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Schwegler Elementary goes green
Should KDHE approve new coal-fired electric plants in western Kansas?

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6:00 a.m.
The state on Thursday denied permits for two coal plants near Holcomb, Kan. Lawmakers try to light fire under coal plant review
October 3, 2007 in print edition on 1A
Legislative leaders on Wednesday said if the state rejects proposed coal-burning electric plants in western Kansas, developers would move the $4 billion project 50 miles west to Colorado. “So we would still suffer the environmental impact without any economic benefit,” House Majority Leader Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, said. But environmentalists said there was no possibility that the proposal to build two 700-megawatt plants near Holcomb would be transferred to Colorado.
9:00 a.m.
Reading aloud at KU
October 4, 2007 in print edition on 1A
In some communities, picking up a copy of a Harry Potter book may not be as simple as a visit to the local library. In others, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” ranks right up there with copies of Hustler magazine. Both these books are among the most often banned or challenged in American libraries. Dozens - if not hundreds - more books have faced being pulled from library shelves throughout the country.
1:30 p.m.
Online chat
Chat about Harvest of Arts Film Festival
October 4, 2007
Lawrence's longest-running film festival returns with an array of comedies, documentaries and experimental pieces. Chat with organizer Mark von Schlemmer, who has been at the helm of the Harvest of Arts fest for the last 16 years.
3:00 p.m.
Online chat
Chat with Jeffrey Martin of the Wichita Eagle
October 4, 2007
Jeffrey Martin, who <a href="">covers Kansas State for the Wichita Eagle</a>, will join us on for a live chat Thursday at 3 p.m. to discuss this weekend's tilt between the Jayhawks and Wildcats. Questions are sure to be aplenty, so submit yours early.

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6Sports video: Firebirds stomp SM West 32-0
October 4, 2007
The Free State Firebird football team shut-out the Shawnee Mission West Vikings by a final score of 32-0.
6News video: Local firefighter honored by American Heart Association
October 4, 2007
The American Heart Association honors a Lawrence firefighter who sprung into action in July, 2006, saving the life of a stroke victim.
6News video: Students must prove they are immune to chicken pox before attending school
October 4, 2007
Parents at two Lawrence schools must prove their child is immune to chicken pox by tomorrow morning.
6News video: Friend 2 Friend: Early detection of breast cancer
October 4, 2007
One-in-eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Lawrence Memorial Hospital for a new series called ‘Friend 2 Friend’ to share stories of survival, new research, and inspiration.
6News video: KU police issue warning about possible child abductor
October 4, 2007
KU police issue a warning tonight after a man tries to lure a child into his car.
6Sports video: LHS to face familiar foe on the sidelines
October 4, 2007
A familiar face makes a return to Lawrence Friday night when the Shawnee Mission Northwest football team takes on Lawrence High.
6Sports video: Jayhawks hoping history repeats itself
October 4, 2007
Last season, the Jayhawks defeated the K-State Wildcats after a bye week and a week after KSU defeated Texas. With similar circumstances surrounding this Saturday’s Sunflower Showdown, KU hopes to get the same results as last year.
6News video: Two local charitable organizations celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early
October 4, 2007
The Social Service League and County Fair Swim Club are the 2008 beneficiaries for the annual Lawrence St. Patrick’s Day parade.
6News video: Local students say Columbus Day shouldn’t just be about Christopher Columbus
October 4, 2007
A group of students at Haskell Indian Nations University is trying to convince Lawrence city leaders that Monday’s holiday should be about much more.
6News video: Listing of banned books may surprise readers
October 4, 2007
In some communities, it may be just as hard to find a copy of Harry Potter in the local library as it is to find a copy of an adult magazine. As 6News reporter Jonathan Kealing explains, local bookstores and librarians are trying to let everyone know the importance of every book.
6Sports video: KU lineman ready to roll against ‘Cats
October 4, 2007
KU junior offensive lineman Adrian Mayes may have grown up in Manhattan, Kansas, but these days his loyalty remains with the Jayhawk crimson and blue.
6News Now: Haskell students bring Columbus Day name issue to city commission
October 4, 2007
In tonight’s 6News and tomorrow’s Lawrence Journal-World, HINU students present a proclamation asking for a change to Columbus Day, and recognition for off-duty firefighters who helped treat a stroke victim.
