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6News video: Souper Bowl Saturday raises funds for ceramics program
February 3, 2008
As football fans made plans for Super Bowl Sunday, another variety of bowl fans gathered at the Lawrence Arts Center this weekend.
6News video: Baby Boomer becomes “Big Sister”
February 3, 2008
Volunteer organizations are recruiting Baby Boomers with free time to contribute their energy and talents in the non-profit sector. editor Cathy Hamilton introduces us to a woman who found the time was right to become a “Big Sister” to a girl half the age of her own adult children.
6Sports video: Women’s win rests on rebounds
February 3, 2008
Last night the Kansas women were looking to put an end to their three-game losing streak against Iowa State.
6Sports video: Hawks rally in second half
February 3, 2008
After falling on the short end of Michael Beasley’s guarantee Wednesday night in Manhattan, Bill Self and the Jayhawks packed their bags Saturday for a battle in Boulder against the Buffaloes.
6News video: Surgery helps mother, daughter lose 130 pounds each
February 3, 2008
For one mother and daughter, shedding the excess pounds meant going to the extreme: weight loss surgery. Tonight in a two-part series, 6News reporter Christine Metz describes how the results have changed — and maybe even saved — their lives.
6News video: Area high school students eager for caucus
February 3, 2008
The Kansas caucuses could play a big part in this year’s presidential nomination process, and local teens are set to make their voices heard.
6News video: Clinton supporters gather for party, politics
February 3, 2008
House parties were plentiful today, but one had nothing to do with football and everything to do with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
6Sports video: Haskell continues to shine
February 3, 2008
For the Haskell mens’ basketball team, Saturday night the Indians looked to improve on their already flourishing season with a win over Central Christian University.
6News video: Border Showdown brings in $1.2 million
February 3, 2008
The score of the Border Showdown at Arrowhead may not have been to KU fans’ liking, but the financial outcome for the KU Athletics Department was a windfall.
6Sports video: Haskell women fall to Central Christian
February 3, 2008
The Haskell women took their best shot last night against Central Christian, but Central took over in the second half.
Amber Alert issued for 3-year-old Kansas City, Kan., boy
06:13 p.m., February 3, 2008 Updated 06:16 p.m.
An Amber Alert has been issued in Kansas for 3-year-old Seth Guerrero of Kansas City, Kan., who is believed to be with his father, Andrew Anthony Guerrero, 23.
Extra Minutes: Kansas 72, Colorado 59
February 3, 2008
Tying up loose ends from KU’s 13-point win Saturday in Colorado. The Jayhawks were tied 30-30 with the Buffs at halftime before a late second half run woke Bill Self’s squad up, filled with highlight slams that gave KU an extra boost heading into Monday’s rematch with Mizzou.
Pump patrol
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.87 at several locations.
Marchers protest Minuteman conference
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B2
More than 200 demonstrators turned up to protest the opening here of an anti-illegal immigration group’s first regional conference.
Review: Plot in Jance’s ‘Hand of Evil’ gets out of hand
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D3
The entertainment appeal of soap operas can’t be taken lightly. How else to explain the millions of viewers that daytime dramas attract. But a mystery becomes diluted when the plot starts to read more like a soap opera, complete with myriad life-threatening situations.
Cast-iron furniture versatile for indoor, outdoor decorating
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D4
Almost all chairs and tables were made of wood until the beginning of the 19th century, when new materials inspired new designs. When it was first used, iron had to be hand-wrought. But with the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, iron could be molded or cast.
National poll: McCain dominating GOP; Clinton, Obama neck and neck
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A4
Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois are running roughly even nationally as the battle for the Democratic nomination heads into Tuesday’s big round of primaries and caucuses, while Sen. John McCain of Arizona has jumped to a dominating lead over his remaining rivals in the Republican race, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
Coal rules legislative session
House, Senate may vote on bills as early as Friday
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A1
Many issues are before Kansas lawmakers, but the fate of two proposed coal-burning power plants in southwestern Kansas has dominated the first three weeks of the legislative session.And it will continue to do so.
Health, education face squeeze in president’s $3 trillion budget
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
The spiraling growth of Medicare and the high cost of renewing President Bush’s tax cuts are squeezing popular education, health, housing and anti-poverty programs in the budget blueprint that he hands lawmakers Monday.
Ouch! Why package stuff like that?
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D6
Why would a package designer enclose a product in plastic that resists box cutters, cleavers and maybe even power tools? Believe it or not, design experts say the packaging is sometimes meant to help consumers more than frustrate them.
