Letters to the Editor

Earth Day talks

April 30, 2008


To the editor:

I was disappointed, then suspicious, that the Journal-World did not cover either the Gary Nabhan panel discussion at Ecumenical Christian Ministries or his KU Earth Day talk (both were well attended). Is it a Journal-World policy to not cover KU Earth Day speakers or other environmental speakers, such as Winona LaDuke's recent KU talk? Is The World Company afraid that its Wal-Mart-type sponsors would disapprove of covering local production of food and local businesses that could develop from this growing sector of our economy?

The public would have benefited from hearing Gary's ideas on how communities are using local food production, chefs and businesses to reinvigorate their economy in a time of higher energy prices and economic instability. Or his ideas on how local biodiversity, foods and restaurants can help us develop a richer culture that will attract people to our community.

Maggie Riggs,


lounger 10 years ago

the journal world is owned by republicans

pomegranate 10 years ago

Maggie, in my opinion, your letter is stuped. You know, Earth Day and all that it entails is for everyone, Walmart types included. Walmart is really quite "green", has a great recycling area, and would not mind if there was tons of local food development. In fact, they would likely purchase directly from the grower, thereby helping said grower out greatly. And any business which may develop would not likely be in competition with Walmart.If people of your ilk would quit blaming Walmart and Bush for EVERYTHING that happens, you would not be such a bitter person.

blahblahblah 10 years ago

I find it amusing that someone would call another person's ideas stupid while misspelling the word stupid.

pomegranate 10 years ago

You are so right! How stupid am I?

SettingTheRecordStraight 10 years ago

The writer of this LTE seems to know what a "Wal-Mart-type sponsor" is and how these "sponsors" view Earth Day activities. The rest of us are forced to wonder how these "sponsors" must feel about Earth Day.

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