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KU student recovering from hepatitis A

November 29, 2007


KU student diagnosed with Hepatitis A

University officials announced today a student who lives in a residence hall was diagnosed last week with Hepatitis A. Enlarge video

A Kansas University student has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, a liver disease that can lead to nausea, fever, diarrhea and jaundice.

The student, who lives in one of the university's residence halls, was diagnosed last week but has been at his out-of-state home since Nov. 8, when he began experiencing symptoms.

Citing privacy concerns, KU declined to disclose the residence hall in which the student resides. The university did send letters to about 30 students who had been in close contact with the student, advising them of the symptoms and facts of hepatitis A.

People with hepatitis A are most contagious two weeks before they begin showing symptoms. KU said that the student who was ill was recovering and has been cleared to return to campus.

In a statement, KU leaders said they were confident that there was a low risk of other students be-coming infected. There is a vaccine for hepatitis A, as well as related hepatitis B, and KU encourages students to be vaccinated for both before they come to campus, said Mai Do, spokeswoman for KU's Watkins Health Center.

The vaccine is offered at Watkins for a fee, Do said. There is one vaccine for people 19 or older and another for those 18 and younger.

Hepatitis A is most easily passed through food, but can also be passed when an infected person contacts someone after using the toilet and not properly washing his or her hands.


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