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Former senator in city to rally support for Obama

Tom Daschle speaks to supporters at Haskell and Milton’s

February 1, 2008


Former senator campaigns for Obama

Former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle spent today in Kansas campaigning for Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama. Enlarge video

Former Sen. Tom Daschle pays a visit to Milton's on Thursday in support of Barack Obama's campaign for president. Daschle also visited Haskell Indian Nations University.

Former Sen. Tom Daschle pays a visit to Milton's on Thursday in support of Barack Obama's campaign for president. Daschle also visited Haskell Indian Nations University.

Barack Obama spent Tuesday in Kansas and on Thursday, one of his surrogates came back, visiting Lawrence, to promote the Democratic presidential candidate in towns Obama did not visit.

Former Sen. Tom Daschle, a Democrat from South Dakota, spoke at Haskell Indian Nations University on Thursday afternoon and then stopped by Milton's to rally more Obama supporters. Daschle told the crowd of about 35 people that they were the key to Obama winning the Kansas caucuses next week.

"This matters a lot because, for the first time, we believe the Democrats can be very, very competitive in a state like this," Daschle said. "We've seen exciting changes here in part because of Gov. (Kathleen) Sebelius' leadership."

Daschle said he's been pleased with the turnout and support he's seen throughout his trip, which also included a stop in Kansas City.

"The level of enthusiasm, the level of excitement, the level of participation is a very important factor for us," he said.

In addition to the caucuses, though, Daschle said he had confidence Obama could carry Kansas also in the general election. No Democrat has won Kansas since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

"When you grow up in a state like Kansas or South Dakota, you believe the redness will always be here. No longer. We can win these states," Daschle said.

Katie Krider, an Obama supporter from Lawrence, turned out at Milton's to lend her support for Obama and hear what Daschle had to say.

"It's really good to see someone of his stature come and talk to us," she said of Daschle.

Another Obama supporter at Milton's, Nancy Hiebert, of Lawrence, saw Daschle for the second time Thursday. She made a trip to Kansas City for an event earlier in the day.

"(Daschle's) always been one of my favorite senators, even though he's not there any more," she said. "Him coming here spikes interest in Senator Obama. Even if people don't come, it's energizing."

This is Daschle's first trip back to Lawrence since delivering the Dole Lecture at Kansas University's Dole Institute of Politics in 2006.

"I feel very much at home here," Daschle said. "Lawrence is a very special place."


lounger 10 years, 3 months ago

He is a pretty cool cat! It was indeed a good gesture to come here and visit! A cabnet position for Obama perhaps? He would be a wise choice!!!

NLowrider 10 years, 3 months ago

Bladerunner, always looking over your shoulder means you are paranoid. I really don't get why people are terrorized so easily.

Democrats don't always wage wars so it's not exactly reasonable to compare National Defense with the Republicans who are always known for being in some kind of war.

Neither party is all that great though.

Bladerunner 10 years, 3 months ago

Democrats are historically weak on National Defense. A vote for Obama means you'll always be looking over your shoulder.

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