Letters to the Editor

No football?

April 29, 2008


To the editor:

"An Incredible Year" indeed, for both basketball and football. I don't know who the geniuses are that put the book together, but I am disappointed that they did it without mention of the incredible year our football team had as well. That book was, in my opinion, a collective slap in the face of our football players and coaches.

It should have been called "49 and 4: KU Basketball and Football 2008," and included pictorials chronicling both teams. I understand the difference between winning the Orange Bowl championship and winning the national title outright, but our football season was not exactly chopped liver. Surely they deserved a footnote.

A year like this will probably never come again in our lifetimes, and we missed a real opportunity to document it. What a shame. I am a proud fan of both programs and look forward to next season.

Gene Ramp,



Angel Gillaspie 10 years, 1 month ago

AMEN, Gene. We should have had a parade for the football team, too. I'm looking forward to KU football, which is a first for me :0) I used to just "anticipate" the KU football season. Congratulations, KU football team, and thanks for an awesome season! ROCK CHALK!

paavopetie 10 years, 1 month ago

Top things to complain about in Lawrence, Kansas:1. Lost revenue for moving the KU/MU game to Kansas City.Check.2. How the roads in Lawrence are like a third-world country.Check.3. The school district is spending too much money on athletics.Check.4. The city commission isn't doing anything.Check.5. The KU football team wasn't included in a parade.Check.6. The KU football team wasn't included in some book.Check.Hmm, I'll give you a hint to the three complaints that don't really matter... they all have to do with football!

Confrontation 10 years, 1 month ago

"49 and 4: KU Basketball and Football 2008,"That's the most idiotic title for a book. Why not call it, "We Won a Lot, but We Still Lost 4"? How about, "4 Losses Broke Our Hearts"? Even better, "Football Prints Its Own Book and Gene Stops Crying."

Boeing 10 years, 1 month ago

How big of a fan can you be if you don't think we can have another fantastic season like this one "in our lifetime"? I mean, unless you're 103 years old, stop being Negative Nancy over there. Think positive, think repeat.

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