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12:00 a.m.
Kansas University freshman Travis Young, Garden City, winces as his friend Kim Nguyen, also a Garden City freshman, pulls a KU hat down on his head Wednesday at Jayhawk Bookstore. Through the end of June, KU had received $626,000 in royalties from sales of licensed merchandise connected with KU's national basketball championship, a record haul for such a title. KU tops North Carolina for royalties title
August 20, 2008 in print edition on 1A
Kansas has beaten North Carolina again, this time when it comes to proceeds from sales of officially licensed merchandise.
6:00 a.m.
Lawrence Public Library Director Bruce Flanders prepares to eat a bug Wednesday, with a glass dish of barbecue-flavored mealworms in front of him. Flanders had promised to eat bugs if enough participants in the library's summer reading program could make a line of paper ants - representing 10 extra books each - go around the kids' room, around the library lobby and back. Flanders kept his promise Wednesday and was assisted by several children in the audience. Readers dig library director’s bug diet
August 21, 2008 in print edition on 3A
Bruce Flanders is eating his words. Several months ago, the Lawrence Public Library director threw out a challenge. “It was just one of these rash comments I made earlier in the summer,” he said. Flanders had vowed to eat insects if children participating in the 2008 summer reading program - “Catch the Reading Bug” - read lots of books beyond those required in the program.
10:00 a.m.
Daniel Merriam, Lawrence, a retired geologist from the Kansas Geological Survey, reads Wednesday from the letter he mailed to his wife, Annie, about the Warsaw Pact invasion 40 years ago when the Soviet Union and its allies invaded Czechoslovakia. He was in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on that day. KU geologist sees history repeat itself in invasions
August 21, 2008 in print edition on 3A
It was only a few words. But the short telegram Annie Merriam received at her 2523 Ark. home on Aug. 24, 1968, gave her a huge sense of relief. “ARRIVED VIENNA OK=DAN=.” It was a Western Union message from her husband, Daniel, a Kansas University geologist, who was in Prague, Czechoslovakia, for a conference on Aug. 21, 1968.
2:00 p.m.
Robert Rowland, chairman of the communication studies department at Kansas University, high fives  KU communications studies professor Mary Banwart as she's presented with a Kemper fellowship Thursday during the first day of classes at KU. The Kemper award is for excellence in teaching. Communication studies professor wins first of this year’s 20 Kemper fellowships
August 21, 2008 in print edition on 3A
How often is a speech instructor at a loss for words? Not very often, Mary Banwart said, but being one of this year’s William T. Kemper fellows was enough to throw the communications studies professor off her stride for a moment.
10:00 p.m.
Kent Nunemaker cuts some corn for silage Wednesday northeast of Lawrence.The state's corn harvest should get into full gear by mid-September, and Kansas may be looking at its largest-ever corn crop. State heading for record corn crop
August 21, 2008 in print edition on 1A
Kent Nunemaker launched his corn harvest this week by cutting a 40-acre field northeast of Lawrence. He was pleased with the results. “The corn looks pretty good this year,” he said on Thursday. “It’s a little above average.” Nunemaker’s harvest began at least three weeks ahead of most corn growers. His early corn was stored in a silo to be fed to cattle. He still has about 1,500 acres to cut.

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