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Jewelry stolen from corpse in crypt

September 19, 2007


— Police say thieves broke into an aboveground crypt at a Wichita cemetery and stole a necklace from a woman's corpse.

The theft was reported Tuesday morning, five months after an attempted grave robbery at another Wichita cemetery.

Captain Darrell Haynes said that in the more recent break-in, a $20 gold medallion made into a necklace is missing from the grave of a 60-year-old woman.

Detectives say it could be linked to an incident at another cemetery in April, when intruders broke into an aboveground mausoleum but couldn't open the casket.


Confrontation 10 years, 8 months ago

It's always been interesting to me to see how many valuable items get buried with the dead. I recall one famly who flipped out because the funeral director suggested that they donate the dead person's eye glasses to a charity. As if the glasses were going to do any good in the ground. However, I do believe it's up to the individual family to make those choices and these grave robbers should receive their punishment.

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