Two officers wound each other in gun fight
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
Two off-duty officers from different police departments wounded each other in a gun fight in the middle of a road in an Atlanta suburb, authorities said.
Kansas tourism officials tout bird-watching opportunities
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B5
Millions of birds flock to Kansas during spring migration. Now, tourism officials are hoping a growing number of birders will follow.
US plan for pandemic flu, health care system criticized
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A9
The federal government’s voluminous plans for dealing with pandemic flu do not adequately account for the overwhelming strain an outbreak would place on hospitals and public health systems trying to cope with millions of seriously ill Americans, some public health experts and local health officials say.
Rush’s mother knows best
Jayhawk heeds mom’s advice, doesn’t ‘disappear’
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C7
Being in Indianapolis instead of Kansas City certainly didn’t stop Glenda Rush from getting in her youngest son’s ear in recent days.
Emmitt Thomas makes Hall of Fame
Ex-Chiefs cornerback elected; Derrick Thomas falls short
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C2
It was a Hall of Fame day for former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Emmitt Thomas, elected to the shrine Saturday. Washington Redskins Art Monk and Darrell Green also were selected, while former commissioner Paul Tagliabue failed to get in for the second straight year.
A different story
New edition of ‘A Death in the Family’ restores James Agee’s vision of the book
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D3
“A Death in the Family” won the Pulitzer Prize a half century ago and became an American literary classic, but it was not the book James Agee wrote. “It wasn’t what Agee intended. At least, it isn’t the manuscript that he left when he died,” University of Tennessee professor Michael Lofaro says.
Masters of ‘Suspension’
Lawrence filmmakers ready for premiere screening of special effects-laden feature
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D1
Lawrence natives Ethan Shaftel and Alec Joler first got the urge to collaborate on a film together while in eighth grade. Their rather unlikely subject was Armenia - the project intended to fulfill an assignment in their geography class. “We turned it into this ‘epic,’ with our attempt at massive battle scenes on the slopes of Azerbaijan,” Shaftel recalls. “We called it ‘Armenia: The Land, The People, The War.’ That was just for school, but the relationship we had immediately turned into doing more work not related to school.”
Britney’s soap opera drives economy that surrounds her
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D5
In the days after the Britney Spears soap opera rode a police-escorted gurney to its apex, celeb-mag sales spiked, traffic jammed gossip Web sites, tabloid TV ratings rose and paparazzi photo prices surged.For a growing number of people and businesses, Britney’s saga is about money: Every time she sinks to new lows, cash flows. And these days, no one is above the fray.
Hundreds gather for funeral of slain pregnant Marine
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
Family and friends wept and prayed Saturday at a funeral Mass for a pregnant Marine found slain in North Carolina.
Economics professor makes run for Czech presidency
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
As the U.S. presidential race heats up, a University of Michigan professor is focusing his attention on an election of a different kind.
On the record
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B2
A 20-year-old Lawrence man was transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center for injuries from a motorcycle accident Saturday. Ray Alan Carrender was reported to be in fair condition. According to a Kansas Highway Patrol report, Carrender was driving a 2006 Honda motorcycle north on Interstate 35 at mile marker 221.9, just south of Interstate 435 in Lenexa.
Japan relies on suspect, China-made food
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
The latest food-poisoning case involving frozen gyoza made in China sheds light on the extent to which Japan relies on food products imported from China. As China is Japan’s largest trading partner, people in trade circles are carefully watching how the investigations into the case develop.
Candidates try to appeal to young voters at forum
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A4
Democrat Barack Obama told young voters Saturday his multicultural background lets him “see through the eyes of other people” abroad in ways another president could not. Closer to home - and student pocketbooks - rival Hillary Clinton spoke of aggressive steps to make college affordable.
Technicians in demand at wind farms
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B2
The line of towering wind turbines stands motionless on the ridgeline above Interstate 70 in central Kansas, Y-shaped silhouettes amid the swirling snow.
Forests besieged as world fells trees at ‘alarming’ rate
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A6
In the gloomy shade deep in Africa’s rain forest, the noontime silence was pierced by the whine of a far-off chain saw. It was the sound of destruction, echoed from wood to wood, continent to continent, in the tropical belt that circles the globe.
French president marries former supermodel Bruni
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A10
They had a glitzy, jet-setting courtship, but when it came time for the wedding, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former supermodel Carla Bruni opted for a simple, classic ceremony - and the bride wore white.