Autumn prep helps spring gardens grow
October 4, 2007 in print edition on C1
Toward the end of the summer heat, I begin neglecting my own garden. More weeds grow, fewer flowers get deadheaded, and I daydream about rain instead of water hoses. Now, cooler days and nights mean it is time to clean up the garden and prepare for next year.
Quarterback Club meeting
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Starting tonight, the Kansas University Quarterback Club will meet weekly at Paddy O’Quigley’s in the Lawrence Holiday Inn Holidome starting at 5 p.m.
Gary Bedore’s KU Hoops Notes
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Mario Little, a 6-foot-6 sophomore guard from Chipola (Fla.) Community College and Chicago’s Washington High, continues to weigh the pros and cons of his three finalists - KU, Kansas State and Illinois.
Beckett throws zeros
Ortiz homers; Red Sox open with 4-0 blanking of Angels
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B4
Josh Beckett is Mr. Zero when October rolls around. The MVP of the 2003 World Series pitched his second consecutive postseason shutout and, backed by a home run from David Ortiz, led the Boston Red Sox over the Los Angeles Angels, 4-0, Wednesday night in their AL playoff opener.
Commentary: Times change; to his credit, so has Bud
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B2
Make some room. I’m about to do a 120-degree turn on Bud Selig. Grudgingly. The commissioner is smarter than I gave him credit for, not to mention more forward-looking. Especially for someone who begins every other sentence, “As you probably know, I’m a student of history … “
Lawrence Datebook
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A4
Events around Lawrence.
Customs officials find drugs hidden in toy
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Customs officers discovered nearly 10.5 ounces of ecstasy tablets hidden inside a Mr. Potato Head toy sent to Australia from Ireland, the agency said today.
First of trapped South African gold miners evacuated safely
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Some 3,000 gold miners were trapped a mile underground Wednesday when falling pipe damaged the elevator, but the company began rescuing workers through a smaller shaft and estimated it would take several hours to get them all out.
Safeguard your child’s identity
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
Tara called into my XM radio show distressed about her debt. But unlike many people who complain about the bills they allowed to mount, much of her debt was not her fault.
Sen. Domenici plans to retire at end of term
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico, an influential Republican voice on budget issues for a generation, intends to retire at the end of his term next year for health reasons, party officials said Wednesday.The 75-year-old, six-term lawmaker plans a formal announcement today in his home state.
Falcons want Vick’s bonus
Atlanta to seek refund of $22 million
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B2
Falcons want Vick’s bonus–-
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B10
You have a way of stealing the limelight this year. Your charisma, strength and leadership braid together. You will come out flying if you simply relax and do what comes naturally. If you are single, rest assured you don’t need to maintain this status if you would like to change direction.
Evidence backs Anita Hill
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A11
To read Clarence Thomas’ book is to be struck anew by the blast-furnace of his anger - at Democrats; at liberal interest groups; at the media; at, of course, Anita Hill.
Firebirds seek to snap skid vs. SM West
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B1
Shawnee Mission West owns the franchise on dousing Free State High football daubers. Five straight times the Vikings have humbled the Firebirds, including the last three years in the Class 6A state playoffs.
Study shows virtual colonoscopy works just as well as traditional kind
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A7
Having an X-ray to look for signs of colon cancer may soon be an option for those who dread the traditional scope exam. Two of the largest studies yet of “virtual colonoscopy” show the experimental technique works just as well at spotting potentially cancerous growths as the more invasive method. It’s also quicker and cheaper.
People in the news
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B10
¢ Spears gets visitation; court won’t reverse order¢ Aniston top-selling face on celeb magazines¢ Stamos ready to be a father, wants to adopt¢ Kid Rock: Anderson lied about miscarriage¢ Bonaduce investigated in battery case
30 Rock’ to feature Seinfeld as guest
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B10
Jerry Seinfeld returns to Thursday night network comedy for at least one episode of “30 Rock” (7:30 p.m., NBC). The Emmy award-winning “Rock” makes the most of its show-within-a-show story to make many self-deprecating jokes about the decline of network television since the departure of “Seinfeld” in 1998.
