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Tax mistrust

November 14, 2007


To the editor:

The recently touted sales tax scheme has caused me to wonder if the commissioners ever look at their own utility bills. This past summer, Aquila and Westar raised their customer service rates over 30 percent, and both fees, as well as consumption, are taxed by the city.

Westar is proposing a $2.25 per month increase to pay for wind farms in Kansas. This increase will again be subject to city sales tax. Are the commissioners aware or care about this newfound wealth? Is it being figured into future revenue?

I suspect the answer is no. And the answer to a vote of taxes is the same: no!

The public taxpayers have been scammed into development for industrial park land. Again, why hasn't the $750,000 been repaid to county coffers for the purchase over 20 years ago of East Hill Business Park? Deciphera is buying a building that certainly has netted the development group profit? Give us our money back. You are getting free taxes out of the deal; how much more do you want?

I read in the Nov. 9 J-W that we should trust the city commissioners. Why? Why are the elected officials all profiting from ventures that the taxpayers are funding? Let us in on these "good" deals.

And the Chamber of Commerce and local officials wonder why the public is so distrustful of them. Would the Journal-World let the public know of these "good" deals when they come about? I need some "free" money now!

David Holroyd,



Richard Heckler 10 years, 3 months ago

Me too David. Free money sounds sweet. What is going on at East Hills anyway? How was that Dicephera building financed.....who paid for it? It remained empty for quite a few years soooo why are Lawrence commissioners favoring three more industrial parks before one is maxed out! Farmland is already an industrial park with infrastructure that will cost taxpayers plenty. Forget any other taxpayer funded questionable industrial park deals such as North Lawrence and the one at I-70 and LeCompton exit.

What happened to older sidewalk rehab? What happened to the library? What happened to older street rehab? TOOOOO many other sweet deals for developers shoved existing infrastructure out of the way for how many more years AGAIN?

Richard Heckler 10 years, 3 months ago

Sales Tax, A Regressive Tax

All states that apply a sales tax have an established rate. This established rate can pose problems. All people, no matter how much money they earn, pay the same percentage of tax. Such a tax is called a regressive tax because the people with smaller incomes pay a larger percentage of their money into the sales tax system than people with higher incomes. However, since all of us use state services, such as state highways, state public schools, and state medical institutions, all should pay a tax for using these services. Exclusions and Exemptions

To help those groups that are adversely affected by a regressive sales tax, exclusions are often used by the states that levy a sales tax. Exclusions in sales tax often include food, clothing, medicine, newspapers, and utilities. For example, since food is a necessity, some states do not tax food.

In addition, certain groups are often exempt from paying sales tax. Charitable, religious, and educational groups are often excused from paying sales tax under certain circumstances. A large portion of a state's sales tax revenue goes towards education, the running of the state government, and public welfare. Because of this, many states consider sales tax to be the most important tax they impose.

blessed3x 10 years, 3 months ago

A sales tax is only regressive if the amount of the purchases remains the same between all income levels. This is simply not the case. People with more money, spend more money. If you really want to help the struggling folks, lower taxes across the board, remove sales tax on food, reign in the schools and the government bloat, quit buying crap artwork, don't spend $75-100 million on a new library. At a federal level, defeat Hillary and her free-for-all giveaway promises. Get back to basics.

ralphralph 10 years, 3 months ago

'Why are the elected officials all profiting from ventures that the taxpayers are funding? '

Because you are letting them do it and get away with it. Recall. Sack the Hack!

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