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Light promise

January 9, 2008


To the editor:

The Journal-World should be commended for the fine article and the follow-up editorial on the lighting of Kasold.

City staff stated that there are some residents that prefer the lights.

In fact, all of the occupied homes that back up to Kasold in this area have objected to the lighting. Many fronting on Kasold have also objected.

At the inception of the project, light pollution concerns were raised by nearby residents. City staff promised, in a June 23, 2005, memorandum, "The street lights will be relocated to behind the curb and gutter and positioned (focused) outward to the street. City codes do not allow for light to spill across the property line, therefore Westar will develop a photometric plan that will meet City code for new street lights."

Imagine our shock in late June when our homes were illuminated outside and inside by the lighting. The level of the light and the resulting waste of energy was unprecedented in Lawrence.

When Marge Banks talked to a Westar representative, he said "that is a lot of light out there. That was not our call, it was the city's."

City staff has blamed it on Westar and acknowledged that the folks selling us the energy dictate how much energy the city uses.

We in the neighborhood are asking that the city of Lawrence honor the promise they made in the beginning. The reduction of energy use will also reduce the city's "carbon footprint."

Price Banks,



wagnerrobert 10 years, 3 months ago

Maybe it is time to start pushing for a cleanup of Kansas light pollution - http://ksnspa.googlepages.com/ ?

Richard Heckler 10 years, 3 months ago

Price you know your way around city hall. And it seems simple, the light installed is against city code. So it seems an authorization or a variance? must be lying around somewhere on such an expensive portion of the project?

Did inspectors authorize on site,turn a blind eye or is this a screw up?

If not, again it seems simple, Westar needs to make the change and any maintenance agreements must remain intact. If my memory serves me well there was serious discussion concerning light intrusion and the need to go with energy efficient light reducing light pollution.

Your neighborhood is far from alone on the consideration of invasive lighting.

Speakout 10 years, 3 months ago

More light and light it grows, more dark and dark our woes.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 10 years, 3 months ago

Living in the country, we have a lot of light. The more the better, I have to be able to see the sights on my pistol. Thank you, Lynn

gr 10 years, 3 months ago

I had heard the goverment is going to ban normal lights and going to force mercury laden bulbs in a few years. This is very similar to global warming. Everyone is worried about a little boy overflowing the ocean by peeing in it while the Mississippi dumps tons of water into it.

How does saving a few watts for each home help when thousands of watts are being wasted with excessive street lights and stadium lights? And what is this obsession with lighting, anyway? How much do electric heaters, blowdryers, etc. use?

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