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Transit system could be vital link to area colleges

February 18, 2008


Eudora school Superintendent Marty Kobza said the Johnson County Transit K-10 Connector bus system could be an integral piece in a proposed partnership among Eudora schools and area colleges.

"It's called 'two plus two plus two,'" Kobza said. "What we mean by that is within high school, we'd begin students in a two-year program that's fully articulated with one of the junior colleges - in this case, Johnson County - which means that any credits or certifications they earn in high school can then transfer on to Johnson County Community College. Then, in turn, their credits can transfer to KU, for instance, and then turn into a (undergraduate) degree."

The program would begin with the opening in 2010 of the new Eudora-De Soto Technical Education Center, which will be built as a result of a $45 million school bond passed by Eudora.

"The tech center being built gives it a very practical place to stop," Kobza said. "By the time that's in place, we'd sure like to have it (stop there)."

The Eudora and De Soto school districts long have had a partnership via the technical education center. Eudora students and teachers drive to De Soto for some classes.

"If we have stops along K-10 with the K-10 Connector, we can share programs with De Soto - things that they offer and we don't, and vice versa," Kobza said. "But in addition, if we had students who wanted more college dual credit offerings than we offer at our site, they could get on the bus and ride it to Johnson County Community College for the last part of their day. Then parents don't have to worry about their students driving up and down K-10 highway."

The Eudora school district and Johnson County Transit System are discussing the partnership.

Eudora News reporter David Oakes can be reached at (785) 542-2747.


geekin_topekan 10 years, 3 months ago

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