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Another KUMC proviso in budget

New measure aims to give KU Hospital say in St. Luke’s deal

May 2, 2007


— The Legislature will consider a proposal today that supporters say is meant to help feuding Kansas University Medical Center and KU Hospital reach an agreement before the medical center can negotiate an affiliation with Kansas City, Mo.-based St. Luke's Hospital.

The measure is in the form of an addition to the final state budget that will be voted on by the House and Senate as the Legislature nears the end of its wrap-up session.

"The proviso that has passed into this budget says KU Hospital and KU Med must work expeditiously until we get this thing solved," the proposal's author, state Rep. Tom Burroughs, D-Kansas City, said Tuesday. "It puts them both on a level playing field."

The proposal also reflects a months-long controversy that has played out before the Legislature.

KUMC has proposed an affiliation with St. Luke's, saying the deal will improve medical research and health care in Kansas and Missouri, and help KUMC attain designation as a national cancer center.

But KU Hospital, which competes with St. Luke's, has said the affiliation will hurt it, and many lawmakers have said they fear KUMC's move toward St. Luke's will reduce the number of physicians in Kansas.

Burroughs' provision says KUMC and KU Hospital must reach an agreement before the medical center can affiliate with St. Luke's.

"In Wyandotte County, we understand the significance KU Hospital has in our community, but we also understand the value of the potential research that could come from KU Med Center's affiliations. We'd like to see those two get their issues resolved," Burroughs said.

Earlier in the session, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius vetoed a budget proviso that would have given KU Hospital final say over any affiliation between KUMC and St. Luke's. She said the Legislature shouldn't interfere with the medical center's negotiations.

Then, Burroughs had his language attached to the final budget bill. His measure also would have required that KU Hospital be named the lead hospital if KU gained national cancer center designation. But a House-Senate conference committee dropped that part of the proviso.

Sen. Dwayne Umbarger, R-Thayer, the Senate's chief budget negotiator, said he agreed to accept part of Burroughs' proviso in order to reach a compromise with the House.

"That was the position we had to accept to move the process and get the conference committee off of dead center," Umbarger said. "You don't get everything you want and they didn't get everything they want, and that is the art of compromise in the legislative process."


Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

If there is one issue that has demonstrated the growing corruption of Kathleen Sebelius and her administration it is her attempt to sell out the interests of Kansans' health care to the money grubbing schemes of her Missouri benefactors.

Her willingness to lie and even violate the law to implement their goals is a disgrace to her office and to the people of this state she pledged to serve, not betray.

oldgoof 11 years ago

Since this is virtually the only topic Uhlrick posts about, and with such venom about Sebelius, (and Missouri money-grubbers, whoever they are) Goof wonders about the real identify of the author. . Oh, and to Rep. Rhodes-scholar-not Burroughs: the national cancer institute does not designate "hospitals" as national research cancer centers....but academic reasearch institutions (universities). But I guess the feds have not read the prose of your proviso yet. Ha!

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

Methinks that oldgoof knows only too well the identity of Sebelius' puppetmasters. He has far too much knowledge to be an innocent passerby, but never seems to deny the facts. Indeed, those who question my comments need only read the fine series of columns the publisher of this paper has written about Governor Quantrill.

clyde_never_barks 11 years ago

Don't worry Uhlrick, Governor Quantrill will veto this proviso as well.

oldgoof 11 years ago

Uhlrick: Goof will go take a look at the campaign finance statements for Sebelius and see if he can figure out Ulrick's point.
. Goof does understand enough to know when Sen. Susan 'No-sex-education' Wagel, Speaker Melvin 'I-hate-Lawrence-and-KU' Neufeld, (and others) are on one side of an issue, that Goof will likely be on the other side. Goof has listened to these people for many years. Goof has learned who likes to kick dirt on Lawrence and KU. So if that is knowledge, Goof kindly accepts Uhlrick's compliment.
. Oldgoof can not explain the publisher's columns, other than to note that advancing age does not always help an author. His weekly rant has never been high prose, nor particularly constrained by facts. Goof suspects Uhlrick may not be from Lawrence, not understanding this.

Goof also agrees with Clyde-the-barkless: This issue was settled several weeks ago. But evidently Rep.Tom 'Can-I-be-meaningful' Burroughs was looking for some newsletter material.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

Can oldgoof explain away the lies conveyed by Governor Quantrill when she vetoed the legislation to protect KU Hospital? So far your only defense of Governor Roundheels is that you don't like the people who have exposed her corruption.

Oh, and Uhlrick has read the JW for many, many seasons and is quite familiar with the university community, which may explain why he doesn't mimic oldgoof's style of speaking like he just came off an Indian reservation in a John Wayne movie.

clyde_never_barks 11 years ago

Me no take to kindly to white man's (Uhlrick) claims of the vernacular. Chief very offended....seriously, take a pill. Quantrill? Roundheels? You are just as guilty Mr. (or Mrs.) Name Caller.

oldgoof 11 years ago

Goof just thinks that the University is the one that perhaps needs protection from the management of the Hospital. Goof just thinks the KU Hospital was divested to help its financial viability and thus that of KUMC, not vice-versa.
. The fact that the Hospital is so worried about the "KU brand" shows that their motivation is lucre, not academic or research excellence. . Goof can't help it if the Governor is right on this one.
. This issue wouldn't even have legs except for chronic KU legislative critics being able to hide in the skirts of the pro-KU publisher's columns, with big grins on their faces as they profess their deep and profound concerns for the university.....Ha! Goof wasn't born last night. . Goof says lets have a huge audit and dig out documents from all sides, take some depositions, and then report them fully. A fun time would be had by all. Except maybe for Ulhrick.

oldgoof 11 years ago

And Goof apologizes to Uhrick for sounding like John Wayne, takes the comment as a compliment, and explains that "lucre" is money or profit.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 11 years ago

We finally agree on your last paragraph. I must admit that I too am dealing somewhat at the ad hominem level when i see the scoundrels who are lined up on the other side. I am also somewhat disappointed in that I had hoped that Sebelius would not turn out to be as corrupt as the Graves' administration, but since sh embraced the worst elements of the Republican Party, it seems their evil ways are rubbing off on her.

So there's the path, investigate them all! Now if we can just get someone to do the job right.

And you sound more like Chief Warhoop than John. Sorry about that. I suppose now you'll want reparations in addition to ripping off our hospital and screwing the poor.

oldgoof 11 years ago

Sebelius or Graves is not the issue. it is not Goof's desire to defend, criticize either one, nor does he look to either to define his views on the topic. Goof just reads and reads and reads, listens, and looks at these legislators to see what their motives are. Goof was around when this whole hospital authority was created, and he has a long memory.
. Reparations are invited. Goof is very surprised to learn that KUMC is "ripping off our hospital and screwing the poor" and invites Uhlrick to explain in more detail.
. PS. Goof learned to speak in the third person from Bob Dole. Goof is honored to be compared to leaders of the native american culture. Thank you.

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