Letters to the Editor

Water issues

October 18, 2007


To the editor:

The editorial in Sunday's paper states the case made by proponents concerning the economic advantages for building coal-fired electrical generating plants in western Kansas. In that editorial, no mention is made concerning the source of water that will be used in the process.

Currently considering the problem of obtaining adequate quantities of unpolluted drinking water and sufficient water for livestock and agricultural irrigation (not even considering what the needs will be in the future), such power plants will compete with human and animal populations and irrigation for water in that area. The construction of such plants will require a population of construction, maintenance and administrative workers which will, no doubt, develop into another growing urban population in an area that is least able to support one.

At present, the water level in the Ogallala Aquifer is diminishing at an accelerating rate, and there is much discussion about conservation of water. It appears to be a fantasy that this type of activity can be supported by the area which is nearly a desert. One should also ask the question: "If it will been such a boon for western Kansas, why hasn't it been built in eastern Colorado?"

Edward Shaw,



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