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6:00 a.m.
Scientists from the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets survey polar ice sheets on Greenland. Their research looks at how melting ice sheets will contribute to rising sea levels. The center is based at Kansas University. KU provides key research on global warming
September 2, 2007 in print edition on 1A
In August, Kansas University research assistant Claude Laird braved below-freezing temperatures and a trek across Greenland’s ice divide. Two months before, George Tsoflias, an assistant professor of geophysics, was planting explosives and recording the blasts in the world’s fastest moving glacier. And, this past winter, associate professor of aerospace engineering Rick Hale and graduate student Bill Donovan were testing how well unmanned airplanes could fly over Antarctica’s barren ice sheet.
12:00 p.m.
Tom Cox, a KU senior from Shawnee, Kan., who rides his scooter to classes, said he is applying the information he learned in a motorcycle safety course to riding his scooter. Scooters a popular transportation choice for economic reasons and fun
September 2, 2007 in print edition on 1B
Riding on a scooter gives Ruth Lichtwardt a sense of freedom that she would take over a car trip any day. “It’s the closest thing to flying you can do on the ground,” the 48-year-old Lawrence resident said. She has driven scooters since 1983.
6:00 p.m.
Lawrence's newest art gallery opens Friday with a reception to celebrate its first exhibit, "Thresholds," which features a cadre of top-notch artists with local ties. Owner and artist Sally Piller dubbed the venue 6 Gallery, and she's pictured there, 716 1/2 Mass., where she'll also have a personal studio to create paintings and prints. Fresh canvas
September 2, 2007 in print edition on 1D
Lawrence’s newest art gallery opens Friday. It’s a cozy space, tucked into a basement that once housed a music store on Massachusetts Street. Local artist Sally Piller is the brains behind the operation, which she calls 6 Gallery. “As far as having any experience in this business, I don’t have any. But I feel like that can’t be a liability because you might as well reinvent the wheel,” she says.

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Lawrence Datebook
September 2, 2007 in print edition on B2
Events around Lawrence.
Shooting range grants available
W&P aims to help build or improve ranges to meet growing need
September 2, 2007 in print edition on C12
More than 19 million Americans enjoy target shooting, and more citizens are turning to the shooting sports as a leisure-time activity.
Ethical issue
A city employee who operates substandard rental property is a poor reflection on our city government.
September 2, 2007 in print edition on B6
A landlord who has been fined for substandard conditions at his own rental property doesn’t seem like the ideal person to be handling landlord-tenant mediation for the city’s Human Relations Department.
Latest bass rage: swim baits
If you don’t throw a swim bait, you can’t compete’
September 2, 2007 in print edition on C12
Until a couple of months ago, John Albidrez enjoyed most of his success in bass fishing using a particular brand and color of plastic worms. But the scale never lies.
September 2, 2007 in print edition on D3
The top-selling books for this week.