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KU keeping quiet on potential budget cuts

August 12, 2008


Kansas University officials are remaining mum about how they might handle proposed budget cuts.

"We do not want to cause undue concern for students, faculty or staff by talking about potential reductions that haven't been finalized here and won't be until after consideration by the regents," university spokeswoman Lynn Bretz said.

Last week, department and university leaders gave Provost Richard Lariviere a list of recommended cuts that could be made. But officials said they don't plan to talk about that list because it still is in a draft phase and no official cuts have been made.

The regents will review KU's recommendations during next week's Wichita retreat.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has said she would work to make sure higher education didn't take a hit in upcoming budget years.

The proposed cuts come after the state asked regents universities to prepare for a possible 7 percent budget cut during the next two years. For KU, that could mean $14.7 million overall cut from the budget.


SettingTheRecordStraight 9 years, 10 months ago

"...the state asked regents universities to prepare for a possible 7 percent budget cut..."So that means our tax dollars go toward subsidizing many wealthy students' tuitions?? I'm shocked. I suppose they're next going to tell us that our property taxes go to pay for the public education of children from wealthy families.

cdcass 9 years, 10 months ago

It is truly disturbing to see any school take a budget cut; on one hand it is easy to understand that the funds are limited, especially in our state where Republicans have done all they can to ensure that the schools get the cuts. However, when it comes to education, I do not believe that cutting funds for our students future, and the future of our country is the answer. Our country deserves the best possible education for us to stay competitive in a Global economy. In light of our falling numbers as compared on the larger scheme of things, education is one of those off limit cuts, or one should hope if we are to keep and produce jobs here in the states. My son will be attending KU this fall, so hearing this news is disturbing, considering what it costs for him to attend the school. My daughter is at K-State, and the building there are in serious disrepair as it is. Please, keep our schools funded, our country has fought too hard to let our childrens education fall to the wayside. I do not blame the Gov. for this shortfall, I blame the legislators who have consistently shortchanged school funding. People need to keep tax dollars in the state. Keeping in mind that ordering out of state, on-line, shortchanges our available tax dollars.

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