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Cold enough for ya? Stay warm with these tips

January 19, 2008


Weather forecast: cold here to stay

For Saturday we'll see a little bit of sunshine, but temperatures are not going to break that freezing mark. Enlarge video

Temperatures are dipping perilously close to zero. And there's little sign of significantly warmer weather on the horizon.

So we talked with some folks who know weather. You know, the people who don't let snow, rain or dark of night stop them. Postal workers.

"Your nose runs when it's this cold," Rob Senecal said. "Your hands are cold." Senecal finds quick relief when delivering to local stores. In and out of the warmth.

But mostly, he's out in it.

For people like Senecal and the rest of us, Karen Loudon of Watkins Health Center at Kansas University said that to stay warm it's imperative to stay dry.

As your mother always told you: Wear a hat. You lose a lot of body heat from the top of your head. And Loudon says cover those ears, fingers and noses.

Remember to drink plenty of water. It's cold. Yes. But your body still needs water.

"I think some people think when exercising in the cold they don't have to worry about fluid intake, but that's not true," Loudon said.

Once at home, don't forget that safety is key. Take care with space heaters and fireplaces.

Experts say humidity helps your home feel warmer. In fact, a well-humidified house at 68 degrees is as comfortable as a dry house at 75 degrees.

To keep that vehicle running, remember what your dad told you: Check the tires, check the battery and fill up the washer fluid.


riverdrifter 10 years, 4 months ago

I think the Yukon Survivor is the best cold weather boot. Whites does not stock them. You send them your foot measurements, they build your boots. Ex$pensive but worth it.

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