Rise of the return
Jayhawks, Wildcats rely on talented special-teams units
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B1
Kansas State has two game-changing playmakers returning punts, so converting on third down becomes twice as important for Kansas University’s football team Saturday at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Jordy Nelson, the Big 12’s second-leading receiver who also has thrown two passes, both for touchdowns, has the longest punt return in the Big 12 this season.
Schwegler going environmentally friendly in fundraiser for PTA
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
Schwegler School students won’t be going door-to-door selling the traditional cookie dough and wrapping paper this year. Instead, for the 50th anniversary at the school, 2201 Ousdahl Road, a major fundraising effort consists of selling energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs and compost bags for leaf collection.
Bond cut for hit-and-run suspect
Osage County judge lowers amount to $1M for driver
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
A woman charged with fleeing police after two highway workers were killed in a hit-and-run south of Lawrence last month saw her bond cut in half during a hearing Wednesday in Osage County District Court.
Water district files suit to protect boundaries
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A5
Representatives of Douglas County Rural Water District No. 4 have filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to protect its boundaries from the city of Eudora. The suit comes after several meetings between city and water district representatives to discuss water service in areas south of Kansas Highway 10 and east of County Road 1061. The lawsuit follows a series of annexations by Eudora in the last year.
Keegan: Off week favors Jayhawks
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B1
Here’s guessing this conversation has taken place between at least 20 pairs of Kansas University football fans: Fan No. 1: “We won last year, and it’s just like last year. Kansas State was coming off of a big victory against Texas, and Kansas was coming off of a bye week.” Fan No. 2: “True, but Kansas was at home last year, and this year the game is in Manhattan.”
Plants that kill other plants studied as alternatives to pesticides
October 4, 2007 in print edition on C2
It’s long been known that some plants are biologically capable of eliminating other plants. Now that is spurring their development as a low-maintenance, chemical-free option for weed control.
Congo influence
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A11
To the editor: Regarding George Will’s “A game of 17 questions for Obama,” (Journal-World, Oct. 1), George Will takes Barack Obama to task for not providing answers to questions, yet in his column he mentions the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) “where millions have been slaughtered as a consequence of ethnic strife.”
Growing healthier kids
Study pits gardening against childhood obesity
October 4, 2007 in print edition on C1
Many of us love talking about the growth of flowers, trees and shrubs, but they’re not the only things blossoming before our eyes. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Nearly one-third of U.S. children are overweight, according to the Annual National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
K.C. kicker Rayner honored
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B5
Thanks to Dave Rayner, the Kansas City Chiefs are paying a very small price for a pretty big mistake. They passed on drafting Colorado’s all-American place-kicker Mason Crosby in April because, they said, they had found somebody even better.
Rams bench Bulger in favor of Frerotte
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B5
One day after insisting he’d stick with Marc Bulger, St. Louis Rams coach Scott Linehan benched his banged-up quarterback. The winless Rams will go with backup Gus Frerotte on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Linehan said Wednesday.
Third title in sight
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B7
Here they are again. When the NASCAR Truck Series debuted in 1995, it was primarily run on short tracks and a couple road courses scattered in unfamiliar places around the country. Mike Skinner dominated the first season, winning eight races on his way to the inaugural series championship.
VA assures funding for new cemetery at Fort Riley
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A1
Construction on a new cemetery for Fort Riley will begin this fall, after the Department of Veterans Affairs made federal dollars available for the project. Rep. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., said Wednesday that the VA assured him an agreement between the agency and Kansas officials would be finalized over the next few weeks so work could proceed.
Money, politics
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A11
To the editor: Several questions keep coming up in my mind. The first is: Is the presidential election being bought? The media repeatedly reports the amount of money a candidate has raised. This brings up the next question: Who is putting up the money? Logically, the next question is what do these individuals or groups want?
Judge orders mom accused of drowning girls held on $2M bond
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A6
A judge ordered a woman accused of drowning her two daughters in a bathtub held on $2 million bond on Wednesday and recommended she receive medical and psychological treatment.
LHS knocked out by SM Northwest
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Maybe the Lawrence High boys soccer team should travel more often. A promising three-game road trip in which the Lions earned a victory and a tie ended with a thud at home Wednesday night - a 6-0 loss to Shawnee Mission Northwest.
