve the political disputes where they are, and can't focus on the real enemies elsewhere.

The new Democratic majority of Congress and the vast majority of Americans are ready - ready to chart a new course. If more Republicans in Congress stand with us this year, we won't have to wait for a new President to restore America's role in the world, and fight a more effective war on terror.

The last five years have cost us dearly - in lives lost; in thousands of wounded warriors whose futures may never be the same; in challenges not met here at home because our resources were committed elsewhere. America's foreign policy has left us with fewer allies and more enemies.

Join us, Mr. President, and working together with Congress to make tough, smart decisions, we will regain our standing in the world and protect our people and our interests.

I know government can work to benefit the people we serve, because I see it every day, not only here in Kansas, but in states across the country. I know government can work, Mr. President, because like you, I grew up in a family committed to public service. My father and my father in law both served in Congress - one a Republican and one a Democrat. They had far more in common than the issues that divided them - a love for their country that led them from military service to public service. A lifetime of working for the common good, making sacrifices so their children and grandchildren could have a better future.

They are called "the greatest generation". But I believe, like parents across America, that our greatest generations are still to come. That we must chart a new course, at home and abroad, to give our future greatest generations all the opportunities our parents gave us.

These are uncertain times, but with strength and determination, we can meet the challenges together. If Washington can work together, so quickly, on a short-term fix for families caught in the financial squeeze, then we can work together to transform America.

In these difficult times - the American people aren't afraid to face difficult choices.

But, we have no more patience for divisive politics.

Tonight's address begins the final year of this presidency, with new leaders on the horizon and uncertainty throughout our land. Conditions we face, at home and abroad, are results of choices made and challenges unmet.

In spite of the attempts to convince us that we are divided as a people, a new American majority has come together. We are tired of leaders who rather than asking what we can do for our country, ask nothing of us at all.

We are Americans sharing a belief in something greater than ourselves, a nation coming together to meet challenges and find solutions; to share sacrifices and share prosperity; and focus, once again, not only on the individual good but on the common good.

On behalf of the new American majority - the majority of elected officials at the national, state and local level, and the majority of Americans, we ask you, Mr. President, to join us. We are ready to work together, to be the America we have been-- and can be once again.

Thank you for listening. God bless and sleep well. And in the morning, let's get to work.


staff04 6 years, 2 months ago

I was underwhelmed. And I usually like and defend the Governor. I've seen her give better speeches.


classclown 6 years, 2 months ago

As I posted on another article in here, I felt she was wooden in her speech. And that she seemed to have a difficulty reading the script from the teleprompter.


Dixie Jones 6 years, 2 months ago

i personally think her sons game will ruin her in office,,, if shes going to back such a game does that mean shes ok with prison rape, cocaine etc.....makes one wonder does it not....? have a super day peeps


nverlost 6 years, 2 months ago

Merrill, you so drink the cool aid.


sloppyscience 6 years, 2 months ago

I'm a democrat and I like Sebelius, but I thought it had the feel of someone reading me "The Night Before Christmas".


DirtyLinen 6 years, 2 months ago

"In this time, normally reserved for the partisan response, I hope to offer you something more:"

"An American Response."

Oh yeah, she sure sounded non-partisan. Right.

"We know that caring for our children, so they have a healthy and better start in life, is what grownups do. Governors in both parties, and a large majority of the Congress are ready, right now, to provide health care to 10 million American children, as a first step in overhauling our health care system."

"Join us, Mr. President, sign the bill and let's get to work."

Join us, Mr, President, on p*ssing away millions on an unnecessarily bloated program to take kids that have private insurance and add them to the welfare roles, to use tax dollars to pay for the insurance of families above the median income in many parts of the country (and not help those who need it in others), to keep presenting the same unworkable proposal over and over rather than trying to actually fix the problem with a program that, with minor modifications using information we already collect, would actually be fair and remove objections to SCHIP; come on, Mr. President, learn how to be a Democrat!!!


Meatwad 6 years, 2 months ago

Wow, for the first time I felt proud of Kansas. I will go into shock if Kansas ever elects a Democrat for president, I feel like my vote is a waste (but I will ALWAYS VOTE) here. Kathleen is a unifier and I'm so proud!! What she said tonight was what our country needed to hear, and no one is going to believe that it came from KANSAS!


dichloromethane 6 years, 2 months ago

hey clyde, go get a life. Inappropriate is one word you stupid inappropriate dumba$$.


Dollypawpaw 6 years, 2 months ago

Did anyone notice the "drop the soap" game in the book shelf behind her.

Talk about a cheesy way to promote a product.


clyde_never_barks 6 years, 2 months ago

dickloromethane - ummm, I may not agree with her politics either, but your comments are in appropriate for this website. Buh bye.


dichloromethane 6 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.


herbalife4life1 6 years, 2 months ago

why should we bail out people that don't take the time to review a contract, and more importantly understand the terms of the contract, and just sign the contract b/c they were lured by a lower variable interest rate with a balloon payment on the back end? Did everyone else sleep through basic personal finance classes? B/c balloon payments were the types of things that I learned in Tenth grade... Americans are turning into a people that don't want to take ANY sort of personal responsibility for their actions! We want to be taken care of the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep and we expect the government should make sure that nothing bad ever happens! What do you people think life is? A damn daycare?!?!? Grow up, take responsibility, and move on with your life!


herbalife4life1 6 years, 2 months ago

blah, blah, blah....anyone who thinks this "targeted stimulus package" will do any BUT drop the value of the dollar a bit further and in the long run hurt this country is severely deficient on monetary policy education...sad to see that even people in high places still don't get it, makes me wonder if the people advising her(because we all know she can't balance her own checkbook) are just plain high...


average 6 years, 2 months ago

Obama she ain't, and never was. It seems like she wrote ('she' probably in a committee sense) the speech without realizing exactly how swaggering/smirking Bush would be. The other problem is that she only made vague allusions (like on coal power, or the impact of overextending the Nat. Guard) that Kansans would get, but the rest of the country doesn't know or remember.


ralphralph 6 years, 2 months ago

Chatty Cathy went a bit far on the idea of keeping a stiff upper lip .....


EasyTiger 6 years, 2 months ago

At least there's one person in the government that gets it, and at least that's the last damn SotU speech from Bush. Finally things are looking up!


M. Lindeman 6 years, 2 months ago

She nailed WHAT? The only thing I could see was her doctor went a little wild with the botox needle. If that's what you ment by (nailed it) your comment would be correct.


Richard Heckler 6 years, 2 months ago

Also was the house and senate listening?


Richard Heckler 6 years, 2 months ago

She was superb in her presentation of the democratic response. The message was loud and clear,soft spoken yet to the point. A class act. But was the president listening?

Excellent performance Governor Sebelius...thank you very much.


Daniel Kennamore 6 years, 2 months ago

Personally I think she nailed it.


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