Missing teen’s mom says daughter’s dead
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
The mother of missing American teenager Natalee Holloway said that she’s now convinced her daughter is dead after watching hidden camera footage of a Dutch student allegedly acknowledging involvement, according to an interview published Saturday.
Extra long jacket to keep giraffe warm
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
Like many a lady of a certain age, Tiki feels the cold these days. So workers at the Oakland Zoo are having a custom-fit coat made to keep the giraffe cozy this winter.
Rebels clash with government forces in Chad’s capital
Attempt to oust country’s president ‘under control’
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A5
Hundreds of rebels charged into Chad’s capital aboard pickup trucks Saturday, clashing with government troops around the presidential palace in the most forceful attempt yet to oust President Idriss Deby.
Japan considers taking disaster relief high tech
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A5
The government is planning to introduce more information technology gadgetry, such as tags with integrated circuits and Global Positioning System-related equipment, to help improve relief delivery operations in large-scale natural disasters.
Lawrence progress depends on finding middle ground
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B7
“At long last, KC is getting a little love,” was the understated boast of a recent headline in the Kansas City Star. “Convention planners are noticing as Top 10 lists rave:” A blossoming of major new projects has attracted national attention to Kansas City and elevated the town from a “modest metropolis” to “most underrated” in the span of about a year.
Working together
The best interests of the entire community are best served when our governmental units talk to one another and try to work together.
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
A disappointing sidelight to the Lawrence school board’s decision to call an April 1 election to raise taxes to fund the district’s local option budget was the board’s lack of communication or cooperation on the issue with city or county commissioners.
Old Home Town - 100 years ago
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
From the Lawrence Daily World for Feb. 3, 1908: King Carlos and Crown Prince Luiz Phillippe were assassinated in Lisbon, Portugal, over the weekend. A second son, Manuel II, has been crowned and apparently retains control over the situation.
Government’s failings stymie progress in Iraq
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B7
Strolling down Airplane Road in the Dora district, it’s clear what has happened in Iraq during the last year. A former war zone has become a place where shops and schools are open and housing prices are rising.
Garden City says it’s ready for influx of displaced Tyson workers
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B8
The decision by Tyson Foods Inc. to lay off 1,500 workers from its Emporia plant will likely send hundreds of people to western Kansas. Officials in Garden City are ready.
Weight-loss surgery gaining in popularity
Lap-Band gives mother, daughter new excitement in life
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A1
Dawn O’Brien stood in her kitchen holding a pair of size 26, blue-and-white flowered pants in front of her. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said, laughing. “Look at my pants. This is not me.” She flicked her wrists and tossed her pants to the floor. “Tada,” she giggled, striking a pose. Behind the pants was a size 9 figure. More than three years earlier, Dawn was sitting on her couch wearing the same pants - then so tight she couldn’t zip them up - when she decided something drastic had to change.
Senator: Insurance should cover weight-loss surgery
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A9
A letter from a 400-pound Wichita man convinced state Sen. Jim Barnett to conduct a hearing last month. The man with sleep apnea, diabetes, congestive heart failure and arthritis wanted to undergo obesity surgery, but he couldn’t convince his health insurance company to cover it. Without it, he likely was headed for premature death.
Ready for change
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
To the editor: I read the comments of the Kansas GOP chairman regarding the Democratic response speech of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius following President Bush’s State of the Union address. I feel that his comments were negative, politically biased and mean-spirited.
New Highway Patrol chief to start Friday
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
The Kansas Highway Patrol is getting a new leader this week.
US, Iraq pledge crackdown after latest bombings
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A7
A top U.S. commander said Saturday that two bombings carried out by women wrapped in bombs that killed nearly 100 people in Baghdad underscored that al-Qaida in Iraq remains a serious threat, but he vowed the military would “not give back any terrain” to the terror network.
Breakfast discussion to focus on issues
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
Kansas legislators will be taking questions from the public at an upcoming event hosted by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.
Needed dialogue
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
To the editor: I never saw a finer looking group of young men than those who were pictured in the Jan. 26 Journal-World. These young men, Muslims and graduate students at Kansas University, are from Turkey.
Foreign investments in US not alarming
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
Although Americans are alarmed by the credit crisis currently convulsing the economy, they are sensibly placid about one consequence of the crisis. It is the substantial investment by sovereign wealth funds - government owned and run investment funds - in financial institutions needing infusions of cash.