Supreme Court to consider part of funeral picketing law
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B12
An unusual provision of the state’s law against funeral picketing will be considered Dec. 6 by the Kansas Supreme Court. In an order Wednesday, Chief Justice Kay McFarland said the seven-member court will consider two questions, both of which deal with what’s known as a “trigger.” That provision says the law won’t be enforced until it is declared constitutional by the state or federal courts.
Agencies address plans to aid homeless
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A5
Social service agencies are stepping forward to help implement recommendations for dealing with the local homelessness issue, Douglas County commissioners were told Wednesday night.
Artists stitch concepts into quilts
October 4, 2007 in print edition on C1
Linda Frost often runs into misconceptions about her artwork. “I feel like when I tell someone I’m a quilter, invariably the response I get is, ‘Oh, my grandmother did that,’” she says. “I really like old quilts, and I appreciate their form and function. But I think, ‘You don’t really have a good picture of what I’m doing.’”
Old Home Town - 100 years ago
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
From the Lawrence Daily World for Oct. 4, 1907: “Testimony is being given in New York by people who contend that Standard Oil activity was designed to put them out of business. One of the witnesses is W.W. Tarbell of Philadelphia, a brother of Ida Tarbell who first exposed the Standard Oil methods.
Royals break ground
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B2
The Kansas City Royals broke ground Wednesday on a $250 million renovation of Kauffman Stadium, which will include a new scoreboard, widened concourses and a team hall of fame.
Super spicy chili sauce causes chemical scare
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Super spicy chili sauce sparked road closures and evacuations in central London after passers-by complained that a chemical emanating from a Thai restaurant was burning their throats, police said Wednesday.
On the record
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A4
A 20-year-old Lawrence man reported the theft of an Ibanez GAX70 guitar and a Dell Inspiron laptop computer to Lawrence Police on Wednesday. The items were valued at $1,200. The incident occurred between 1:40 a.m. Sunday and 11:55 p.m. Tuesday from the 1300 block of Kentucky Street.
Sheriff: Boy beat, killed brother over dessert
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
A 13-year-old choked and beat his 8-year-old brother to death because the younger boy ate a dessert and the older one worried he would be blamed, authorities said Wednesday.
Abortion opponents want clinic investigated
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A5
A coalition of abortion opponents wants a grand jury formed to investigate whether Planned Parenthood’s Overland Park clinic is complying with state abortion laws.
Court case overload gives speeders a break
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A4
Motorists speeding past a Ford County sheriff’s deputy in Dodge City have a pretty good chance of avoiding a ticket right now.
Minister accused of stealing gift cards
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Kitty and Shawn Sonnenschein didn’t think they had cheap friends. The couple were married last month at their Portland house. Because they were remodeling the kitchen, they requested gift cards from Home Depot instead of gifts.
School officials warn about chicken pox cases
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
Health and school officials are warning families about exposure to chicken pox after eight reported cases at Hillcrest School and one at Free State High School. Several incidences of the disease also have been reported recently in Jefferson County.
Troops launch night raids to intimidate activists
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
After crushing the democracy uprising with guns, Myanmar’s junta stepped up its campaign to intimidate citizens Wednesday, sending troops to drag people from their homes in the middle of the night and letting others know they were marked for retribution.
Webb, Diamondbacks sink Chicago
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B4
Brandon Webb won the duel in the desert. Webb shut down the Chicago Cubs with his superb sinker, and the young Arizona Diamondbacks got home runs from two of their kids in a 3-1 victory Wednesday night in their NL playoff opener.
Our town sports
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B8
Charles Pauls recorded an even-par 72 and won the weekly Jayhawk Golf Club net tournament Saturday at Alvamar by one stroke over Mike Beaton. Steve Crawford was third with a 74 and Allen Schlup fourth at 75. Bud Stagg shot a 77 for the low gross score.
Study: State reading tests easier than math
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
The math tests students take under the No Child Left Behind law are harder than the reading exams, a study finds. States design tests for their students in both subjects in grades three through eight and once in high school.
Firebirds 7th at O-East
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Free State High’s golf team placed seventh at the Olathe East Invitational on Wednesday at Overland Park Golf Club.
