Letters to the Editor

Poor treatment

November 29, 2007


To the editor:

We're appalled at the shabby way Kansas and Missouri fans were treated at Arrowhead on Saturday night. Yes, we were there. A senior Kansas University administrator told us that the Chiefs tried to save money with fewer parking attendants, fewer portable toilets, fewer gate staff. A Chiefs game the next day should not mean that college fans the night before should be treated so poorly. Arrowhead promoted the game, and paying fans have a right to expect a quality experience at the venue. What should have been a fun day - win or lose - turned into a lousy experience.

Standing in line, in the cold, for 20 minutes or more for a toilet is unacceptable. Two-hour waits on the highway to get to a parking lot is unacceptable. Pushing shoving mobs at the ticket gates are unacceptable. Maybe the experience was acceptable for some, but for many, it was not! Arrowhead management can do better. And it should have.

Yes, our beloved Jayhawks lost Saturday night, but that's football. The real losers are both universities whose fans were so poorly treated. Many KU and MU fans told me they were disgruntled and angry at the poor crowd management. Maybe KU assumed Arrowhead knew how to handle a sell-out college game. It didn't. Many, many fans, of both persuasions, told me. "Never again!"

Both Tiger and Jayhawk administrations and coaches must demand and receive better customer service for their fans from Arrowhead management. Or never again!

Keith and Barbara Wood,



Fairness952 10 years, 7 months ago

The Truman Sports Complex parking lots are hard to get into and out of under the best of circumstances. Saturday, we paid $22 for parking -- only to wind up in the dark, dirt surface, R-V campground. That lot was a muddy mess, with unclear driving lanes, tailgaters darting in front of cars, and few if any staff attendants to direct traffic. Next year, the Chiefs should address these issues, because the parking lots were a war zone before and after the game.

wn1127 10 years, 6 months ago

My family was treated very rudely by the gate personnel. They were forced to throw away a backpack and a small duffle bag because they were not allowed, while women near them were allowed to carry in purses, even some shaped like backpacks, that were as big as my family's bags. The gate workers used profanity and sarcasm instead of speaking appropriately. The experience at the gate was a very ugly part of the day.

Richard Heckler 10 years, 6 months ago

Keeping it in town is more fun and more revenue for sidewalks perhaps.

del888 10 years, 6 months ago

Wow! I thought it was just me. I agree totally with the above comments. I am a season ticket holder, but I will never attend another game at Arrowhead. It was a total mess and very unorganized. I don't know if KU paid money to 'rent' the stadium for a day, but they should demand some of it back. Having the game there was a BAD idea.

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