Low rates spur interest in refinancing
February 3, 2008 in print edition on E1
When the Fed cuts its benchmark interest rate by the single largest amount in more than 20 years - then cuts it again little more than a week later - people in debt tend to notice. And that’s when the phone starts ringing on Brian Occhipinto’s desk.
Behind the Lens - Photography tip: Get up close and personal
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D2
Megapixel, shutter speed, flash, aperture - all things you tend to think about when you think photography. And those are all fine and dandy. Mastering the technical side is a must if you want to make good pictures. But something you might not think about is proximity.
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D5
You might want and need more private time this year than in the past. You are ending a life cycle this year. Be honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t work in your life. If you are single, check out someone you meet with great care. If you are attached, the relationship will benefit from some getaways!
Mayor resigns over dognapping scandal
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
A small-town mayor accused of secretly keeping her neighbor’s dog after telling them the pet died has resigned, and a judge is set to decide custody of the Shih Tzu.
Writers, studios reach breakthrough
Deal could be made this week
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D5
A breakthrough in contract talks has been reached between Hollywood studios and striking writers and could lead to a tentative deal as early as this week, a person close to the ongoing negotiations said Saturday.
Report issued in Arkansas River case
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B5
A final report aimed at concluding a century of litigation between Kansas and Colorado over the Arkansas River was issued Friday by Special Master Arthur Littleworth.
Initiative to expand freshmen scholarships
Luring more first-year students to campus is goal
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
Kansas University will offer bigger scholarships to high-achieving prospective freshmen next fall in hopes of attracting more of them. The initiative, led by KU’s provost office, will pour $2.5 million into enhancing present entrance scholarships for incoming freshmen. “We’re not focused on adding new scholarships as much as we are just improving the overall package,” said Marlesa Roney, vice provost for student success.
Kansas insurance claims drop
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B4
A tornado wiped out 95 percent of Greensburg. Hailstorms rattled the south-central part of the state, damaging roofs. An ice storm crippled the state.
Soldier dies in Iraq
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B3
A soldier from Fort Riley has died in Iraq after his vehicle hit an improvised explosive device, the fort announced Saturday.
5 women dead in store shooting
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A1
A gunman fatally shot five women in a robbery at a store in a suburban Chicago strip mall and fled Saturday, prompting police to sweep through neighboring shops as terrified customers watched.
Freshman a big factor in KU victory
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
For a few days, anyway, Bonnie Ball was suspended at Kansas University women’s basketball practice. In its place? Boogaard Ball.
Will Giants’ storybook run have happy ending?
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C1
It’s time. Time to find out if this big adventure ends with the Giants pulling off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history - or being handed a defeat that deflates this storybook run.
Souper’ fundraiser scoops up thousands for city’s arts center
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
It was Dave Van Hee’s big debut. The local artist, who usually makes jewelry, aluminum masks and paintings, is new to the world of ceramics, and he was excited to display his work at the Lawrence Arts Center’s annual Souper Bowl Saturday. Van Hee donated about 20 pieces, which he began making shortly after Christmas.
New tests verify dog DNA
Owners can check purebred status
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D8
The doggie euphemism “All-American” was coined as a politer way to say “mutt.”
Kansas basketball notebook
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C6
At least 50 percent of the 10,347 fans at Coors Events Center were KU supporters. They made a lot of noise during KU’s late 12-1 run that turned a 55-50 lead into an insurmountable 67-51 advantage.
Up to the challenge
Jayhawks pull away after half
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C1
He didn’t kick the locker room stalls or throw any chalk and erasers. “He wasn’t mad at all,” Kansas University senior forward Darnell Jackson said of coach Bill Self, who nonetheless had a lot to say at halftime on Saturday at Coors Events Center, the Jayhawks and last-place Colorado Buffaloes tied, 30-all. “He challenged us. He said, ‘What is deep in your gut? Whatever is in there, go find it,”’ Jackson added.
Woodling: Buffs brought A-game
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C1
His last name is one you would expect to find in a bowl of alphabet soup. In fact, when Colorado named Jeff Bzdelik as its new men’s basketball coach, I immediately thought of Joe Btfsplk.
Unafraid Buffs get off to fast start
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C6
Seven times Richard Roby has played against Kansas University, and seven times the Colorado senior has, well : KU has won 37 of its last 38 men’s basketball games against the Buffaloes. In most of those 37 defeats, Colorado was never in the game. Saturday, the Buffs never really were out of it.