Rallyball gets demonstration
October 4, 2007
The Lawrence Tennis Association took a step towards bringing one of its most accessible games to kids across the Lawrence school district.
Health insurance veto politically painful
GOP may suffer consequences in 2008
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A1
Setting the stage for a politically charged clash with Congress, President Bush on Wednesday vetoed a popular bill to expand federally funded children’s health insurance - and this time, he faces significant resistance from within his own party as well.
Highway junction lacks rumble strips
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
The four-way stop at the Baldwin Junction is temporarily without rumble strips on U.S. Highway 59. Road construction crews are waiting for a seal to be put on the resurfaced highway before they put the rumble strips back into place, said Kim Qualls, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Department of Transportation.
Study shows senior citizens benefit from flu shots
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A12
For years, senior citizens have been told to get a flu shot even though the vaccine is often considered less effective in those older than 65.
Authorities defend rescue effort after five workers die in power plant fire
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
When fire broke out deep underground at a hydroelectric plant in the Rockies, officials at the surface dropped a radio down to five trapped men in a tunnel and were relieved to learn they were OK.
Rockies think small, tip Phils
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B4
Bandbox or not, this was no day for hitters. Jeff Francis held the league’s highest-scoring team in check, and the Colorado Rockies took advantage of one shaky inning by Cole Hamels to beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 4-2, in Game 1 of their NL playoff series Wednesday.
State to assist towns damaged by floods
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
The state will pay 10 percent of the costs to buy out property owners whose homes and other properties were substantially damaged by flooding in June and July in eastern Kansas, officials announced Wednesday.
Carter confronts Sudanese security
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
Former President Jimmy Carter confronted Sudanese security services on a visit to Darfur on Wednesday, shouting “You don’t have the power to stop me!” at some who blocked him from meeting refugees of the conflict.
KU volleyball swept
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B3
Iowa State swept Kansas University’s volleyball team, 30-24, 30-25, 30-19, on Wednesday at Hilton Coliseum.
Been there, won that: Yankees experienced
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B4
The New York Yankees have bat boys with more playoff experience than most of the Cleveland Indians. The big boys from the Bronx have enough World Series rings to fill up a jewelry store’s display case. They’ve owned Octobers, winning 26 championships as the most successful franchise in professional sports.
KU professor helps make IMAX movie
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
Kansas University professor Larry Martin has been working with the directors of the new IMAX movie, “Sea Monsters, a Prehistoric Adventure” in order to perfect the animation of the characters.
Woman gives birth to fifth child on freeway
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A2
Carla Dupree says God is trying to tell her that five kids is enough. That’s after No. 5 was born at a freeway offramp.
KU Endowment hires property director
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
Monte Soukup has joined KU Endowment Association as vice president for property management, overseeing a department that works on construction projects at Kansas University and oversees management of approximately 45,000 acres of farmland and 600 oil and gas interests.
Polish envoy wounded in ambush; Iraqi leader slams Blackwater
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A8
A daring ambush of bombs and gunfire left Poland’s ambassador pinned down in a burning vehicle Wednesday before being pulled to safety and airlifted in a rescue mission by the embattled security firm Blackwater USA. At least three people were killed, including a Polish bodyguard.
Words of Choice’ to premiere in N.Y.
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
“Words of Choice,” a production of Take Ten Inc., Lawrence, will have a public premiere Oct. 19 at the Helen Mills Theatre in New York.
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
Wheat and soybean prices rose Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade. Wheat for December delivery rose 4.5 cents to $9.27; December corn fell 4.25 cents to $3.445; December oats rose 3.5 cents to $2.795; November soybean prices rose 7.25 to $9.51. Beef futures fell, while pork futures rose on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Scientists discover fiercer version of duck-billed dinosaur
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A12
The world, it seems, was its salad bar. Scientists are amazed at the chomping ability of a newly described duck-billed dinosaur. The herbivore’s powerful jaw, more than 800 teeth and compact skull meant that no leaf, branch or bush would have been safe, they say.
Bush talks about anything and everything
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A7
Give the man a microphone and he’ll talk about anything. For 76 minutes, President Bush prowled the stage Wednesday in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, giving a speech and answering questions about everything from his opposition to tax increases to his veto of a bill to expand children’s health insurance.
