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Speech touched hearts, local delegate says

84,000 people packed into Denver's Invesco Field Thursday night to witness history and hear Barack Obama say those words...

August 29, 2008


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Kansas delegates were wowed by Obama's speech and the historic nature of the night.

"I thought he touched so many issues and he touched so many hearts," state Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence, said.

State Rep. Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, said Obama's speech and the excitement of the crowd "was like nothing I've ever witnessed before."

He added "there wasn't a dry eye" where the Kansas delegation was sitting on the floor of the stadium a little to the left of the podium.

Davis said Obama made a strong case for his candidacy and positions. And, he said, Obama made it clear that he would not let attacks go unanswered.

Both Davis and Francisco said they really appreciated the part of the speech where Obama said his candidacy wasn't about himself but about those who wanted to see change.

Asked it if would be worthwhile to campaign for Obama in Kansas, which hasn't supported a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, Francisco said it was.

"Campaigning in Kansas is not about how many votes Barack Obama can get," she said. She said it was about showing voters that what must happen "to make America work again."


bondmen 9 years, 6 months ago

Now the emotionalism has climaxed and passed so it's time to turn the brain back on and analyze specific policy promises for their cost and potential effectiveness.Neither candidate is telling US the federal government has over promised and is on the brink of bankruptcy! Neither is willing to face the harsh reality, inform the voters and propose a plan of recovery. Instead they hope adding additional layers of bureaucracy and mandates will buy enough uninformed and gullible votes to win the election.

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