McCain works South; Democrats hit West before Super Tuesday
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A4
Sen. John McCain barnstormed through a skeptical South on Saturday, campaigning for a Super Tuesday knockout in the Republican presidential race. Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton worked the West on the final weekend before primaries and caucuses in more than 20 states.
Eighth-place Lions edge Firebirds
Lawrence High tops rival but Free State has top finisher
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
In their four years of swimming at Lawrence High, Alex Boyer and Zach Henderson never had been part of a team that finished ahead of cross-town rival Free State High at any boys swim meet.
Airport begins requiring iris scans, fingerprints
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
Heathrow Airport introduced a new security system for some of its passengers Friday, requiring them to undergo iris scans and be fingerprinted before boarding their flights.
Mormon leader remembered as ‘prophet’
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
Gordon B. Hinckley was remembered as a “prophet to the people” on Saturday as tens of thousands of faithful Mormons gathered to say goodbye to the church’s longtime president.
HINU women fall late
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
The Haskell Indian Nations University’s women’s basketball team’s six-person rotation eventually ran out of steam in a 64-53 loss to Central Christian on Saturday at Coffin Complex.
Center leads HINU men to victory
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
His name may be Terrance Little Thunder, but there’s absolutely nothing diminutive about him. Haskell Indian Nations University’s starting men’s basketball center is listed at 6-foot-11 and 300 pounds, and he wants to make sure everyone knows how big he plays.
Commentary: Fleeting glimpse at perfection
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C8
The imperfect team stalks the perfect season today. Forgive the salute to the greatest opening line in sports writing, that of a New York Daily News account of Don Larsen’s effort in the 1956 World Series that began: The imperfect man pitched the perfect game.
KU tennis team falls in season opener
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
The Kansas University tennis team dropped its season-opening match against Arkansas, 5-2, on Saturday.
Plane makes safe emergency landing
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A10
An Austrian Airlines jet carrying 100 passengers made a safe emergency landing at Leeds Bradford International Airport in northern England, officials said Saturday.
Short-handed MU stuns KSU
Texas rallies, tops Baylor; Tech still perfect at home
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C4
Missouri looked nothing like a team in turmoil against the last unbeaten school in the Big 12. J.T. Tiller scored a career-high 20 points, including two key free throws with six seconds left, helping the short-handed Tigers overcome recent suspensions in the wake of a nightclub altercation to shock No. 22 Kansas State, 77-74, on Saturday.
Top 25 Roundup: Penn State stuns No. 8 Spartans
Nittany Lions notch first victory against ranked opponent in 2 years; Memphis still unbeaten
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C4
Penn State’s youngsters passed a stiff test at the free-throw line and got a huge reward.
Super teams’ tendencies
Which Patriot is most likely to fumble? How will the Giants replace Jeremy Shockey?
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C8
No team took better care of the football than the Patriots, who committed just 15 turnovers. Tom Brady threw nine interceptions, and the Patriots lost six fumbles. But Brady committed five of the turnovers in December in the cold weather. The ball will be easier to grip and hold indoors at the Super Bowl.
Santana trade official
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C2
Johan Santana is a member of the New York Mets.
NBA Roundup
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C9
Scores from around the league.
Jayhawks win 3 titles at Husker Invitational
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C3
The Kansas University track and field team left the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational with three victories on Saturday.
Fighting erupts after deal to end violence
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A2
Young men from rival ethnic groups hunted each other through the streets of a western Kenyan town Saturday, burning houses and blocking roads a day after the country’s political foes agreed to try to end weeks of violence.
February 3, 2008 in print edition on E1
Douglas County residents or businesses filing for bankruptcy protection during the week ended Thursday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Kansas, according to court records:
Lawrence Habitat hires new director
February 3, 2008 in print edition on E1
Lawrence Habitat for Humanity announces the hiring of Grace Hoyt as director of development, responsible for helping to streamline the agency’s efforts to raise money, boost community awareness and increase volunteer activity.
Cold Blood’ focus of state program
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D1
Roy Bird thinks all Kansans should read “In Cold Blood.” It is, after all, one of the most famous books set in the Sunflower State.
Free seminar at LMH to teach biofeedback
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
Lawrence Memorial Hospital will offer a free seminar to teach individuals a unique technique for lowering blood pressure.
Commentary: Can you be great if caught cheating?