Headquarters offers resource directory
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
Headquarters Counseling Center, Lawrence, announces the completion of a 2007 edition of the Douglas County Community Access to Information Referral Services Resource Directory.
Old Home Town - 40 years ago
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
Proposed reductions of nearly $99,000 in the general fund budget of the Lawrence school district were rejected by a 4-2 vote, and the school board agreed to meet again to study chances for cuts in other areas.
Get in the game
Lawrence and Douglas County can’t afford to sit on the sidelines while the K-10 corridor develops.
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
The need to work cooperatively with Johnson County to ensure future business vitality on the Kansas Highway 10 corridor doesn’t mean Lawrence and Douglas County shouldn’t stand up and advocate for themselves.
Reading aloud at KU
Librarians mark Banned Books Week
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A1
In some communities, picking up a copy of a Harry Potter book may not be as simple as a visit to the local library. In others, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” ranks right up there with copies of Hustler magazine. Both these books are among the most often banned or challenged in American libraries. Dozens - if not hundreds - more books have faced being pulled from library shelves throughout the country.
Man charged for kidnapping, assault
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
A man accused of kidnapping a teenager found hidden in his home in June was charged Wednesday with kidnapping another girl almost a decade ago.
Westar praise
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A11
To the editor: Westar is to be commended for their farsighted decision to expand their capacity with a major commitment to wind power. A balance of generation capacity certainly makes good sense since fossil fuels will increase in cost and concerns about global warming will likely call for carbon dioxide controls.
Group aims to expand senior housing
Older Women’s League discusses helping elderly with low incomes
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A5
Affordable housing is a universal concern, but a Lawrence group has begun to concentrate on combining affordable housing and services for older people with low incomes.
More disabled Americans smoke, study finds
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
Americans with disabilities smoke more than everyone else, according to the first national study to compare smoking rates between the two groups.
N. Korea to disable nuclear facilities by year’s end
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
North Korea pledged to detail its nuclear programs and disable all activities at its main reactor complex by year’s end, then signed a wide-ranging reconciliation pact with South Korea today promising to work for peace on the divided peninsula.
Hugging bans another slap at humanity
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
I needed a hug. This is two years ago, outside the village of Tykocin, Poland. I was on assignment, traveling with a Holocaust memorial group, most of whom were Jewish. After days spent touring murder camps, viewing the artifacts of the dead, grappling with the incomprehensible, our group found itself in a forest clearing.
Democrats seek action on foreclosures
Congressional leaders asking Bush to appoint special adviser on crisis
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B11
Congress’ top Democrats demanded quick action on the subprime mortgage crisis, saying President Bush has been slow to address a situation that could cost millions of people their homes.
President urges unity after close elections
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A9
President Viktor Yushchenko urged allies and foes Wednesday to cooperate in a government after Ukraine’s close parliamentary vote, in a call for unity that could alienate his political partner and prompt further turmoil.
KU lineman: Purple a no-no Saturday
October 4, 2007 in print edition on B1
Adrian Mayes negotiated a deal with friends and family members who wanted to score tickets to Saturday’s Kansas-Kansas State football game in his hometown of Manhattan. “There was a screening process. None of them will be wearing purple,” said Mayes, KU’s 6-foot-3, 305-pound fourth-year junior offensive lineman from the Little Apple.
Cubs in playoffs may be short-lived miracle
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
The Phillies and the Rockies have become the sentimental favorites in the National League playoffs because of the dramatic finishes that gained them entry into the October games. The Phils won on the final game of the season, as the New York Mets, who had led the Eastern Division almost from the start of the year, completed their collapse.
Pretend disasters help area
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
Wednesday was a busy day for emergency service leaders in Douglas County. The jail flooded. A major fire broke out in a grocery store causing several injuries. A train derailed and then toxic contaminants flowed into a stream.
Old Home Town - 25 years ago
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A10
Stepped-up inspections by the Douglas County appraiser’s office were adding to the county’s assessed valuations on real estate.
Pump patrol
October 4, 2007 in print edition on A3
The Journal-World found gas prices as low as $2.56 at several locations.