Letters to the Editor

Band memories

January 6, 2008


To the editor:

I read with interest the recent article about the father and son who had been KU band members in previous Orange Bowls. It brought back memories of the KU band trip to the 1948 Orange Bowl.

The band left the snow and cold of Kansas by train from the Kansas City Union Station and traveled to warm Miami. Upon arrival, the women were housed in one hotel and the men in another.

We marched in the Orange Bowl Parade on New Year's Eve and performed at the Orange Bowl game New Year's Day. Our uniforms were gray and worn with black shoes. They were a stark contrast to the colorful red, white and blue uniforms worn in later years.

The 1947-48 school year was the last year girls were in marching band for several years to come.

We had a great team in the Orange Bowl in '48. They played well, but the game did not end the way we wanted.

Clara Westphal,



KUDB99 10 years, 5 months ago

Good for you Clara...

Some of the best times of my life were when I was a part of the KU Marching Band. This year, during homecoming weekend, the current Marching Jayhawks graciously extended an invitation to all Band Alums to join the band in the march down the hill, as well as other pregame traditions. I felt like a former football player who had an opportunity to don the pads and play once more for past grid-iron glory. I was almost moved to tears.

Thank you to all current and former KU Band members. Now that the KU athletic department is making large amounts of money, it's time for them to begin supporting the one institution that has ALWAYS supported them. Even when the football team was only winning one or two games a year, the band was always there. Even when they couldn't give tickets to the KU games away, the band was always there. Please, Mr. Perkins, help bring the stipends back, that will ensure upper classmen will have more incentives to stick around, and ensure that the next time our band is featured prominently on national TV, there are 300 stellar individuals filling out the stands.

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