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State response

May 27, 2007


To the editor:

Recently the governor of Kansas and the adjutant general of Indiana have been making comments regarding the deployment of the National Guard and its affect on state readiness.

Since the National Guard Act of 1900, the Guard has been a reserve component of the national military forces. It has an incidental role in assisting the states in disasters. Funding for equipment and training is from the federal government. The state's call on the Guard is secondary to military necessity.

Rudy Perpich, former governor of Minnesota, challenged the federal government's role in sending Minnesota troops to Latin America for training. The Supreme Court upheld that the Second Amendment did not apply to the state's control over the National Guard as the Guard is an army rather than a militia.

The practical effect is that the state of Kansas needs a disaster response system that does not rely on federal equipment and personnel. The state does have a massive work force that could be trained for mobilization. The state also has heavy equipment. Disaster response might affect some ongoing projects, but that is what disasters do.

Earl L. Haehl,



Jamesaust 11 years ago

No, we just need a National Guard Act of 2007 that tells the Feds that the National Guard is not a substitute for a properly sized military. Will Democrats take up the charge?

Curious 10 years, 12 months ago

Congress? Do something? They are the reason our military is so small it needs the National Guard. They built it up a little in the 80's but that didn't last long. "We don't need a strong military now that the Cold War is over." Got a letter from Boyda saying we need . . .to pull back from Iraq in order to have the military strength we might need if a crisis comes along.

So, what one Congress determines is a crisis isn't a crisis anymore when another Congress comes along and we weren't ready for the first one, but we have to get out so we are ready for the next?

In this Congress, that is called reasoning? logic? or something else?

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