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C2
Discussions about greatness in sports often start with numbers but inevitably veer into something that is as graspable as vapor. Numbers measure; hearts decide. The Patriots are 18-0 and need to beat the Giants in the Super Bowl to become the first team since the 1972 Dolphins to complete a season undefeated.
Good news: Drink to your health
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D1
Two just-released, scientific studies gave me reason to smile through my chapped lips this week. The first was a report published in Time magazine (via the European Heart Journal) suggesting that having one to two alcoholic beverages per day can be as beneficial as exercise in preventing heart disease. Be still, my left ventricle!!
Tireless workers
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B6
To the editor: I’m writing this letter to say “thanks” to the many tireless workers who make our lives so much easier. It’s especially evident in the extreme weather, when our trash is always picked up, our mail delivered, our meters read, our streets cleared and repaired, our children picked up and driven to schools by faithful bus drivers, and public transportation carries people to their destinations.
Participants sought for Art in the Park
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D2
The Lawrence Art Guild’s 47th Art in the Park is planned for May 4 in South Park, with a March 15 deadline for entries.
Kansans join national book panel discussion
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D2
Lawrence- and Kansas City -area members of the National Book Critics Circle will join with a bookseller to present a panel discussion, “Recommended Winter Reading: Essentials.” The discussion will review the February NBCC Best Recommended Reading list as well as their own recommendations.
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D3
The best-selling fiction and nonfiction books for this week.
A Child’s Closing Prayer
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D3
Poet’s Showcase: A Child’s Closing Prayer by Tom Mach.
Watkins Museum kicks off history series
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D7
J. Edgar Tidwell, associate professor of English at Kansas University, will present a free program titled “Against the Odds: Writers Growing up Black in Kansas,” at 3 p.m. Saturday at Watkins Community Museum of History, 1047 Mass.
KU professor features 40 years of photos
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D7
Pok Chi Lau, Kansas University professor of photography in the new academic program PhotoMedia, is currently exhibiting his works in a show titled “Flow, China.” This international exhibition represents Lau’s portfolio of work over the past 40 years and is accompanied by the publication of a book of the same name.
KU graduate students showcase works
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D7
Kansas University’s annual graduate art and design exhibition opens today at the Art and Design Gallery, with a public reception planned from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday.
De-icer may be dangerous for pets
February 3, 2008 in print edition on D8
The de-icer that makes your front sidewalk safer for people may make it more dangerous for pets, the Washington Post reports.
Governor calls stimulus short-term solution
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
Congress has taken the lead in bringing needed fiscal discipline to the economy, West Virginia’s governor said Saturday.
Pickup truck about to drive its 1 millionth mile
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
Frank Oresnik is on the verge of making history driving his old standby - the pickup truck he says is about to pass the 1 million mile mark.
KU lauds journalist who won Pulitzer
William Allen White Foundation picks reporter for citation
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
Seymour Hersh has a knack for uncovering the outrageous side of American wars. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War and was lauded for uncovering the abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in 2004. On Friday, Hersh will be given the William Allen White Foundation’s 2008 national citation.
Police arrest man who resembles ‘Hobo Bandit’
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
A bank robbery suspect whose “Hobo Bandit” appearance inspired a bank teller to paint his portrait has been arrested, police said.
IRS seeks taxpayers who qualify for credit
February 3, 2008 in print edition on E1
Attention, low-wage earners and others who may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit: The IRS wants to give you your money back.
Teens cited for hurling french fry ‘missiles’
February 3, 2008 in print edition on A3
Three 13-year-old girls accused of throwing french fries during lunchtime at their school were cited for “hurling missiles,” an adult infraction covered by city ordinances.
Baylor smothers KSU
Oklahoma State, Texas A&M also notch victories
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C5
While winning a key game, No. 6 Baylor might have lost a key player.
Jayhawk fans breathe easier after Saturday’s victory
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B1
After a disappointing and, to some, surprising loss to Kansas State University on Wednesday, the Kansas University Jayhawks had some fans on edge for a second time this week.
Where is the money from?
February 3, 2008 in print edition on B4
The Kansas University Endowment Association will give $1.9 million of the total $2.5 million for enhancing entrance scholarships, said Dale Seuferling, association president. That leaves KU to reallocate $600,000 from existing undergraduate scholarship funds across its departments and schools.
More spying allegations for Pats
February 3, 2008 in print edition on C8
The New England Patriots have denied a report quoting a source who claims the team illegally taped the St. Louis Rams’ walk-through session the day before Super Bowl XXXVI six years ago.