Letters to the Editor

Boo to Lew

November 4, 2007


To the editor:

Our tickets to the KU-MU game arrived in today's mail and hoo boy, are we ticked!

It seems the geniuses in the Athletic Department mapped our seats in Memorial Stadium from section 12, row 65 to Arrowhead section 133, row 11.

To spare you getting on the Internet, that's under the press box and Ward Suites on the north 42-yard line in Lawrence. In Kansas City, it's the front rows between the goal line and the 10-yard line behind the visitors bench.

A phone call to the Williams Fund revealed that "a number of patrons" were unhappy sitting too far away from the field during the Oklahoma game two years ago and wanted "closer seats." Furthermore, the field had to be divided equally between KU and MU, students and the band took up most of the seats, and so forth.

This Jayhawk doesn't buy it.

If the Athletic Department thinks sitting under the press box at the 42-yard line is similar to a front seat near the end zone, then someone is smoking something illegal. The polite young lady at The Williams Fund was kind enough to admit our situation sounded a wee bit unfair ... and also that we were not alone.

Watching KU football struggle for the last 50 years and putting up serious cash to keep those same seats at Memorial Stadium since the early 1980s, it's time to let a new generation of Jayhawks be similarly rewarded.

Go Hawks, but a very Big Blue Boo to Lew and His Crew. ...

Leland Johnson,



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