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KU storm chaser’s video gets international play

Local storm chaser Darin Brunin.

Local storm chaser Darin Brunin.

May 9, 2007


Local storm chasers catch Greensburg tornado on film

Three local storm chasers become celebrities for the only known video of the twister that destroyed Greensburg, Kansas. Their video gives the only ground level, up close view of the 1.7 mile wide tornado that hit the small town last Friday night. Enlarge video

Beneath a threatening nighttime sky, ablaze with lightning, three storm chasers captured video of a tornado.

As it turned out, the video of Friday night's killer tornado in Greensburg was broadcast across the world.

"The stuff we came across is still fresh on my mind and still haunting," said Darin Brunin, a Kansas University student storm chaser who tracked and filmed the 1.7-mile-wide twister.

As some of the only witnesses to the storm in action, Brunin and fellow storm chasers Dick McGowan and Derrick Schafer have attracted attention from media outlets worldwide.

Brunin's account of the events has been quoted by The Manila Times in the Philippines, the British Broadcasting Corp. and CNN, among many others. Monday night, a crew from ABC's "Nightline" interviewed Brunin.

The storm chasers often sell their storm videos to major networks, so while the team is used to the attention, Brunin said this time is different.

"We didn't know the impact when we saw the first tornado and what we were getting ourselves into for the rest of the night and the weekend," Brunin said.

He said he feels guilty for the attention, now knowing the extent of damage and loss of life the tornado caused.

"Chasing the storms, you know ahead of time that's always possible," he said. "You don't want it to happen and can hope and hope and hope, but it does happen, and we tried to deal with it the best we could in the situation we were in."

When the storm cleared the area, the three took to the streets of Greensburg, lending a hand where they could. Brunin said it looked as if an atomic bomb had detonated.

"In that situation, you want to do everything to help everyone out, but when you can't, you feel pretty bad," he said.


Janet Lowther 11 years, 1 month ago

AARRG! I can't stand it any more: What do the copy readers at this paper think they are doing, allowing the illiterate construction "some of the only" on a front page lead?!

ONLY is singular. It should be "Some of the few" There can only be one if you are going to use "only."

I guess if John Bremner was still alive this would be another candidate for a bad example for his headline writing book.

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